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    Uh, how do I play BF3.

    I signed up for an Origin account I installed the game Then I hit the launch game icon in Origin. But then it gets weird ...a web browser opens, wtf ...and then I have to load a browser plug-in? Does it work after I install a plug-in? I don't want browser plug-ins. I don't want any...
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    WHS re-build help

    I've had a WHS system running on an old 2003 PC gaming build Currently I have Mid tower Lian Li case 3.0 ghz P4 Some RAM Radeon 9800 all in wonder (AGP) Power supply that would drive a P4 board. The problem is that this setup only provided 2 SATA connections. And it's SATA I at that...
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    Win 7: How do I enable only 802.11n and disable b/g on my wireless card?

    I have this...Asus PCE-N13 It is interfering with my bluetooth mouse which I feel could be the result of 802.11g. My router, netgear 3700 is broadcasting only n and is connected as such. But I see that my card still searches for...
  4. D brand or generic?

    The last time I built a rig it was during the era where you needed powerstrip to get your money's worth. But now I can see that's changed some. The question though--I have an XFX HD 6870, should I use XFX's driver or should I just use the generic Radeon installer?
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    A network called 'Internet'

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    Prometeia 478 -> 775

    Can I apply a socket 478 head to a 775? I have the Prometeia Mach I. Or do I/can I purchase a new socket setup?
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    Shortage of LCD materials likely in 2005

    From: If they really do run into a shortage the only thing we'll probably see is a higher price on displays.
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    Fellow Prometia and Vapochill users or any phase changer - share your experiences

    How long have you had your cooler setup? I've been using mine for 1.5 years without fail. Any problems or lessons learned? I would think it would be a good idea to share our experiences to help others prevent any serious issues down the road. For me the only major issue I had was...
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    Want to Watercool Radeon Exclusively...

    Howdy, I did a bit of searching but no luck. I have a Radeon 9800 pro that I want to watercool exclusively. I have the prometia phase change cooler so I have no need to cool the cpu. What is a good setup to cool the GPU and all the memory chips on both sides? :confused: The memory is...
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    Help! Far Cry Lan Error

    Facts: -I am on a college campus so I have no admin rights over the LAN. -I installed the 1.1 patch for Farcry -Direct connect does no good Problem: I host a LAN game and my buddy from down the dorm a little ways (prolly different subnet or whatever) tries to connect and he gets the error...
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    EB Games-UT2K4 CD-Key stealing?!

    Well, I had received UT2k4 right before spring break a week ago from a pre-order with EB Games and now that I have returned, I went to go install the game. I opened the box and have found no CD key...hmmm...should be on the back of the manual which has the "Register Online Today!" title at the...
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    A network called 'Internet'

    Holy shiz, this brings back memories and brings about a bit of irony- watch the video.
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    Sam and Max Sequal Axed

    Sorry if this was already mentioned but I don't see anyting. Lucas Arts stopped the developement of Sam and Max: Freelance Police. Press Release is here: You can send your hateful comments to- And stop buying Lucas...