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    8800GTS 640MB

    I recently bought a eVGA 8800GTS 640mb. Cant complain a bit, nice upgrade from 6800GT. Anyway I finally decided to install Ntune today to check some things out. I noticed that my clocks werent stock. 513/792 Has anyone else had this happen? Im kinda puzzled as what this could mean :confused:
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    Best sound system

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    Just ordered these speakers

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    Audigy 2 ZS for $100

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    Ati 9800 pro question.

    I was wondering if there was a way to improve the color on my desktop. I know nVidia has the digital color correction utility, where you can set the setting from low-high. n00b question but I thought I would ask anyway.
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    SBLive 5.1 or Nforce 2 Audio

    I was searching for a thread that already had this topic or something like it, but to no avale, I did not find one. I was wondering which was better Ive had this SBLive 5.1 for so long and never took the time to find any answer to my question. Which is, Which is better for over all sound quality?
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    Problem installing Windows Xp pro on SATA drive

    I was trying to get Windows Xp installed on my Raptor drives but for some reason it just wont install. I give it the SATA drivers. Yet it wont install. Every time it copies files it reboots and hangs.Just has a black screen. Help anyone.
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    Corsair XMS memory problem.

    I was tinkering with stuff in my case. Which I dont usually do. I decided to set my AGP bus to 99mhz. Well as you can guess I had to clear my cmos. Well upon reconfiguring my BIOS, I starting putting my memory settings back to what they were. 6-2-2-2 which is what they were before hand...
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    Just ordered these speakers

    Just picked these up. Hope they are good. Logitech Z-560 4.1 THX 400W Speakers & Subwoofer System
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    Audigy 2 ZS for $100

    is this a good buy its the cheapest ive seen and its just for the sound card.
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    Bad Fps in Counter Strike

    Well im using a radeon 9800 pro and i get bad frame rates in half life they start out at 100 but quickly drop to below 50 i mean WTF.
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    Very low 3dmark 01 score

    I just installed the Omega 4.3's and I got a score of 13361 with no AA or AF Vsync off. I was getting 15k with Ati's 4.3 Cats Whats going on.
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    9800 pro Fastwrites off?

    Should fastwrites be turned off.
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    Difference between Omega and ATi

    Alright Im a newb to ATi so Im wondering whats up with Omega drivers are they different and/or faster or higher quality
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    Well im finally making the leap

    For so long have i been debating whether or not to buy an ATI card. I currently have a 5600 ultra from nvidia. IKt just isnt cutting it so I dropped the cash for a 9800 pro. Hope to have good things come of this.
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    Best AMd board for under 150

    I was wondering what would be my best motherboard for under $150 I have an AmD Athlon XP Barton 2500 oced at 2.3 I just fried my NF-7S rev2 this morning after a routine ram change.
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    Need good driver for 5600 Ultra

    Can anyone recommend a very nice driver for a geforce fx 5600 ultra 128mb?
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    Best sound system

    Im looking for a fairly decent sounds system for under 250 bux. I prefer 4.1 surround. Im not knowledgeable of speaker systems. So any help will be appreciated.
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    DVI-I and DVI-D

    Im looking this up for a friend. Whats the difference between DVI-I and DVI-D is the port different or what. Thanx for the help.
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    How much is this worth

    Alright i need to know how much this rig is worth. AMD 2.3 GHZ 768mb DDR333 80gb WD SE GfX 5600Ultra 128mb rev2 Abit NF7-S v2 52x32x52 CDRW 400watt PS Nexus fan Controller with 80 mm tornado sk-7 heatsink