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    An essay on WoW from the bigges WoW fanboy here

    This isn't what you think it is. I am not going to tell you why WoW is so great. Instead, I am going to tell you why such a great game is hated by so many people, including myself recently. Now, I am an intelligent, eloquent person who can express myself in writing better than most. Most...
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    "Your shadow bolt crits you for 5984 shadow damage. You die"

    I don't think I've ever yelled F*CK so loud in my life lol
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    Just bought a wheel and pedal set... best games?

    So I got a $100 gift card for christmas to CC and ended up getting the momo wheel for PC. I love it so far, but only have a few games to use with it. I have LFS, TOCA 3, Flatout 2, and Trackmania United. Of those I think TOCA 3 makes the best use of the wheel by far, the force feedback feels...
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    Full epic :D My armory link isn't working for some reason or I would post it... :(
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    Vista is Excellent

    Just bought a new laptop, has vista on it, my first experience with it. After tweaking it the way I want it the only difference I see between it and the XP Pro running on my gaming rig is that it has much better memory management. Recently used programs are obviously being cached in ram because...
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    Custom 3D WoW Character Statues

    This is awesome, you can get your specific character from WoW including all the gear you are wearing turned into a custom hand painted statue
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    Any do any TI DSP coding?

    So I just got a job writing embedded C and ASM code for a Texas Instruments DSP chip. The project we are working on now will be a fiber line testing tool. Basically, you hook it up to a fiber optic cable, it sends out laser light through the cable and times how long it takes to get a signal back...
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    Super Smash Brothers Brawl leaked character select screen

    what do you think? real or fake?
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    Why the heck is there no Smash Brothers DS game?

    This would make nintendo a killing if they made it. I would never put my DS down again. With WiFi and everything, OMG it has to be done, lets start a petition! :D No swearing in thread titles - Slart
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    Profit margins of "the big 3"

    Looking at the april 2007 npd sales figures (for north america) and how much each company profits (or loses) per unit sold I came up with this: Wii: $92 profit per unit 2.470 mil sold 227.24 mil total profit 360: $125 loss per unit 5.398 mil sold -674.75 mil total loss PS3: $307...
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    DiRT and Starforce

    Look at the nice present that the DiRT demo left for me... I keep a close eye on my system and I guarantee it was not here before I installed the demo, should have known...
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    Mysql database file format

    can anyone tell me where to find a description of the database file format used by MySQL, I looked on their site and the link I found to the documentation didn't work. I need to be able to load up a database file in my own program and manipulate it.
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    Resetting an ifstreams error flags

    Okay, so I loop through a file like this: while(file->good()) {...} good() returns true if none of the ifstreams error flags are set. Now, assume that that loop is inside a larger loop so that I am reading the entire file multiple times in succession. First I would obviously have to set the...
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    Java Swing: JPasswordField::setBounds(int, int,int,int); not working

    I am trying to reposition a password field inside my JFrame using the method setBounds but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Here is the code, I am completely new to this stuff so I have no idea if the order of any of this matters or what... package atm; import java.awt.*; import...
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    *Official* WoW screenshot thread - 56k = NO

    Post your characters, the last boss you downed, or just shots you think look cool. Ill start with a few of mine, my SS directory is over 3gb lol PromethiusXI: Level 70 Night Elf Tank (protection warrior): Murmur: Murmur dead: Cyrukh: Vehl'Kur: Waiting to tear it up in Arcatraz...
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    Not a very good stalker

    So i got this game today and I have tried the first mission 6 or 7 times and die every rime. First I had it on stalker difficulty but then changed it to novice. I will unload clip after clip of ammunition all seemingly accurately and I have not yet killed anyone. I don't understand the problem...
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    Can someone refer me to Dungeon Runners?

    I want to try this game but the only way you can play now is to be referred to it by someone who is already playing it. So, is anyone willing to send me a referral? I am not sure what you need so let me know what you need and Ill PM it to you.
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    Worlds hardest flash game? I can't get past the first level... is it possible?
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    Looking for must have, best of the best, small games (free or not)

    With this being my last semester of school I am completely swamped with work. I have one class where the guy expects 350 hours of outside of class work put into this software engineering project, and another class where I have to design and implement a non-trivial, commercially viable software...
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    C++, turning a .cpp and .h combo into an import library

    I should know this by now but I don't. I have a set a functions and structures I use in every program I write. I have this in a header file called "MyD3D.h" and its implementation in a file called "MyD3D.cpp". Now, I want the implementation file hidden from anyone who wants to use my library. I...
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    Halo 1 vs UT99

    Which was the better FPS? I vote UT99, Halo was really repetitive and boring, UT I could play online for hours and hours on end... and still can.
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    Zelda: Twilight Princess

    As many already may know, this game is amazing. Last night I did the entire "Arbiter's Grounds" dungeon and got into the real story line. Up until last night I thought the game was good, but a bit shy of all the hype. After you finish the first three "intro" dungeons the game really starts to...
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    Twilight Princess - How do you fish?

    I can't freakin catch anything, I heard the woman that gives it to you mention bait but can't find any bait and I have tried for like a half hour without catching anything lol. I am standing on the dock near where the cat is.
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    PS3 camping update

    My girlfriend just got back from our local walmart (she picked up children of mana DS for me) and she told me that she talked to a manager there about the PS3. She said that she flirted with him a little and got him to say more than he was going to at first, but basically here are the things you...
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    My sexy Oblivion chick!

    I started playing this again, downloaded a bunch of mods for it that should make it worth replaying. I am playing an all out magic character this time, she is a witch, a sexy witch! Pics removed due to crotch shots.-Lesman
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    Camping for the PS3

    I just finished reading a certain thread where someone discussed camping for over 2 days to get a PS3. I am planning on doing this but I think 2 days is a little bit ridiculous. I mean, you are going to be sitting there in a non-existant line while the store is open and people are coming and...
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    I wont be resubscribing to genmay...

    I post a poll , it had a legitimate reason, it gets locked. Even if it didn't seem to have a point who cares its genmay and I paid to be here. Then, I post an explanation in an attempt to get the poll back open because it was kind of important and it gets locked in 3 minutes. :rolleyes: The...
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    Anyone who uses Photoshop... I need your help (short survey)

    (ATTENTION MODERATORS: This is cross-posted from the general mayhem forum in an attempt to get as many responses as possible, if that is not allowed please delete it HERE, not there) Hi, I am in a technical writing class and have a large project where I need to create documentation for a...
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    Any games with 7.1 support?

    I just got a new home theater system and want to put it to the test with various forms of audio. I have already watched Dolby Digital and DTS:ES movies as well as DVD-Audio and they sound amazing, but I don't have any games that support 7.1 surround sound. I just bought a digital optical cable...
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    5x World of Warcraft 10-day free trials

    If anyone wants to try WoW for free for 10 days let me know, I have 5 trial giveaways. You do need a credit card number but the card is not charged and will not be charged at the end of the trial, I know I did it myself.
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    Flatout 2 is flatout amazing!

    This game has to be one of the best arcade racers ever made. I loved the first one but this game is so much better. Music, sound effects, graphics, gameplay... all 10/10. I can't think of anything they could have done to make it better. GO BUY IT! :cool: Here is a link to a bunch of videos...
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    Really Cool (and FREE) Desktop Toys!

    This is a must for anyone that works in front of a computer all day. Its a free collection of 60 desktop toys that all interact with each other with realistic physics. You can make things like chain reactions (think dominoes) or perpetual motion machines. You can build castles and shoot things...
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    Outrun 2006... sucks balls

    I know this has been out for a while but I thought I'd check it out so I got it today for cheap. It's pretty much terrible. It's kind of like dating a hot blonde with an IQ of 12, a lot of fun to look at but don't try doing anything with it. The handling is so terrible its basically crippling to...
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    PSP vs DS

    Lets put this to rest once and for all. No arguing, just vote and say why you voted that way. I voted for the DS. I have played both and I think the DS is the best bang for the buck. I think it has a better selection of games and the other features of the PSP don't interest me much (most of...
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    PSP vs DS

    Lets put this to rest once and for all. No arguing, just vote and shut up! :D Forgot to add the poll LMAO!
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    You guys have to play this game!

    This is one of the most fun games I've played in a long time. It is a remake of invaders but don't let that throw you off, it isn't a simple or easy game. There is really cool ship upgrade system, boss ships, tons of different enemies, really cool techno style music (if you've got a sub you'll...
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    Anyone else start FFXI recently?

    I've been playing for a little over a week now, gotta say I am enjoying it. My first character was a Tartaru blm that I got to lvl 13 before restarting as a Hume rdm, which is now lvl 12. I was just wondering if anyone else here is close in level so we can party sometime. I am in Windurst and my...
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    New to F@H: question

    Is it normal for a single work unit to take 416 days? :confused: :(
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    Comment on my Mario 3 clone code

    I have been working on this for a while now, and knowing I am not exactly the most efficient programmer in the world I was wondering if I could get some general comments on the way I am doing this before I get in so deep it becomes unfeasable to change it... It's a lot already. This is the...