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    MSI Z87-G43 $68 after $20 MIR This is the same one I bought on black friday. Looks like its available online. Same board is going for $120 on newegg and tigerdirect Free shipping too.
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    HD7870XT (Powercolor MYST) temps keep rising in Kombustor

    So i'm having an issue, and am trying to figure out if this is normal or not. I have overclocked my 7870xt to 1150/1500 (+10% power) and trying to use Kombustor burn-in to test to see if its stable. All is going well until ~30 seconds in its starting to pass 80c, and keeps rising to go past...
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    Lenovo IdeaPad Y560p notebook - Ends 9/9 - $390

    I moved my Y560p from my FS to ebay. Item is in near perfect condition. Comes with original box. Modfied with 40GB SSD Kingston + 250GB HDD WD Scorpio Black. ODD placed in external enclosure that's included! This unit is cheaper than the referbs online! (reason is cause I had just...
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    HD6850, 300w 80+ bronze enough juice?

    I had recently purchased a sh55j2 with a 300watt 80+ bronze psu (possibly made by fsp) and was wondering if I could run a HD 6850. Reading from various sites, total system draw hovers around 250-270w, so im thinking it might be doable. Opinions?
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    Weird problem with 7900gs

    hey everyone, i recently bought a 7900gs (the version) and im having weird problems with only one game... cs:source the only problem is just that when i enable shadows (full shadows), the game loads slower, and when i hear any sound, it freezes, then picks up again. after i hear the...
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    Fry's: Seagate 400gb ultra ata or serial ata $99

    I was hoping this would happen, this is instore only afaik (just opened add in seattle times newspaper right now) hopefully there will be stock when i wake up :(
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    WTB: DDR Ram 128mb and 256mb

    I was just wondering if anyone had any spare DDR ram laying around. I want to make it a local pick up if possible (seattle, wa) offering $30 for a 128mb chip and a 256mb chip (DDR 2100 and up)
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    x800xt pe for which system?

    i need help trying to figure out which system i need to put this video card in system specs: Pentium 4 Prescott 2.4 @ 3.3ghz (running @ 733mhz fsb) 1gig ram (running @ 183mhz) 9800xt Sempron 3100+ 1.8ghz @ 2.2ghz (running @ 980mhz fsb) 1gig ram (running @ 200mhz) 6600gt any help...
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    Which vid card for which system?

    I have two systems right now, let me list them to get them out of the way... AMD ECS nForce3-a overclocked Sempron 256kb cache 1.8 @ 2.2 (fsb 245x4) 1gig ram ati x800xt pe Intel MSI PT880-Neo overclocked Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 1mb cache 2.4 @ 3.3 (fsb 183x4) 1gig ram ati 9800xt...
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    Problems downloading Windows Updates

    I reformatted my system the other day, and right now, the message pops up where it says "download updates" and when i click to download them and update them, it doesn't do anything. Usually i see the shield and the download percentage, but now i don't see it stay up anymore. Think the windows...
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    warm : 7800GS AGP for $300 after instant rebate

    BFG 7800GS, i believe its the OC Originally $350 @ Fry's in my area Oops, looked at newegg, seems they also have the BFG 7800GS for 300, dang... my bad everyone
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    Fry's B&M Store: 512mb PC2700 $40 with $20 mir

    The sale is today only, instore... but the price might stay for the rest of the week due to black friday. either way, im bringing a friend with me today, and getting a gig!! (he'll buy one half, and ill buy the other, 1 per customer :( )
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    Overclocking the Intel 2.4a Prescott

    I have my prescott 2.4a running at 183fsb 3.3ghz rock stable (gaming on it for 12hours straight without a single hitch) The system specs is as follows Intel Pentium 4 2.4a @ 3.3ghz stock voltage MSI PT880 Neo-FSR 1gig Crucial 3200 DDR So far on stock cooling ive only tested it at...
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    Compaq Presario 700 lcd problem

    Thanks ahead for anyone who reads this. Right now I have a Presario 700 that has a dim (extremely dim) picture upon boot up. I thought it was the lcd, so I bought a new one, and the one that came in shows the same problem. I was wondering what else I should check for. Ill have pics of what I...
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    Need alittle help with overclocking Nforce4 (using Abit NV8)

    I have a s754 3000+ newcastle sitting on my workbench, and i want to use it, and overclock the bugger. I was just wondering if anyone know any info on how overclocking is on the nforce4 platform, and any information on the NV8 would be a big bonus.
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    9700 Pro same performance as a 6600 non-GT?

    Are they practically performance brothers? or is one faster than the other? thanks :)