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    Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition, Virtual Reality Headset (Note 4 or Galaxy S6) $100

    yeah, saw this on SlickDeals and grabbed one, for that price I figured why not especially since I just got the S6
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    Shadow of Mordor GOTY $17 - Indiegala

    yeah they dropped the price because bundlestars is also selling it but for $15 now... they gave me a free game I guess because i paid $17, I think I already have it
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    Shadow of Mordor GOTY $17 - Indiegala

    Dunno, I purchased it and downloading now on Steam...
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    Shadow of Mordor GOTY $17 - Indiegala

    Been debating whether to get this, grabbed it now though, for $17 it's not bad as on Steam it's listed as $49.99
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    Steam 2015 summer sale is here! runs from June 11th to June 22th!

    I just grabbed Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Edition for $6.79... good deal, glad I never bought it before I guess
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    O2 Hurricane?

    Anyone have experience with these rechargeable blowers? I'm looking to get one, just tired of spending money on canned air. I've got four computers in the house, and everything else and it just seems I'm spending a lot, or should I say too much, on canned air. I was looking at the O2...
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    Steam Summer sale is up

    Did anybody pick up an extra Witcher 2 ? It was on sale today for $3.99, I meant to get it but was with my kid and his therapist and by the time that was done I missed the deal, when I went to grab it it was back up to $19.99 I'll pay $8 for it, or double what you paid...
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    1 Year PlayStation Plus for $34.99

    That's 5 days and they stack onto the existing. I bought it and now my PS+ expires May 2015
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    1 Year PlayStation Plus for $34.99

    I've been looking for a deal and this popped up over at Slick Deals. It's email delivery of the code Link: SD:
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    PS3 Move Bundle $21 @ Kmart YMMV

    So I read about this yesterday on Slick Deals or Fat Wallet, can't recall which, but I had to go out today so I stopped at Kmart and they had it. It's the PS3 Move bundle with camera, motion controller Medieval Moves Deadmund's Quest and Sports Champions games for $21 I also grabbed the PS...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7with FS for $140

    1Sale has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8gb 7" Tablet for $139.99 with free shipping today This is a new tablet not a refurb either. I've never seen the price any lower anywhere else and I've been actively looking to get one..
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    I hate you, Newegg.

    What the hell is with NewEgg pricing??? I've bought a lot of stuff over the years from then but haven't in a while but thought I'd check some prices on some things I was interested in. 9 out of 10 things I've looked at today don't have a price and it says I have to request the price to be...
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Guess just putting the key there didn't work... sorry
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Yes I know it's free to play on Steam.. but I got a key for it, so whoever takes it just post a reply that you did Monday Night Combat Steam Key: Q7PBT-TTWQQ-ZXHJL
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    AOC i2757Fh - Remove Film?

    I just picked this up as one of my monitors died and I heard good things about it. Anyway, it has an anti-glare film on it. None of my other monitors have the film on them and it doesn't bother me and the film just seems to dull things a bit compared to my other monitors so I was wondering...
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    Netflix's ISP Speed Index For January 2014

    Fios throttles Netflix I can attest to that.. I've got fios 75/35 and I consistently test at 80/40 I work from home and I've got four monitors, I usually run Netflix on a side monitor as just something playing really but I've noticed that throughout the day it's very fast, no waiting, no...
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    Sid Meier Humble Bundle

    I have the others and don't want Railroad but need Gods and Kings.. anyone don't need it I've got a bunch of Steam games I'd gladly trade for it. I have these up for trade for Gods and Kings King's Bounty: Legions True Tactician Ultimate Pack Hard Reset Extended Edition Tropico 4 Steam...
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    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Not Steam.. but I didn't want to start another thread for them.. I've got four Desura keys, I don't want to install yet another game client so if anybody wants them they can have them I have two each of these for Desura: 99 Levels to Hell Battlepaths
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    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 (Value Edition, 3 PCs/2 Years, Download) $6.99

    Never paid attention to the BBB rating for it, never saw it... But from my experience the software is fine for the 'average' user but the enthusiast user will find it a PITA to deal with. I get all kinds of false positives and like I said it just deletes stuff when it thinks it's bad. Prime...
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    Amazon $5 Holiday Credit for Digital Downloads List.

    They finally got more keys...
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    2013 Editor's Choice Games, if you have $5 credit

    nfs most wanted shows $14.54 for me Alice collection shows $29.99 moh:warfighter is $19.99 syndicate/sabatour shows $39.98 Where are you seeing these prices? Mevermid... just saw when this was originally posted... thought it was new thread on the subject.. I missed them...damn
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    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2014 (Value Edition, 3 PCs/2 Years, Download) $6.99

    I got this a couple months ago actually and I'm ready to uninstall it. It has too many false positives I found. Try and run something and you'll find nothing happens. You have to go in and allow the program to run. It also likes to just delete things automatically and you can't stop it from...
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    Steam account - Query account by CD-key??

    No they're real emails... there are no links in the them to click... and I contacted Steam support but haven't heard anything back yet..
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    Steam account - Query account by CD-key??

    Yeah I read that before... but I don't think I've ever used a public key so that's what bothers me, and I've gotten multiple emails now over the past few days
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    Steam account - Query account by CD-key??

    Over the last few days I've been getting emails from Steam Support with the title: "Steam account - Query account by CD-key‏" The body of the email says: So what the hell is this? Does this mean someone is trying to use my keys? I've got over 400 games in my account and I...
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    Philly Becomes First City to Ban 3D Gun Printing

    My vote for stupidest quote for the year: "It’s just based upon internet stuff out there."
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    Amazon ordering issues? Fraud Prevention...

    Well it's not a new PC.. I only use my home computer to access Amazon for buying things. I emailed Amazon and asked a few questions and they sort of answered some of my questions:
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    Amazon ordering issues? Fraud Prevention...

    Ok.. I'm an Amazon Prime member, the main account actually and my wife is on it as secondary. I order all the time from Amazon and I admit a lot of it is games and digital purchases but there's plenty of physical stuff as well. I'ts probably close to 60/40 really, but y'know can't pass up...
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    (Amazon) Saints Row 4 PC Download (Standard Edition) $14.99

    Shows $19.99 for me.. hmm.. but I see Dishonored on Amazon for only $4.99
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    Far Cray 3 (Steam) $7.49

    Yeah I grabbed it... the Deluxe DLC is only $4.99 now as well.. So you get the Deluxe game basically for about $13... but if you want to buy the actual Deluxe version it's $39.99... makes no sense at all.. but whatever
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    Any LTC miners out there willing to answer some questions?

    oh well.. it was an idea.. . I only have a 7870 in my own computer..
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    Any LTC miners out there willing to answer some questions?

    I've been thinking about this myself, but don't know where to start really... I read all kinds of stuff and downloaded some stuff but not sure where to begin with it I built my kids computers and they just sit here all week doing nothing, they're only allowed to play games on weekends because...
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    2K Holiday Bundles

    Huh what?
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    2K Holiday Bundles

    umm... it's not just PC Games... it's console game bundles as well...
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    2K Holiday Bundles

    This just hit my inbox from 2K so I thought I'd share it... These are physical bundles in store, basically three games for $30, not bad but not exactly what I would call great either.. still not a bad deal for physical media I guess... EDIT: These are PC Gaming and Console gaming bundles
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    Steam Boasts 65 Million Accounts

    and yet every few months we get an article about how PC gaming is dead or dying... yeah whatever..
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    Steam Halloween Sale 10-29->11-1

    Steam isn't working for me on web or the interface... I agree with the poster up top, I get a lot of BundleStars and Humble... I've been grabbing them for my kids for Christmas.. Up to 54 games so far and I don't know how many DLCs to go with a lot of them for my kids and I may have spent...
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    IndieGala October bundle. Schumps and more!

    Never heard of them... but they're site looks very similar to Humble Bundle in design when you first look at it.. Also... Warning: loud and annoying autoplay video on page...
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    Blu-ray playback issue with latest driver?

    I have a stand alone player and a PS3 hooked up to my HDTV... But I have four monitors on my computer and I like to watch something sometimes while I'm working on the side monitor... I have Netflix and Amazon Prime but everything isn't there to watch, so I pop in a DVD or Blu-ray..
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    Blu-ray playback issue with latest driver?

    So I can't watch blu-rays anymore. quick specs: Win7x64pro 16gb ram amd 7870 catalyst 13.9 I have PowerDVD 9 and Nero blu-ray player installed and both worked before. Granted it's been a while since I've watched a blu-ray but I wanted to recently and it won't work. I've tried two...