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    MOCA adapters > Wi-Fi Extenders

    I recently moved into a new home that is much larger than my previous. As such, I had a difficult time getting my wireless signal from my router downstairs on one side of our home, to the upstairs office on the opposite side. I tried several well-known range extenders and didn't find a single...
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    Best VPN Service?

    I've been using Private Internet Access for a while now through my router's OpenVPN support. However, recently it seems like it's gotten slower and slower no matter what server I connect to. I like it because of it's price and easy of use, but is there anything better/faster out there? Sucks...
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    Corsair H100 - Push Pull or Stock Config

    Hey All, Back in the days of the H50 and other closed loop coolers, a push/pull config with high static pressure fans was the way to go. Is this still recommended or is the default config with stock Corsair fans a viable solution for optimal performance?
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    X58 users out there??

    Are there any other x58 users out there who have refused to upgrade? I'm still running my MSI Big Bang XPower board with a hexacore Core i7 980x + 24GB triple channel memory + 1070. This setup remains rock solid to this day (knock on wood) and is great for 1920x1200 gaming. yes, it sucks the...
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    Logitech G605 - flashing red and green?

    Just purchased a new Logitech G605 and tried flashing to the latest firmware. The flashing process started and after leaving it sit there for over an hour, now the light is just flashing red/green. I pulled the batteries, etc - same thing - and the mouse is no longer recognized. Bricked/RMA?
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    Best socket A/462 motherboard?

    Wasn't sure where to throw this, but I'm a massive retro collector/hobbyist and am starting to look at some classic AMD socket A/462 motherboards as I skipped over these back in the day. Can anyone recommend some classic boards of the time?
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    Any 27"+ 16:10 displays?

    Hey all, I have a 25.5" Asus LCD that is getting little long in the tooth. What I like about this display is the extra height provided by the 16:10 aspect ratio. Looking around though, most new panels are all 16:9. I'm looking for something that would be 16:10 in the 27+ " size at 1080p or...
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    Xonar Essence STX vs DAC?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice. I currently have an Asus Xonar Essence STX (Gen 1) in my box, outputting to a Corsair SP2500 set of 2.1 speakers+sub. The sound is decent, but I know this setup is aging and I'm wondering if there are better options for speakers + external DACs that...
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    Worth it to upgrade to discreet sound card?

    I currently have an MSI X58 Big XPower motherboard that uses a Realtek ALC889 chipset that supposedly has a 109 SNR. I've been thinking about moving to a higher end discreet card like the Asus Xonar Xense or STX, but I am still confused about a few things... Right now I'm hooked up to a...
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    HDMI Splitter?

    I recently built a pretty powerful gaming machine which is currently connected to a 25" Asus LCD via DVI. For fun, I recently connected this machine to my 52" LCD TV and was blown away. I was initially thinking about building another PC to use as a HTPC/Gaming machine for my living room, but I...
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    Corsair H50 Push-Pull Whine/Noise?

    Hello everyone, I just built a brand new Core i7 930 system in a Corsair 800D case using the Corsair H50 cooler with two Scythe S-FLEX SFF21F 120mm fans in a push pull config. The fans are rated at 28dBA @ 63.7 CFM - while spinning at 1600RPM. So pretty quiet overall while moving a...
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    Asus P6X58D Premium vs. Gigabyte X58A-UD7

    Hey Guys, My current system is pretty much at the end of it's life (and has been for a while). Seeing as how I cannot upgrade to Vista or Windows 7 due to a hardware incompatibility between the Nvidia Nforce chipset and ATI cards. I'm looking to build a new system over the next month or so...
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    Realistically, how much could I sell this system for???

    Want to sell my current system: P4 2.8Ghz 533Mhz FSB Zalman CNPS7700-Cu Gigabyte GA-8INXP Motherboard E7205 Plextor 48/24/48X CDRW Plextor PX-716A Interneal IDE DVD-RW POWER SUPPLY Thermaltake Silent Purepower 480W Memory: 1GB Total (2) DDRAM 256MB 32MX8 PC-3500C2 Corsair (2)...