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    [H]appy new year guys.

    [H]appy new year guys. :p Where have I been? Working my tail off. Family commitments. Getting well. Total FAH blackout for me.:( It is just about midnight here in Oz, and stinking hot. My main SR2 is dying, losing overclock and burnt out. Crash crash crash, and no time to properly fix...
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    [H] has passed 14 million work units.

    According to EOC, [H] has just passed 14 million work units, more than 30% more than any other team, and 5.4% of all work units done. And let's not forget since 06/12/11 [H] is again the number one team for PPD too. Well done everyone I reckon. That's all. :D
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    New bigadv project 6904

    That was quick - another humungous-bigadv in beta:
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    The race to 200 million.

    Well this looks like it could be a doozy. Who will be the first in [H] to 200 Million? It is Musky in pole position right now, but Dropper and Patriot will make things interesting. Hard to predict with this week being stuffed by a bigadv server outage and then the landing of the 6903. And...
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    When are we making Musky Hard DCer of the Year 2010?

    Well, it has been a while now since GKanakis was banned from the forum, and his title revoked. I really don't want to drag up that episode again, but it seems to me there is one last thing outstanding - giving the [H]ard|DCer of the Year 2010 title to the deserving and rightful winner - Musky.
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    Need help with Linux VM setup

    Here is the thing. I use my 2 SR2 renderslaves to both fold and render 3D. Folding is 90% of the time. Rendering is only 10%, but pays for the whole enterprise. ;) For folding I want to run Ubuntu, for rendering I need Win7. (Won't work in Wine) Right now I run Ubuntu on the weekend, and Win7...
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    Change at Stanford...

    Well, lots of change from Stanford lately, some wins, some Fail. Starting with the positive... The V7 client has hit open beta, and is a huge step forward to making folding more accessible to the masses. GPU Tracker2 fixed this a while ago, but it is 3d party. V7 breaks everything, but time...
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    Anyone seen a 2684 lately?

    Pinch me, I'm dreaming - I haven't folded a 2684 in about a week. I have had 35 bigadv units in that time. 2 weeks ago they were 36% of the WU I folded in a week for poor Grumpy_rock. Last week, folding for Kanakis[H], I switched to -bigbeta flag, and they were 12% of WU - about the long...
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    FAHClient V7.1.21 released (1st Open-Beta) Looks like Langouste might be obsolete: Heh first bug is that it ignores the unchecked autostart! It grabbed a unit right away.
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    Wrap party for Apollo?

    Apollo is about 4 days away from the big 100 million and last I saw, retiring the farm. He will be only the 5th [H] forum member to ever achieve that feat, and lets remember that the bulk of those points were acheived in the days when 100,000ppd was a fantasy. He is currently ranked 52 in...
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    Renting out idle SR2s?

    Here is the problem. Business is slow, which means I have well and truly spent my folding power budget for this year.:rolleyes: I have 3 SR2s sitting mostly idle. This is bugging the hell out of me - 570,000ppd capacity going to waste. Over 150 million points a year. [H] could be doing 4%...
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    Good weather for folding?

    Thinking of moving to a new country to make folding easier? :cool: Great new tool to visualise when average temperatures will make folding hard or easy at your place: Melbourne (in backwards F for y'all): Maybe Dubai is not the best choice for a keen folder:
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    Project 10436 - uniprocessor A4 with Quick Return Bonus Does this mean anything? Could we run 4 of these on a Q6600? Would it compare with running SMP?
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    P6901 - new Swedish bigadv

    New core, just got a new P6901 from sweden... :D No frame times yet.
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    A bigadv Royal Flush!

    SR2#1 has pulled a Bigadv Royal Flush - with consecutive bigadvs in project order, all 5 currently available projects, newest to oldest: Mon 6900 - Ace Tue 2692 - King Wed 2686 - Queen Thu 2685 - Jack Fri 2684 - Ten Frankly, I might have preferred 4 of a kind 6900s with a 2692 kicker...
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    Uniprocessor puts me into top 10 worldwide!

    Uniprocessor FTW! I finally cracked the world top 10 actual individuals up 2 places from my usual spot (I don't count Anonymous and PS3 as individuals, so I will conveniently upgrade my 11th place to a much better sounding 9th ;)) I have stopped testing and benching so my average is...
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    2 machines working on same unit?!

    Two rigs just downloaded the same unit half an hour apart - WTF? What should I do?
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    [H]K? You OK?

    Everything ok there big fella? :eek:
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    3 SR2's = 3 million points per week.

    WARNING: POST CONTAINS LARGE AMOUNTS OF POINTS AND STATS PRON: It should be clear by now that I cannot help making these kinds of posts, :o the SR2 bug has bitten deep, and I might as well share the love before something else comes along. The [H] top 20 for most of us is the definition of 15...
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    P2689 - 190,000 ppd? - Guess the new bigadv?

    Fun with stats: I noticed something juicy while looking at a heavy hitter on another team: Punchy. (I have been SR2 spotting via stats :o) When I drop a bigadv, I get the following credits: 2686 - 126,000 2684 - 107,000 Looking at this Punchy's stats...
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    P6900 - new bigadv, 160,000ppd, wohooo!

    3am, can't sleep, check on what SR2-3 is doing, first night folding... New bigadv!
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    Stuff my wife says...

    My darling wife, who can have a wicked sense of humour, has offered up some pearls of wisdom this week: I noted that there was a lot of recent interest in SR2's on the forums from 3D graphic artists like me, who have heard of them from the enthusiast/folding community. My wife rather cheekily...
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    Drought over? 300,000+ PPD, 2 boxen,1200 watts. Goal Achieved.

    After that run of a dozen straight 6701s, could the drought be breaking? I got a pair of 2685s yesterday, now Musky is a pair of 2686s.... (WANT! :o) And I now have back to back bigadv - only ever did that twice - but now on both, a new 2685 and a 2686, not quite 2 of the best, but dammit...
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    Power down unused GPUs?

    Hi All, I have two GTX-460s in my main SR2 rig. I use SLI for gaming, but not very often. I will be using both for GPU previz in my 3D app in the future- and might be adding more GPUs if it proves useful. I was wondering if there was an easy and reliable way to power down unused GPUs when...
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    Hung work units - 60XX

    Project: 6068 (Run 0, Clone 182, Gen 117) - Hung for 6 hours overnight - I restarted client and on it went, but it hung & I restarted twice more until it finished. Next unit: Project: 6053 (Run 0, Clone 85, Gen 88) - Hung twice by 35% .. I have shut down to run some Linpack and some memtest -...
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    Fighting Spirit

    It is a bit quiet around here today, with the inevitable overtake by EVGA to number one. But I am not too glum. I was going to write a lot about why I left EVGA for [H] almost 2 months ago, but in the end it is pretty simple. I am happy here, I could not be comfortable there with the...
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    Desperate times call for desperate measures...

    EDIT: 6th Oct: See OC settings here SR2 number 2 is now operational and just went online for the [H]orde. Wahoooooo! :D Final stable overclock: dual hexacore x5660's at 4.255Ghz, memory smoking at 2:10, full report to follow tomorrow in the SR2 Optimisation thread. It benches...
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    9.7 million!

    Wahoo! :eek:
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    Can I donate half done bigadv WU to another person?

    Late night thinking aloud... I was musing on another thread about how tricky it is for me during the week to run bigadv WU on my main SR2 workstation, given that I work on it during the day, and frequently render for half the night. A bigadv unit takes 21 to 28 hours, and that is hard to fit in...
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    Dear Santa. 140k PPD please.

    Dear Santa, Thank you for the P2686 you sent me. I like them very much. Please put more of them in my stocking. Please give those poosey P2684's to team 111065, who like them lots. Thank you for this lovely forum with nice people who help me with things. And thank you for RAM that...
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    I hear SR2's are welcome on this team?

    I thought I might say hello, I have just switched to Team 33. I have only been folding for a few days, working out the kinks, qualifying for -bigadv etc. I have an overclocked SR2/x5650 @4Ghz, and six Q6600 render boxes for my work.(self employed) It looks like I could do about 130K+ per day...