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    I've searched and found one thread that never got answered but I will ask again. I have a Dell 7440 AIO unit with intel hd 530 graphics, but VGASave is the default video adapter being used. I've tried uninstalling, reinstalling, intel hd 530 drivers but nothing. What's maddening is through...
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    Samsung EVO 250 for 120 free shipping and more @

    Taken from slick deals thanks to papasteves 02 Looks like the site is banned here at Hardforum. I will just link to slickdeals if people are interested still. Admin please delete this if violates anything :) LINK Instructions per landing page: 1...
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    Rosewill Cherry Red Switch Mechanical $111.86

    newegg has all rosewill keyboards on sale with a 20% coupon code today EMCJJKG29
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    Samsung 17.3 led i5-2410m/4gb ram/Nvidia GT540M optimus/Bluray Drive 749 shipped

    Deal ripped from slickdeals, shout out to arcooke. Samsung 17.3" LED backlit laptop - Core i5 Sandybridge, 4GB, 500GB, Blu-Ray, USB 3.0, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wifi, 1GB Nvidia GT540M w/ Optimus, Card Reader, Webcam - $749 SHIPPED I ordered this on Friday.. smoking hot deal. There are 69 other online...
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    HOT? When students buy a Windows 7 PC over $699, they will receive a FREE Xbox 360

    *Get a free Xbox 360 4GB console with the purchase of a Windows 7 PC $699 or more, at participating retailers in the US from 5/23-9/3 or while supplies last. Verification of student status required. See participating retailers for full details...
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    Need help selling my old junk car.

    Hi, I have a 2000 daewoo leganza that has 80k miles on it but something always seems to break on it, so this last one was the alternator and im choosing to just junk it instead of fixing it. my questions is anyone ever go through the process of selling their junk car and how much do you get...
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    did i kill my motherboard and cpu?

    Long story short, water leaked from my video nozzle fitting on to the motherboard. power was not on at the time. i was testing the loop for leaks. so i tightened the fitting and used a blow drier on the motherboard to dry it. computer would post then freeze then after awhile computer would...
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    Assassins Creed II for PC @ Target B&M 7.49 YMMV

    Just came home from a Local Target in Pennsylvania. They had Assassins Creed II on clearance for 7.49 and Lego Indiana Jones and Star Wars for 4.97.
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    Galaxy 460 GTX 1gb Sli Kit for 211.99 after rebate @ free shipping
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    Galaxy 480 GTX Super OC 239.99 after rebate Current Price: $459.99 - $80 Instant Savings - $60 MIR - $80 Coupon = $239.99 Coupon: NCQ25669 Expires on 4/11 219.99 if you can use ebillme(you get 10% cashback from 299.99 but 20.00 max) your...
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    Meridian 59

    Hi all, is now free to play. This game came out in 1996 and was the first massively online pvp game. The graphics are dated but the pvp is still great. I've always come back to this game after getting tired of the eye candy of newer games. The game has a great hardcore...
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    *Warm to Hot * Dr. Dre Beats headphones from Monster Friends & Family (Refurbs) i picked up Dr. Dre Beats Solo HD for 84 bucks. no tax for pennsylvania but ground shipping. tax depends on where you live :)
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    *WARM* Dead Rising 2 for PC 19.99 @ GFW Microsoft seems to be running a steam-esque sale but not as good.
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    Medal of Honor PS3 PC XBOX 360 39.99 @ amazon

    Medal of Honor (Xbox 360, PS3, or PC) $40 or 3 for $80 + Free Shipping Amazon has Medal of Honor (Xbox 360, PS3, or PC) for $40 and free shipping. Thanks justdefend & RaGe420 Note, you may buy 3 version for the price of 2. Mixing platforms also works. Discount will be applied in cart...
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    g92 evga 8800gts @ newegg for 359.99 and xfx, gigabyte, pny, bfg, msi.... damn these cards look ugly especially evga. but i ordered evga cause it was actually the cheapest. and comes with crysis... 1day ground 6.33 shipping? their...
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    asus g92 8800gts 831/2001/1030 16927 3dmark 06

    rest here @
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    AMD BE series to hit the stores? Key points: Low voltage: 1.15-1.2v Low wattage: 45w Core: Brisbane Cost...
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    which opteron is best overclocker?

    939 board. dfi lanparty sli-dr expert and a opteron 165 right now its at 2.664mhz fsb at 296 ht 888mhz and memory 9/10(180mhz)@266.5mhz 3-4-4-8 1t volt on the cpu is 1.440v. this is the sweet spot. i can up the voltage and get 2.7 but will run very hot and not stable. was able to get into...
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    question about my bfg 7800 gt oc

    lately i been seeing alot of talk of 7900gs and ati 1950x pro. where does my video card stack up against these? they sell for 200 dollars each on average.. i bought mine almost a year ago for 300. im guessing its not good to equate price with performance since its technology. but i...
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    question about dvd widescreen

    i dont know if this was the right forum to ask. but i just ordered the westinghouse 37in. my question is i have these regular dvds in widescreen format and when i watch them on my 21inch widescreen gateway monitor or 14 inch laptop i still get the black bars to the top and bottom of the...