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    WD SN720 nvme drive - dramless?

    Searched Google a few times, but I wasn't able to find info on the WD SN720 m.2 nvme SSD. Anyone have insight if it's dramless/HMB or what controller it uses? Seems to be a server or OEM drive. Thanks!
  2. J

    X570 VRM Waterblocks

    Planning on making several sets of X570 VRM waterblocks. Any suggestions as to motherboard models? Thanks! -The only boards I've had my hands on are MSI x570-A Pro and Asus Prime x570-P
  3. J

    Anyone near Erie, Colorado? Mining servers!

    If anyone is near Erie, CO with a Truck and wants to part me out some WC gear and 1070ti's for a great price:
  4. J

    Fry's 550w 80+ Gold Enermax Revolution XT II $54

    Seems to be a decent post-tariff price on a Gold power supply, looks like free shipping.
  5. J

    Corsair Red Sleeved PSU cables - Corsair CP-8920049 $48 f/s

    LINK Newegg selling the CP-8920049 individually sleeved cable kit (red) for $47.85 with free shipping. Seems like its a good price.
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    CM Hyper 212 LED Refurb $17 shipped Newegg

    Red LED Hyper 212 cooler. $16.99 with free shipping. Not sure what Refurbished means, but I will update when I receive it.
  7. J

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 120mm CPU cooler $16.40 AC @NE Additional 50% off w/ promo code ACCSPCPAXO, limited offer Seems decent for that price and free shipping. There are other air coolers as well that have a 50% off coupon code posted as well.
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    HP Omen 27 with G-Sync - any reviews?

    Thinking about picking up one of these HP Omen 27 G-sync monitors but cannot find any official reviews on it. They are $350 locally which seems like a good deal, has a usb 3.0 hub built in, ambient lighting LED, and 1440p resolution. Pretty...
  9. J

    Steelseries 300 Fallout 4 edition $17 @ Bethesda Store Not bad for $17, seems like a decently rated mouse.
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    warm? B stock CDW Samsung PM951 NVME M.2 256gb $64.99 Was going to jump on this, but I get charged tax in IL.
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    Zotac GTX 1070 $319 Newegg thru eBay Not bad, $10 more than the last deal.
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    SPI350PFB 350 Watt 80+ PSU $14 + Shipping at Electronic Goldmine

    Sparkle / FSP SPI350PFB 350 Watt PSU. On sale for $14 + shipping. Seems decent with Active PFC for budget office rigs. Pic shows an ADDA ball bearing fan. Shipping to IL for me was $12. The only thing close I can find to the shipped price is a 300w Seasonic on Newegg for a few bucks more...
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    TP Link Google Onhub - worthwhile?

    A friend of mine picked up a TP Link Google Onhub router for me after saying my wireless sucked. Granted, I have a D-Link N600, maybe an 826L model. Digging into the firmware interface, the farthest connection is a Roku 2 2016 with a signal strength of 58%. I only use one of the 4 gigabit...
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    Corsair SP120 Fans $10 ea @ Fry's

    Two styles online for shipping - High Performance and High Static Pressure. Maybe a clearance? Both show available for shipping and pickup.
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    Staples 25% off 1 item coupon - - Could get Zotac 970 $239 before tax

    Staples texted out a link today for 25% 1 item, does not exclude GPUs. Code expires tonight @ midnight! Pre tax Zotac GTX 970 was $239 after coupon code. Code is unique and usable only once. After tax was $252. I also purchased a Staples gift card code that saved more, check
  16. J

    Warm - Zotac GTX 780 3gb $419 FS w/ Visa Checkout

    Link $439 ($50 off) - 10% with Code "VCO" (must use Visa checkout) = $419 with free shipping. Probably going to bite on this, unless I can find a used one for $320 ish.
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    Guild Wars Job? (quick laugh)

    Stumbled across this on Craigslist. Seems like it might be a hard earned $50?? :p
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    Corsair gaming bundle - K50, HS30, M40 for $155 shipped

    Saw this bundle and was intrigued. For $155 shipped I can replace my old logitech mouse, get a new keyboard, and have a solid headset. Priced separately on Amazon is $195 Includes : Corsair - K50 Gaming Keyboard, Raptor M40 Optical Gaming Mouse and Raptor HS30 Gaming Headset LINK
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    Rosewill Dual ball bearing 120mm fan w/grill,speed controller $5.99 shipped

    The egg has these guys for a great price $5.99 with free shipping Includes a grill, and a PCI slot speed controller.
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    Upgrade question: What would be an improvement over 2x 6870's (CF) @ 1680x1050?

    Looking to see what would be an improvement over 2x stock amd 6870's in crossfire, while playing at 1680x1050. It seems that the games I am just catching up with (portal 2, mafia 2, fallout new vegas) run okay at high settings. After the holiday game sales, I now have a few more newer games...
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    Software or conversion options for converting DVR-MS to other formats?

    Looking for either a decent software or technique that would allow me to convert .dvr-ms files (from windows media center) to divx, mp4, etc. I would like to retain most of the video quality, and all of the audio quality, as I have a lot of stand up recorded that I'd like to re-watch on mobile...
  22. J

    Q6600 G0 stepping, Lapped - Ends 7/1 - $65
  23. J

    Decision between Xbox 360 and Apple TV gen 1 160gb

    I'm wondering the pros and cons of using an x360 HDMI (non slim/s/black version) or an apple TV gen 1 for media streaming and local storage. From what I know, the 360 can have external USB devices to playback certain types of audio and visual files, but not all formats are supported. The...
  24. J Black friday 20% off order coupon

    Coupon code "doorbuster" at checkout yields 20% off at checkout at Basically saves $10 off of Skyrim for a total of $49.96 after tax for a legitimate copy.
  25. J

    Z68 with RST + WD 2tb caviar black?

    With the benchmarks of the western digital caviar black 2tb as high as they are, has anyone used an SSD for caching with this drive and has benefitted? I have no intention of using it as a boot drive, more of a gaming drive. Thanks!
  26. J

    Warm - Thermaltake Spirit Heatpipe RAM coolers - $4.99 new

    Needed to cool some DDR2 off for an overclock, and the stock kingston heatspreaders weren't enough. Bought 4 of these, and can really crank now! They arrived fast and each blister pack had all the thermal...
  27. J

    Water Cooling Deals!

    Been shopping around for some watercooling stuff, found a few good deals to share ;) Swiftech 2x120mm rad with res+ mcp350 mount - 69.95 or mcr-320 3x120mm - 59.95...
  28. J

    Microcenter x360 Halo Reach $34.99 instore only today

    Saw this on MC's homepage. Decent deal for anyone in range of a microcenter! Again, its $34.99 order online (instore pickup) or in store B&M price for Xbox 360 Halo Reach
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    Replacing reference design heatsinks

    Pretty simple question: Say I have two reference design GPU's with different heatsinks. I'd like to take a higher performance heatsink from a dead card and install it onto a good card. This should help improve an overclock on the good card. Before I make the transfer, I'm wondering if the...
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    Target B&M External Hard Drives "Informal 33% off" YMMV

    Went to Target to get the 320gb Western Digital USB 2.5" external drive, and it was OOS. Target offered to substitute it with ANY hard drive in stock and offer the same discount (33% off). Needless to say, I jumped and got a WD 1TB external for $56.94.... Just an FYI for everyone.
  31. J

    Warm - Xbox 360 60gb Live 3mo. starter kit Best buy B&M $47.99

    For everyone that got the cheap Xbox360 Arcade units at Target, Best Buy had the 60gb Live starter kit (60gb hdd, ethernet cable, headset, 3 month live gold card) for $47.99 at my store in IL. Not bad, since its a genuine MS drive, and includes all the accessories the Arcade version lacks...
  32. J

    OCZ Vanquisher CPU Cooler, 3 heatpipe $5.99 AR + ship or pickup @ Microcenter $15.99 - $10 Rebate = $5.99, no shipping with instore pickup, or pretty reasonable shipping otherwise.
  33. J

    Seventeam 850w Power Supply $99 FS @ Egg

    Pretty hot deal here. Seventeam's 850w modular PSU is a well built beast of a PSU with good reviews. The free shipping makes it an even better deal!
  34. J

    Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Case - refurb @ CM store - $99

    Saw this looking for parts Cooler master Cosmos 1000 case, refurbished. $99.99. Shipping was like $13 to CA and $25 to Chicago, theres a calculator though. Comparatively its 179.99 + 30 shipping on the...
  35. J

    Tagan Black Pearl Tower case $89.90 at Fry's B&M

    This case was clearanced at the Illinois' Fry's for 89.90. YMMV it is a Lian Li rebrand I think, similar to v2010b i believe.
  36. J

    Cooler Master Aquagate Duo Viva $34.99 free ship

    Nice price on a CPU/GPU water cooler. Bought one to cool a e2200 and 7600gt HTPC. $34.99, no rebates and free UPS ground.
  37. J

    Warm MSI 3870x2 $159.99 AR, w/RB6 vegas2 $199.99 - 40 MIR = 159.99 w/ free shipping. Not too bad for a massive card, could bite on this and wait for a quad xfire setup....
  38. J

    Hot! Antec Spotcool 9.99 at Fry's

    These little fans are great for cooling mobo/ram/etc and normally go for 19.99! Source - Fry's Ad Chicago, 9/12/08
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    Bestbuy Hitachi USB portable hard drives - YMMV

    Saw them today at an IL bestbuy - Looked like all of the portable pocket hitachi brand usb hard drives, 160gb, 200gb, 250gb models, prices by me were $49.97, 78.97, and 109.97, but you will probably encounter another clearance price as they vary store to store.
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    Clearance Games @ Target - YMMV

    Just went to my local Target for some food, and left with: Quake Wars: Enemy Territory - $9.97 Age of Empires III: The Warchiefs - $13.97 Supreme Commander - $7.48 There were a few other games, SW Battlefront 2, Neverwinter nights 2, Fable, etc. that were on clearance as well. (less than...