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    Shadow of Mordor GOTY $17 - Indiegala

    Been debating whether to get this, grabbed it now though, for $17 it's not bad as on Steam it's listed as $49.99
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    O2 Hurricane?

    Anyone have experience with these rechargeable blowers? I'm looking to get one, just tired of spending money on canned air. I've got four computers in the house, and everything else and it just seems I'm spending a lot, or should I say too much, on canned air. I was looking at the O2...
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    1 Year PlayStation Plus for $34.99

    I've been looking for a deal and this popped up over at Slick Deals. It's email delivery of the code Link: SD:
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    PS3 Move Bundle $21 @ Kmart YMMV

    So I read about this yesterday on Slick Deals or Fat Wallet, can't recall which, but I had to go out today so I stopped at Kmart and they had it. It's the PS3 Move bundle with camera, motion controller Medieval Moves Deadmund's Quest and Sports Champions games for $21 I also grabbed the PS...
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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7with FS for $140

    1Sale has the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8gb 7" Tablet for $139.99 with free shipping today This is a new tablet not a refurb either. I've never seen the price any lower anywhere else and I've been actively looking to get one..
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    AOC i2757Fh - Remove Film?

    I just picked this up as one of my monitors died and I heard good things about it. Anyway, it has an anti-glare film on it. None of my other monitors have the film on them and it doesn't bother me and the film just seems to dull things a bit compared to my other monitors so I was wondering...
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    Steam account - Query account by CD-key??

    Over the last few days I've been getting emails from Steam Support with the title: "Steam account - Query account by CD-key‏" The body of the email says: So what the hell is this? Does this mean someone is trying to use my keys? I've got over 400 games in my account and I...
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    Amazon ordering issues? Fraud Prevention...

    Ok.. I'm an Amazon Prime member, the main account actually and my wife is on it as secondary. I order all the time from Amazon and I admit a lot of it is games and digital purchases but there's plenty of physical stuff as well. I'ts probably close to 60/40 really, but y'know can't pass up...
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    2K Holiday Bundles

    This just hit my inbox from 2K so I thought I'd share it... These are physical bundles in store, basically three games for $30, not bad but not exactly what I would call great either.. still not a bad deal for physical media I guess... EDIT: These are PC Gaming and Console gaming bundles
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    Blu-ray playback issue with latest driver?

    So I can't watch blu-rays anymore. quick specs: Win7x64pro 16gb ram amd 7870 catalyst 13.9 I have PowerDVD 9 and Nero blu-ray player installed and both worked before. Granted it's been a while since I've watched a blu-ray but I wanted to recently and it won't work. I've tried two...
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    DNS won't flush

    Ok.. I can usually figure this stuff out myself but I'm going crazy right now... The PC is Windows7 x64. Have a steaming media box on my network and I can't access it now. I used to have it wireless and it was fine. I got a new switch and now it's wired but now I can't access it. It was...
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    Humble Bundle Weekly: 11 Bit Studios

    Wow.. I'm surprised no one posted this yet, it went live yesterday.. Anomaly Warzone Earth (w/soundtrack) Anomaly Warzone Earth: Mobile Campaign Sleepwalker's Journey (w/soundtrack) Funky Smugglers (w/soundtrack) Bonus Content - Beat the Average...
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    Humble Bundle Weekly: Serious Sam! Main Bundle: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter Serious Sam: The Random Encounter Serious Sam Double D Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack Serious Sam Public Demo 2 Beat the average: ($3.83 - and always changing..)...
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    Bigger Bach Set- 14 hours of Bach 99 Cents- Amazon

    Bigger Bach Set 99 Cents about 14 hours of music or 293 pieces or songs
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    The Walking Dead ep 1 free on Xbox live and 50% off other eps

    The Walking Dead Episode 1 on Xbox Live is free All other episodes are half off or 200 points
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    PopCap PAX Deals- Peggle for Free and More

    PopCap is celebrating PAX East and they're giving away Peggle for PC/Mac for Free. There's also some other free stuff for there Facebook games They're also doing 20% off everything in the Plants vs Zombies Store
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    Star Wars Edition Operation $9.99 w/free ship

    Here's one I just had to post.. it's Star Wars after all.. Best Buy has the Star Wars Edition of Operation for $9.99 with free shipping LINK HERE
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    System Image Restore Fails because of EFI/BIOS ?!

    I hate Windows 8, let me get that out of the way. I decided to give it a try and it's on my HTPC at the moment. Finally found the old Windows 7 backup program that was hidden in there and used it to create my backup and system image to a separate HDD. Win8 won't let me boot from that drive...
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    Hot? Four FREE Games From Playfire and Green Man Gaming

    I don't know if this is hot or not, but I get lots of PR and this one just popped into my inbox so I figured I'd share it..
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    2K Holiday Sale for Mobile Games

    Not sure if this is hot exactly, but it just appeared in my inbox so I figured I'd share it for those interested..
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    SMART says HDD Bad, but is it?

    Ok.. so my NAS is running raid 0 for now, it's a new NAS and I was just setting it up. I was checking the drives storage and one of them is listed as being Bad via S.M.A.R.T. . But when I actually pull the SMART info everything is listed as Healthy except for something called...
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    Not getting email notification on PM

    Like the title says, I don't seem to be getting email notifications anymore about PMs.. I got them yesterday, now today I don't...
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    25 More- Hawken Beta Codes

    Same thing as yesterday.. The dates I have now for betas are: Nov 8 – Nov 13 (6 days) Nov 20 – Dec 6 (17 days) So first 25 people to PM me get a key, leave a response with PM'd or whatever so there's a public count so I don't get 100's of PM's
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    25- Free Hawken Beta Keys

    Ok, so Mushkin gave me about 300 keys to give away and I've been doing that on my sites... but since the first beta starts today, it thought I'd toss a few over here for you guys too. The dates I have now for betas are: Nov 8 – Nov 13 (6 days) Nov 20 – Dec 6 (17 days) So first 25...
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    PNY Optima 4gb stick DDR3 10666 $15 free ship!

    It's Best Buy, but for that price I may have to actually buy something from them.. PNY - Optima 4GB PC3-10666 DDR3 DIMM Desktop Memory Model: MD4096SD31333 Memory Size 4GB Type of Memory PC3-10666 DDR3 Speed 1333MHz How fast data is transferred over a network. Pin Configuration...
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    40 DRM Free Sega Classic Games for $9.99

    ok, so I was browsing my emails and this press release popped up and looked interesting so I figured I'd share.. I've never dealt with this company personally so I don't know about them... but it seems like a good deal.. The company is Dot Emu anyone ever dealt with them? Apparently...
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    My 7yr Old Wants a Penguin Game for Xmas...?

    So my 7yr old wants a game that you can take care of penguins... like feed them and play with them and such sort of game it can be for PC, PS2, Wii or Xbox360, DS or even 3DS.. I don't know of any games specifically just penguins like that.. I know World of Zoo let's you care for...
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    Company of Heroes for $1.50 -GreenManGaming

    Company of Heroes on Green Man Gaming for $1.50 after coupon code GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G. Activates via Steam
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    Deep Space Gaming Bundle

    So I was going through the daily PR and this popped up.. not sure how hot it is, but it's 8 games plus more stuff, sort of like the humble bundle I guess.. figured I'd share it.. they're all DRM free from what I can see.. Here's the whole thing, copy and paste for you:
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    How to reset bios admin password on Dell Latitude C640?

    So I had a 10 year Dell Latitude C640 laptop sitting around doing nothing and my wife asks about giving it to her mother and I said sure why not. She doesn't do anything with it except browse the internet and check email so it was more than powerful enough for that. So when my kids went...
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    Linksys Wireless N USB $9.98 Shipped

    This isn't bad at all.. Newegg is selling same thing for $15 shipped.. These always come in handy.. and yes they are refurb, but so is the one at Newegg I saw for $15.. It's 1 Sale A Day site so it's today only for the deal... Specs Condition...
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    LA Noire $4.99 Steam

    Now this is worth $4.99... price good until Thursday 4pm pacific Edit: LA Noire The Complete collection is $7.49 as well which included all DLC
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    Free Firebolt eCigs

    Freebie for you smokers like myself.. I've tried many brands and I'm always open to try others until i find one I like to be able to actually 'quit' regular cigs.. *obviously you've got to be of age here. --Not sure about posting this though, but it's not technically not tobacco or a...
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    Kinda Hot? Amazon Buy One Get One 1C Games

    All of the 1C games are on sale this week on Amazon for $5 each and you get a $5 credit for buying one of them so basically it's buy one get one. Sure they're 1C games and not the greatest stuff, but it's a semi-decent deal I think and it's something to do?! They do have the UFO series...
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    Everything Dragon Age for PC for $9.99

    This isn't bad at all... I grabbed it Amazon has this downloadable pack for $9.99 It's has Dragon Age Ultimate Edition.. Origins, Awakening and DLC and you get Dragon Age 2 with DLC for $9.99 Link here Doesn't activate on Steam, but works on Origin or you can just download it and play
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    Marvell vs Jmicron sata6=huge difference?!

    Ok, I got an Asus P8z68-v pro/gen 3 board with Corei7 2600k I've got the latest bios and latest drivers installed but I'm getting a huge difference between the sata6 controllers on the board and I can't figure out why.. I want to be able to use all four sata6 ports, if I can't the board has...
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    Xbox LIVE Prepaid 12 Month Gold Membership $35.99

    Not bad, that's the cheapest I've seen them in a while and it's from the Microsoft store and not some shady online seller. The limit is one per person though...
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    disable windows has detected that your computer's performance is slow

    Ok, this is annoying me to no end. This stupid pop up "windows has detected that your computer's performance is slow" The problem is that I'm not doing anything. I have a browser with Gmail open and this forum and it tells me that. I have searched everywhere for a solution to disable this...
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    Zombie Survival Kit is Back! Got one of these last time around.. fun stuff.. now you can get with Crossbow!
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    Win7 Pro x64 Sees 8gb ram/ 3.96 Usable

    Ok.. this is annoying me to no end.. Doing a basic build for a buddy. Going from a 5yr old Winxp machine to Win7 Pro 64bit Got Win 7 Pro 64bit Corei5 760 msi h55m-e33 motherboard 8 gigs (4x2) Patriot Viper Extreme Ram GT430 vid card Board supports up to 16gigs of ram Problem is as in...