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  1. CrimsonKnight13

    Bioshock 4

    I'm looking forward to seeing the locales, story & characters. I could really use another creepy exploration FPS to enjoy.
  2. CrimsonKnight13

    Linux and FTP

    If you're using the ISP's equipment, they'll see a lot. I prefer to go with my own modem, router & switches.
  3. CrimsonKnight13

    Cloning onto a new PC

    Not a tough thing really with Gparted to help afterwards (or before). I use this for backups & it works great with the disk cloning
  4. CrimsonKnight13

    Linux driver for Intel GPU

    Looks like the driver won't be mainlined until the Linux Kernel 5.16 release. They're providing additional features with Mesa 22.0, Vulkan, &...
  5. CrimsonKnight13

    HELP: Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, turned on Bitlocker, and now get Windows Install prompt on reboot

    It would seem that BitLocker may have failed to properly encrypt the drive. Now it's in an in-between state. If you have your data backed up, I'd recommend starting out with a new install of Windows.
  6. CrimsonKnight13

    Reading Compherension - OS-agnostic

    I haven't seen many cases of running an OS agnostic kernel on anything Windows NT-based. I do know such an option exists in the registry but I've always understood it is for security applications.
  7. CrimsonKnight13

    HELP: Upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, turned on Bitlocker, and now get Windows Install prompt on reboot

    You're hosed unless you have the decryption key or key file available. If you happen to have the key, try this guide out
  8. CrimsonKnight13

    Cloning onto a new PC

    I recommend Clonezilla for exact copy cloning between drives.
  9. CrimsonKnight13

    Need Clarification On Decimal and Binary Data

    Linux most definitely uses GiB. I've not ever seen it go with GB unless a specific application or DE file explorer is set to be GB.
  10. CrimsonKnight13

    Do you think we'll see PC focused, groundbreaking games ever again?

    Yes, Japanese devs generally don't see PCs as lucrative as one might hope. But due to more people working from home, they've seen an uptick in PC gaming there as well. I do know that many console development kits are actually PCs. The issue is that some devs (not just Japanese) don't seem to...
  11. CrimsonKnight13

    Official PS5 Thread

    I think I'll aim for 512GB or 1TB next year. Does the FW only compress PS5 games? All of my PS4 games take way more space than I'd prefer.
  12. CrimsonKnight13

    Official PS5 Thread

    I hit this same headache. Eventually I think I'll throw in a Gen4 nvme but I can only provide externals for now.
  13. CrimsonKnight13

    Do you think we'll see PC focused, groundbreaking games ever again?

    I know that Capcom has said they're focusing on PC first & consoles second. That's big news to me since I think many of their game series can benefit from PC's strengths. I'm curious to see if...
  14. CrimsonKnight13

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    On-topic... I aim to go purely with smart guns on my next playthrough since the I enjoyed using them even more than the netrunner hacks.
  15. CrimsonKnight13

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Do you splash down on random threads & post angry tirades while yelling at everyone for asking why you're doing it? :confused:
  16. CrimsonKnight13

    Windows 11 unsupported hardware thread

    I recommend using Rufus ( to modify the output to a flash drive or disc for a bare metal install. I've personally used the modified bare metal install as well as the registry edit...
  17. CrimsonKnight13

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    2 & 3 are fixed from what I recall with patches & player comments. 1 & 4 I'm not sure of but someone here might know.
  18. CrimsonKnight13

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    Have you actually played it again? I still think the current game is excellent after the fixes.
  19. CrimsonKnight13

    What's a good NAS software?

    You've piqued my interest for this since I own a Synology NAS. Having that run on an old desktop would be great.
  20. CrimsonKnight13

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    It's my current favorite but I'm still waiting on the DLC to arrive. I so want to explore a lot more story, characters & places.
  21. CrimsonKnight13

    Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (Borderlands spinoff)

    I might just play the standalone & enjoy it as is this weekend :D
  22. CrimsonKnight13

    Intel Arc - Xᵉ Super Sampling

    Wow... definitely no glow. That makes everything sharp & boring. :eek:
  23. CrimsonKnight13

    Intel Arc - Xᵉ Super Sampling

    Ah, I wasn't paying that close attention (max of 480p here at work...). They might need to turn it down a bit then.
  24. CrimsonKnight13

    Intel Arc - Xᵉ Super Sampling

    That looks great. I'm truly interested in seeing how far they go with the performance & what codec acceleration is included.
  25. CrimsonKnight13

    TrueNAS access denied

    My Synology NAS works amazing with SMB. Weird how the "free" NAS distros have issues.
  26. CrimsonKnight13

    TrueNAS access denied

    OpenMediaVault works pretty well but even then I have weirdness with the permissions for an external drive (internal drives are fine). I've been fighting with that recently myself & have pondered switching back over to Server 2022 for pure file sharing & backups.
  27. CrimsonKnight13

    I Wrote a Plugin for GNOME Image Viewer to Sort by Modify Date

    I'll give the viewer & your plugin a try. I run KDE Plasma but I don't mind using other DE's apps when necessary (GPartEd to name one).
  28. CrimsonKnight13

    Can't connect HTTP to IP address - OS Issue

    Have you tried disabling Windows firewall?
  29. CrimsonKnight13

    Adding a new drive - read only?

    I recommend looking at the 2 answers listed at
  30. CrimsonKnight13

    Poll: Upgrade to Windows 11 in 4Q 2021?

    All of my hardware (including 3 family laptops) is all set with Win11. All that's left is a VM. I look forward to testing out Android games that aren't available on any other platform.
  31. CrimsonKnight13

    Saints Row reboot

    Saints 🅱️row: Furrowed & Confused (about what SR really means)
  32. CrimsonKnight13

    Brave Search

    I'll be giving this a test run at home.
  33. CrimsonKnight13

    New World

    That makes a lot of sense. I'll have to visit the areas I was getting steamrolled in once I'm stronger.
  34. CrimsonKnight13

    Create a self-executing folder?

    Maybe a batch script might be more manageable if you're not going with WMI @echo off start "%~1" -or- @echo off for %%a in (%*) do start [%%a] WMI reference just in case...
  35. CrimsonKnight13

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2: Heart of Chernobyl

    I think my 3070 will be struggling at 5120x1440. :unsure:
  36. CrimsonKnight13

    New World

    I die when I get a ton of aggro or high level mobs. Generally I always use the food boosts & new gear when I find them from drops & the market.
  37. CrimsonKnight13

    New World

    I've had this issue multiple times & had to respawn every time. I truly hate the long distance homing aggro, which I hope is fixed soon.
  38. CrimsonKnight13

    One Drive (A Rant)

    30 day recovery of files is the standard I think.
  39. CrimsonKnight13

    New World

    Yep! Went in with 4 others I know. Had a few near wipes, but we did it. I'm trying to get more effective with my fire staff as a powerhouse DPSer.
  40. CrimsonKnight13

    New World

    Amrine Excavation is tough. Takes a lot of kiting, healing & tanking for sure.