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    Westy 37" 1080P $799 AR @ Newegg, free ship

    This is the best deal I've seen on this since Costco's back in June. BUT, this has free shipping, making it even better. $799 after $80 MIR, and free shipping. And it's from NEWEGG. Linkage $80 MIR This is the SE version, btw.
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    6600GT - $29.99 AR Well, not scorching hot, but it should be great for backup. I thought it was funny seeing this for 1/10 of its original cost (I payed over $200 almost 3 years ago. :p)
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    Is my Raptor dying?

    Check this shit. I just get home, boot up my comp, and it hangs on the Windows screen. So I coldboot to safe mode.. run a ChkDsk.. it freezes. I keep doing this, and it boots. Note that the only thing I have done in the past few days is switch this disk out and put it in my old system. I...
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    Molex power leads - where to buy?

    Hi. :) Note this is not for my PSU, it is for my DDC pump. I figured it had to do with power so I posted here. ;) I need to buy a male molex power lead. The little silver thingey that sticks out on most fan connectors and such, illustrated here: (I found this via Google) The reason...
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    Monitoring northbridge temperature?

    Title. I have an EVGA 680i if that helps. I replaced the stock cooler with two HR-05 SLI heatsinks and wanted to check the temp. BIOS gives MCP only, and then gives "Motherboard" temp. When I touch the HR05 it is prett hot, so i gotta check. thanks in advance
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    Mono headphones

    I want some mono headphones. No, not one speaker. I want the audio signal to be transmitted to each speaker equally. But buffbiff21, why the hell do you want mono speakers? Check it out: when I listen to a Van Halen album, for example, there is loud guitar in one ear and low decay in the...
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    Brief me on a couple things...

    Like the title says, I need a little knowledge :p I am going to sleeve my 850w Zeus. I have sleeved many things before - I am familiar with the Chinese-handcuff style material and with using a heat gun for the shrink. However, I have never sleeved a PSU. So, I need something to remove the...
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    Project: Buff Shadow

    What's up everyone! Welcome to my build log! Come on in, sit down, and grab a drink because I have nearly a HUNDRED pictures so far. :p Time to introduce my rig: Why call it the Buff Shadow? Well, cuz it is gonna be swoll :) And because my color scheme will be all black/silver...
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    680i "double dash" post code

    I think my 680i board is dead. I pulled everyhting apart earlier today to reconfigure my water loop, add a HDD, switch PSUs, and add another 8800GTX. Now, when I turn the power on, the fans go, the pumps go, but i see or hear NOTHING. no post beep or anything. I looked on the boards post...
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    Silverstone ST850F 850W

    OK, I am one click away from buying this: Its modular, and its 850W, enough for an OCed Conroe and 8800 SLI setup. Is this PSU too good to be true? I will allow some time for comments while i go eat...:D
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    [On Fire!] 30GB Creative Zen 164.99! after 50 dollar rebate. still... Ordered. :) Schnap i might just buy 2. :D
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    Has anyone got a custom PSU sleeved by FrozenCPU?

    I want to get the 1KW Silverstone Olympia, and Im looking for silver sleeving. Performance PCs and FrozenCPU are the two sites that I have found that do it, but Frozen cost 20 bucks less. Has anyone had one done by these guys? If so, which should I do? I really dont want to sleeve it...
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    3/8 BSPP to 1/2 ID Tube - WHERE!?

    Where the hell can i find there in stock:
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    Thermochill PA120.3 question...

    OK I plan on buying this for my first setup: From what I heard it is the best radiator out there. Forgive me if this is noobish, but it says 3/8 fitting on the description (and i plan on using 1/2 tubing for everything). Can I just buy...
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    *Final* recommendations before I buy first setup

    I am about to buy the following, but i would like some final input before i bust out my wallet..... My system: 680i, E6600, 8800GTX, Lian Li PC-G70 case. (yeah its HUGE and its ready to be modded for a triple rad) At first, Im going to chill the CPU and NB. No GPU block yet. pump...
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    CPU usage and mouse problem

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    LOL can you say *backup card* ???

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    8800GTX KO!!!

    check it out reality redefined... again :rolleyes:
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    Conroe L626 B089

    That is the week/stepping of my cpu. I have seen various things about the stepping being important and that B is sought after more. Any truth to this? From my own experience I have booted windows at over 3.8, I would really like to reach that milestone 4 Ghz. Hopefully with my future...
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    About to buy my first WC setup

    Ok this is my first WC build! I have a good OC on my Conroe as it is, but I want more POWER.... more silence.... and the awesome aesthetics oc WCing. Ive already done quite a bit of research on all the definitions and procedures and stuff, so feel free to use the kinky definitions hahah. To...
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    Using food coloring for Dye

    OK I have seen only colors Blue, red, gree, and clear for Dye colors. Would it harm or damage the cooling system If i were to use some sort of food coloring?
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    Which X Fi should I get?

    I have a Xtrememusic now, but I want the drive bay and the red light. This one seems to have the red light, but no drive bay And this one seems to have the drive bay, pretty sure it has the red light, but its 50 dollars...
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    Which one should I buy *first?*

    Ok, I plan on buying 1. Dell 30 inch monitor and 2. a large LCD tv. BUT I dont know which one to buy first, or which TV to get for that matter. I have a 20.1 inch View sonic monitor, and a 27 inch CRT flat screen Sony TV. (it hurts my eyes when im looking at a smooth LCD...
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    Creative X Fi drive bay front panel thing...

    To anyone who owns and uses this thing, how does it hook up to the system? im thinkin about buying either this: or this: I plan on using the front panel...
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    LOL can you say *backup card* ???

    check it: and it even comes bundled right now!!! technically the card is free, if you buy the drive too.
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    e6400 temp problem

    Ok , e6400 OCed to 3 GHz, vcore is 1.3, is running at 44 idle and that is too high for idle. the case is a lian li and there is a intake fan right in the back, HSF is a Thermaltake Blue orb. It is mounted very good, I tried mounting it multiple times and reapplying thermal gunk. Using artic...
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    Best printer/all in one for the money

    I have an old crappy HP deskjet that just died on me, i gotta replace it.... Can anyone recommend me a good all in one?? Preferably ~100 dollars, thanks
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    Why did my 680i install Windows on the E disk???

    My boot disk is listed as (E:) and my storage drive is listed as (C:). It should be the other way around. It still lists the boot disk as E when i remove C. I made sure when i first entered the BIOS that the disks were listed as 1. 150 gb raptor 2. 320 gb st320 3 4 so on.... Can...
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    CPU usage and mouse problem

    When I run something such as SuperPI or Prime95, (programs that eat up CPU) my mouse gets all jerky and starts doing very weird stuff, like going to and clicking the start menu, disappearing and reappearing across the screen. At first i thought it may be a mouse driver probelm, but i closed...
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    ASUS Striker as Newegg

    not that i care, i already have an EVGA. But here it is:
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    I think the PSU on my moms computer died...

    Recently my mom was having trouble with her 5 year old HP computer. She said it would not turn on... The computer was off, so i tried to turn it on, nothing happened. I opened the case and made sure everything was connected and that nothing came loose. Everything was fine. I then...
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    eVGA 680i HSF compatibility...

    I know many have noticed that HUGE heatsink on the motherboard. My question is, does anyone have a clue what HSFs will fit on the board? I have a thermaltake Blue orb, and its HUGE... dont think it will fit over that big sink on the mobo. I want the 680i real bad, but i think ill have...