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  1. J

    ADMIN help needed

    please delete the thread I have created; Urgent Help needed! Merging XML data Thanks!
  2. J

    PC boots only when touched by HDMI end!

    Ok so I have previously bent the pins on my mobo hence I have had boot up issues since last year, had my mobo replaced recently, lived without a PC for almost 2 months, now that my PC is alive and kicking recently I came across a new issue which I never would have had expected as it was new...
  3. J

    Which Z97 ATX/mATX mobos bang of buck?

    Yes so it's been 15 months since my pc build and the Gigabyte Z97MX-5 finally gave up on me, symptoms last year for it was no even turning on even pressing reset or power button from the first 5 months of usage, after that whenever I shut it down it simply just boots back so annoying and then 2...
  4. J

    GTX 970 G1 VRAM memory stacking

    :confused: Been down with GTX 970 G1 Gaming since January and never been bothered with that 3.5GB+500mb VRAM fiasco that happened earlier this year. Since I have upgraded to Windows 10 Pro and DX12, I remember all those rumors of VRAM stacking that will happen soon, but when? is this feature...
  5. J

    Corsair Barebones SFF HTPC case?

    Not sure if this has been posted from before but Corsair is making a small HTPC SFF barebones case with a motherboard and power supply in it. I wonder what could be the total volume for it.
  6. J

    R9 290X and Radeon 7950 in crossfire?

    Hey guys I was just wondering if it is possible to crossfire an R9 290X with a Radeon 7950? Presently I have the 7950 Boost edition (6+8 pin power port) and I will be using a Gigabyte GA-Z97MX-Gaming 5 micro ATX mobo which has 3 PCI express slots which are as follows X16 X8 and X4. Am I better...
  7. J

    2.5 WD Scorpio Blue Recovery

    Hey guys what is up? I really need help recovering my data files without data loss (sounds like a fantasy) What happened, I was playing BF4 64 MP yesterday, had a little argument and heat with wifey, whacked laptop on the middle keyboard part and pulled out the AC charger adapter (laptop did not...