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    MSI GTX 970 Golden Edition is back in stock at Newegg

    The limited run GTX 970 Golden Edition is back in stock at Newegg, with currently 206 units in stock. For those who want the best cooler available for the 970 this is it - full copper Twin Frozr cooler. The card also has a backplate for those who must have them. Or this is the one to get if...
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    MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC tested with the 4790K

    BSN* tested the MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC with the 4790K and got some good results
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    MSI MOA 2014 Qualifiers

    (Some PR / heads up on the MOA Qualifiers and the included photo competition) [SIZE=3]
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    MSI A88X-G45 GAMING - FM2+ goodness

    I have the the MSI A88X-G45 GAMING FM2+ motherboard on my bench and ready for testing... Though unfortunately my 7850K was delayed, so I will get started on Monday. I have these pictures to show you of the package and motherboard though, this is indeed the Assasins Creed Liberation bundle. If...
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    MSI GT60 2OD-261US w/ 3K screen testing

    I just got my new favorite thing in and have been doing some testing of it. I have tried to do as many tests as I can think of and will add them over time. So far I am in love with the 3K IPS screen and I won't go back to 1080 :) , I also have been playing some BF4 @ 3K... At stock GPU...
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    MSI Gaming Notebooks Named CES Award Honoree for Third Year in a Row

    Since I have become a big MSI notebook fan I wanted to share this - I love my GT60 0NE :D MSI got the CES Innovation Award for the 3 year in a row for their gaming notebooks. You may have their notebooks and not realize it as they also do whitebooks that are used by companies like Cyberpower...
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    Heads up about the Gigabyte P35K

    Hey guys - just wanted to give a heads up on this model since there are issues regarding this notebook that I came across. It seems to have some issues with the build quality regarding the plastic material used in the body (...
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    MSI GK-601 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

    I got this keyboard a few weeks ago but have not had too much time to use it since I have been moving and was in the hospital. I love the weight of the keyboard so it will stay in place when I am using it. The rubber feet really do a good job of gripping, and even when the rear feet are opened...
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    MSI Beat it! CS:GO Open Qualifiers --- $10K first prize

    MSI Beat it! US Open Qualifier will take place on the 8th of September. It will be open for 64 teams from the USA. The two finalists of this event will enter the main USA qualifier consisting of 8 teams. The winner of the main US qualifier will earn a slot in the final event in China. The...
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    Google Nexus 7 16GB w/ root *mint* + bundle w/ Trident Aegis case FREE SHIP

    *click* Free shipping I will put on any ROM you request otherwise I will provide stock w/ root Nexus 7 16GB Like new condition, always handled with care. Has had the screen protector on since day 1 as well as the trident case. Tablet is rooted for your access to more...
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    MSI Mechanical Keyboards

    Does anyone have one of the mechanical keyboards from MSI yet? I have been wanting the yellow one though my budget won't allow it yet. I am looking to see if I should still be pining over this keyboard or know any issues that might arise. Thanks for any input - also if you have some pics of...
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    MSI H87 and even B85 can OC K cpus no problem

    Looking here it seems that overclocking K CPUs on the MSI H87 and B85 boards is not an issue. As with non-K SKU Haswells, they can overclock the CPU to the maximum 1-core Turbo Boost frequency.
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    Goat's MSI Z87 MPOWER thread

    I have been testing the MSI Z87 MPOWER and I am getting used to the BIOS - so hope to have a lot better results to post soon. This board is easy to work with and if you have a Z77 MPOWER it really is nice coming from that board to this board in terms of usability and BIOS. I really enjoy the...
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    MSI N770 Lightning Testing ( GTX 770 Lightning )

    Hello all, I have been testing the MSI 770L, and I am going to be posting here my findings. Having tested MSI's 680TF, 670PE, and 660 that this is one hell of a card. Also, due to the fact that my drivers were pre-release I am going to be re-testing with the official version here asap...
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    Ryan's MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING preview

    MSI Z77A-GD65 GAMING Preview Pics first, more later
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    Just got a MSI GT60 0ne w/ GTX680m - gaming notebook

    I just got the GT60 0ne w/ GTX 680m and I am really in awe of it. I have had only mid entry level notebooks int the past and they haven't been anything great. This one has good build quality, feels nice and solid during use, and is suited nice for gaming. The Steelseries keyboard built into...
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    MSI GTX 660 testing

    MSI GTX 660 testing *so far I was testing the card with a review driver since Nvidia just released 306.23 today, which is meant to include the 660. The driver I was using seemed to have issues in older versions of DirectX ( 9 and below - as well as some shakiness in 10 ), For this reason I...
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    MSI Z77 MPower

    MSI Z77 MPOWER testing by TGE I have been testing this board a few days and I am definitely impressed with it. At $220 USD I think it its a absolutely a great bargain for the features and quality that it exhibits during my tests. I will be testing this board throughout the next couple of weeks...
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    MSI GTX 680 TWIN FROZR - First look and hands on testing

    MSI GTX 680 Twin Frozr First look and hands on testing I was given a look at the new GTX 680 variant from MSI the GTX 680 Twin Frozr. This is a model that incorporates the Twin Frozr III cooling design. This design has twin 8cm PWM fans, large 8mm heat pipes, a one piece heat sink for...
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    A friend's EYEFINITY 9 setup

    Friend wanted me to show off his EYEFINITY 9 - 9450x1680 (portrait mode) (e3 x3 - SoftTH) setup here - Video -
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    TGE's MSI 890GXM-G65 testing thread

    Hey everyone, got this board a while ago and have been testing and using the board as a HTPC board in my main rig I have been using this board for light gaming and watching HD content on my 1080P tv, mainly MKV 1080P files... I was using integrated 4290 graphics first but at my wanting to...
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    MSI Afterburner OC Comp - Nov. 18th - Dec. 18th

    From GURU3D Forums Due to it being a flash site I am having problems with the content copying to quote some of it so view Afterburner Comp site submit results here Thanks -Ryan
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    Unlocking cores on MSI boards made easy!

    MSI has implemented their "Unlock CPU Core Function" in most of their AMD motherboards ( I will see if I can post a list of all the mobos ) On these screen shots I am working with a 790GX-G65 with 1.5 bios and am able to easily unlock a 550 BE to triple and quad core processor... Thanks...
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    Commodore Gaming Cases

    they are now in the US - they had 2 PCs at Showdown LAN Peoria,Illinois over the weekend... They are not painted - it is dye sublimation printed on a special fabric that is stretched over the case then baked on giving it a powdercoat type of finish - it is very durable and hard... If you have...
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    680i and G.SKILL DDR2 800 HZ problem need help quickly!

    So I got home today and my computer (see sig)wouldn't start up and I relized it was my HZ that was the problem - even though it has run fine of months until now. I put in my stick of cheap 256MB DDR2 533 - and it boots up fine - I can run the 533 at 2.1v but it won't let me switch the memory for...
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    BFG 680i OC trouble - Need Help!

    First off old system specs (everyday runner) P5B Deluxe/wifi-ap - BIOS 0711 Allendale E6400@ 3357MHz@1.36v Scythe Infinity w/ Antec Tricool on High G.Skill F2-6400PHU2-2GBHZ@525MHz 5-5-5-12 Silverstone Strider 600W PSU 7900GT @ 700/800 now on my 6400 I know it can do 500FSB as I did...
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    P5B Deluxe Not Booting (don't shout in thread titles)

    ok I got a problem - i saw a little box saying memory error - NT... yada yada ... then counded down to a restart and since it hasn't rebooted -sytem specs included - i tried everything I could think of - clearing CMOS ,swapping memory,taking cards out. I'm freakin out man!
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    Getting a SLI Bridge - flex or PCB - which is better?

    flex or PCB make any difference? running hacked SLI and want a bridge
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    Fastest way to wipe HDDs for a MB upgrade?

    Fastest way to wipe HDDs for a MB upgrade? I DON'T mean electromagnets or any thing like that ;) EDIT: DON'T mean electromagnets
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    getting P5B Deluxe - and want ot run vista (DRIVERS?)

    so what drivers do I use? Oh - and what bios do I use for a USB stick BIOS flash - OTHER or DOS-> (for the board's usb flash feature)? pointers and tips please! THANKS!
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    is tere a tweaker's bios availible for the P5W DH Deluxe like the P5B

    is there a bios for the P5W that unlocks the multi on conroes like the p5b's 0507 bios for the p5B? This will be my first Intel system and would like your input on which board to get - p5W or P5B - THANKS IN ADVANCE
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    evga 7900gt co and ko superclocks ok for sli?

    I wanted another co superclock to do sli but there are none on newegg but they only have the ko version - I am new to sli so I want to be sure it will work together, I just want to double check this as I remember that the drivers were changed a while back to allow for different cards (of the...
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    My Muskin L2 VII - TCCD?

    I purchased my Mushkin L2 VII last year on the 24th of February. At that time everyone was getting TCCD and I am not sure what mine is as TCC5 followed the TCCD in the L2 VII. I need to know what mine is as I am trying to sell it. I thought taking the heatspreaders off the sticks voids the...
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    how do you backup your settings for BF2 and CS:S

    I am talking about key layouts and that kind of stuff - friend is rebuilding his computer and I am trying to help him out.
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    quickest way to wipe HDs? - for new mobo and OS

    So I just need to make my two HD in RAID 0 fresh for a new mobo and a fresh install of XP - DBAN takes like 7 hours to write all zeros. Do you know anything faster?
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    7900 Gt/gtx Eta???

    I searched the forum and didn't get back much - anyone know when to expect the 7900 series? I thought it was suppposed to be in the next week or too.
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    Can a 430watt PSU power a 7800GT? well for the time being before I upgrade

    So I am going to get a 500watt or 600watt PSU but in the meantime can a 430watt PSU power a 7800GT - I have 2 optical drives and two HDs. any help would be great thanks
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    question about RMAed BFG cards

    I RMAed my 6800GT (AGP) back in December - It turned out to be a bad VIA AGP driver packed in the Hyperion package ( F*ck VIA) that messed with DrictX games. Anyway I am going to be upgrading my mobo and videocard and now need to sell my AGP 6800GT and am wondering if the card I received back...
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    Enermax Liberty ELT620AWT 620W or Silverstone SST-ST60F 600W (modular)

    so I need to decide between the two power supplies - what do you think?
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    Best modded Nvidia graphics drivers??? What do you use?

    So I have been using DHZer0point 0.8195 (Forceware 81.95) for a while now and like them but also have had good luck with XTreme-G. I'm trying to find out what would be best for my 6800GT and Battlefield 2. What are you using and what has given you the best results?