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    WD SN720 nvme drive - dramless?

    Oh and DDR4 dram, no size spec though!
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    WD SN720 nvme drive - dramless?

    Searched Google a few times, but I wasn't able to find info on the WD SN720 m.2 nvme SSD. Anyone have insight if it's dramless/HMB or what controller it uses? Seems to be a server or OEM drive. Thanks!
  3. J

    U.2 adapter

    EnderW - did you go through with this purchase? I got a U.2 drive by mistake - would like to adapt to pcie x1 slot, but the drive is an x4. Would that be a constriction to the speed of the drive? Thanks!
  4. J

    CDW Outlet Finds

    Yeah, I had a "bite" price. The weird thing - the first listing for it said "new - blemished packaging" which then changed to "used - like new". Received it yesterday and the card was in original box (serials matched) but in an antistatic bag for a 2080ti. Imagine my face when I saw the bag...
  5. J

    CDW Outlet Finds

    i grabbed the 2080 super for $530 shipped. Now to find a waterblock.
  6. J

    X570 VRM Waterblocks

    Efficiency wise, the high end boards don't seem to need it from some of the reviews I've seen.
  7. J

    X570 VRM Waterblocks

    Planning on making several sets of X570 VRM waterblocks. Any suggestions as to motherboard models? Thanks! -The only boards I've had my hands on are MSI x570-A Pro and Asus Prime x570-P
  8. J

    New bargain pump/res combo worth a look.

    Those Lowara D5 pumps, depending on purchase quantity, can be purchased for around $44 from distribution channels. Is the reservoir worth $70? Idk, looks goofy IMO.
  9. J

    [H]OT MSI MECH OC Radeon RX 5700 269.99 In Store @BestBuy CLEARANCE. (YMMV)

    Web price was $349, shelf said $323, scanned at $379. Derrrp.
  10. J

    CDW Outlet Finds

    What is a good PCIe SAS 3 controller card?
  11. J

    Anyone near Erie, Colorado? Mining servers!

    If anyone is near Erie, CO with a Truck and wants to part me out some WC gear and 1070ti's for a great price:
  12. J

    HOT? Refurbished Zotac 1080TI $432

    This is an awesome card. Friend of mine has it in a microatx LAN rig. Does not overclock, but its performance and silence is unmatched for the size.
  13. J

    EVGA GTX 1660 Ti XC Ultra GAMING $219

    Not worth much more than that, I presume the 5600 XT will outperform it.
  14. J

    Do I need to reseat my cpu block?

    What block - is the orientation correct? Most waterblocks should be oriented such that the microchannels are parallel to the die. If the channels get clogged from contaminants or corrosion, the performance drops quite a bit if in a perpendicular orientation to the die.
  15. J

    CPU die lapping, long term experience

    Let me clarify, I would not coat the die with anything.
  16. J

    CPU die lapping, long term experience

    I did that with a E8400 chip out of curiosity. The chip died after 6 months. The failure, in my opinion, was due to the rear case fan developing a vibration that caused the koolance block to grind against the die and shave off some of the gold plating - a conductive particle. Had I done things...
  17. J

    Rare Xbox 360 SSK/Sentinel Stress Kit - Zephyr - 45XX - Dev Software - 120gb HDD

    Lol auction description "don't buy this if you don't know what this is". No idea what it is, so definitely not buying it.
  18. J

    Fry's 550w 80+ Gold Enermax Revolution XT II $54

    Seems to be a decent post-tariff price on a Gold power supply, looks like free shipping.
  19. J

    MSI RTX 2080 Ti @ CDW outlet $859.99

    I've been watching this drop for like 3 weeks now. Was going to buy at $700 ish....oh well.
  20. J

    CORSAIR TX-M Series TX650M $74.99 AMIR

    Wow, the tariffs have really jacked up the prices on PSUs. I bought one of these when it came out for $45 AR.
  21. J

    Corsair Red Sleeved PSU cables - Corsair CP-8920049 $48 f/s

    LINK Newegg selling the CP-8920049 individually sleeved cable kit (red) for $47.85 with free shipping. Seems like its a good price.
  22. J

    Should I buy a B450? Or are we expecting a B550 release?

    I just upgraded a friends rig with the Ryzen 1600 / B450 combo from Microcenter. His thought - use the R5 1600 until a 3600 release, update BIOS right before, then sell the chip for others to do the same.
  23. J


    120mm case fan. $2 shipped.
  24. J

    CM Hyper 212 LED Refurb $17 shipped Newegg

    Got this in the mail - finally. Fedex decided it wasn't a big deal to deliver on time. Everything looked new except the packaging, almost like some bit was forgotten from the factory and they had to open it back up and stick a part inside.
  25. J

    CDW Outlet Finds

    I ordered one of those H270 boards...No backplate, no cables, nothing. The B-Stock site says "We will never sell items that are defective, have more than minimal cosmetic damage or are missing needed parts." Well, I'm trying to get them to refund $4.15 to buy a backplate from China.
  26. J

    CM Hyper 212 LED Refurb $17 shipped Newegg

    Red LED Hyper 212 cooler. $16.99 with free shipping. Not sure what Refurbished means, but I will update when I receive it.
  27. J

    Ebay 15% off coupon everything untill 6pm PT

    evga CLC 240 - $76.50 A/C
  28. J

    CDW Outlet Finds

    Not bad, I was looking at a GTX 1070 for $250, but realized there are ebay auctions ending lower than that. At least those 1030's aren't the DDR4 version.
  29. J

    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    This would be sweet. Now I need a case window kit!
  30. J

    Oliver Safety Boots 70% off.

    Where are these made? Australia?
  31. J

    Fallout 76 on Sale

    Well...Wasteland 3 is in the works.
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    Corsair Obsidian 500D ATX Case + Corsair Hydro Series H50 - $100

    You need to Apply coupon code NENCOR1 to get the $100 price.
  33. J

    Humble REBundle: VEGAS Pro

    Downside to this bundle is that you need to register everything with Magix with an email, which they then spam endlessly with upgrade and promo emails.
  34. J

    Arctic Cooling Freezer 33 120mm CPU cooler $16.40 AC @NE Additional 50% off w/ promo code ACCSPCPAXO, limited offer Seems decent for that price and free shipping. There are other air coolers as well that have a 50% off coupon code posted as well.
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    Fed Up with GPU Prices? Crypto-Rig Builder Says Gamers Must Suck It Up and Mine

    Here's what really happened to cause the GPU shortage.
  36. J

    Thermaletake 3.0 AIO

    Not AM4. But, it looks like it uses the same bracket as a NZXT or Corsair, so its probably another Asetek rebrand.
  37. J

    Intel i7-3770k $159.99 on eBay

    Eh, just my 2 cents you can get a Ryzen 5 1600 for 10 bucks more, and have newer motherboard / bios / features. I guess if you want to make use of a lot of DDR3 and a top of the line motherboard still, this would be a decent option.
  38. J

    Enermax T.B. RGB Fan 3-Pack & RevoBron 600W PSU Luck Draw

    Oh man those fans would be awesome, I would definitely replace every case and radiator fan to have the unified controller those come with.
  39. J

    [] Samsung 40" 4K MU6290 $249 w/ store pickup

    bought one of these and returned it. At lower resolutions, something odd was happening to mine, making it unbearable to watch a DVD or 1080p. Not sure if anyone else experienced that.
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    When It Comes to Voice Identification, the “NSA Reigns Supreme”

    This is quite true, and existed prior to 2004. Lucent Technologies / Bell Labs in Lisle/Naperville, IL was working on the technology for quite a while. Not only could they recognize voice, but completely spoof someone's voice, location, and phone number very accurately. A friend of mine...