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    Ambient Music Sound System

    I'm sorry if this isn't the appropriate place to ask this, but I've come to trust you guys. I'm in the market for a sound system. However, this isn't a private sound system, and it won't be used for intense gaming (...I wish). It's for a restaurant-esque establishment. The thing is...
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    HP ipod

    What's the difference between the HP ipod and the standard ipod? I heard that HP is going to make special, "tattoos" for them. I'm not interested in them, but I'm wondering if there are any differences at all (Other than having HP on the back).
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    Aqua Computer and Koolance?

    I really like the Koolance cases, the only problem I have is I hate their waterblocks. Do they use the same tubing size? If not, can I just get a tubing size changer adapter thingy at the begining of the loop (At the top of the case)? Koolance uses 1/4 ID and 3/8 OD tubing. I can't find out...
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    Problem With New Comp

    Just finished building comp. When I turned it on, all seemed well (Nothing caught fire). Well...the POST screen is messed up. Well...the picture overall. Here's the specs 3200+ 120gb 1gb Corsair DVD-R 9800PRO (AGP) 400watt Powersupply So...the screen is all jumbled up. It's...
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    X800XT & Powersource

    A friend has a 420watt powersupply. He has... -Athlon 3200+ -1 gb RAM -1 180gb HD Then the important part: X800XT I always heard people complaining about Nvidea's 480watt powersupply rule. I was wondering if ATI had a reccomended amount, or if a 420watt is enough.
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    ASUS K8V- SE Deluxe

    2 people I know are about to buy this motherboard. 1 has overclocking in mind. I always heard this was a great motherboard, but recently I heard otherwise. To you ASUS K8V overclocking owners, how's the quality?
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    Alcohol in WC Loop

    Would you be able to run alcohol in a watercooling loop? ...I'm probably not actually going to do it, I'm just curious. It would cool more effeciently than water.
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    Companies Detecting

    How do companies detect that you've overclocked?
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    Favorite AMD Mobo Company

    For overclocking Tell me why. I don't care about price. I'm talking about power and features.
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    Quick Voltage Question

    When overclocking and finding it hard to stabilize, by how much do you increase your voltage at a time? Also, I keep getting memory dumps when I overclock, is that due to bad ram or what?
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    What do you guys think of Evercool? A friend is thinking of getting a kit for it. I heard on a review once that they don't work very well, because the radiator doesn't loose enough heat.
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    BTX Style Boards?

    Can anyone tell me... -What's new about it -What new hardware will be needed -Will the size be different from ATX
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    Favorite Watercooling System?

    Thread's Point... Just answer the above question (Please say why, whether it be prices, quality, or ease-of-use.). How much better making your own would be (try using temps in C, don't just say "A LOT!!1!") if it is better. Also, can you tell me where to buy some good wc parts so if I do...
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    Koolance Case: PC2-650

    Here's the link... I was wondering exacly what this came with. I read a review of their PC2-C and it sounded preety good (Here's the review ) I don't want that case though. I...