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    network issue

    I'm having issues between two computers on our small office network. We have around 40 devices on the network, network sharing works fine on all devices but 2. So computer A can see/modify files on computer B but computer B can't see computer A on the network at all. Both computers A and B have...
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    1500 VA ups help

    Need help finding a new ups. We've always had our Stratasys 3d printer running off a 1500VA Cyberpower ups with no issues. We recently purchased another printer and picked up the same ups for that printer. The problem now is when the new printer is running the ups gets a overload error and...
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    Target cartwheel 15% off electronics

    Didn't see a thread for this but just a heads up, target is running a 15% off all electronics if you have their cartwheel app. additional 5% off if you use your target card and also another 10% off if you have a movers coupon from the post office. Good time to buy a console. comes out to $322...
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    Nintendo 3DS XL with Mario & Luigi: Dream Team $149.99

    for those of you who missed out on the $149.99 zelda black friday deal. Target has the 3ds xl mario and luigi bundle on sale online or in store for the same price. price shows up in cart. Same as the BF deal, only the standard edition is listed on the sunday ad but the bundle will ring up...
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    Pokemon Y $19.99 at toys r us (YMMV)

    Was looking at their 12/6 - 12/7 ad and they have pokemon Y listed at $19.99. Went to the store and was told it was a price mistake. Manager honored the price but would only allow me to buy one copy....walked next door to bestbuy and had them price match it without issue. got 2 copies for the...
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    Intel winter deal

    Posting here too. Must be intel retail edge member. Get caught up on your videos! Deal goes live dec 4. Deal 1 I7 4770k with McAfee LiveSafe Rock Legend: $79.00 USD Rockstar: $99.00 USD Producer: $114.00 USD Deal 2 I7 4930k with McAfee LiveSafe Rock Legend: $159.00 USD Rockstar: $179.00 USD...
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    Help with home network

    I've just spent the last two days wiring my house with cat5e and now I'm not sure how to get everything connected together. This is how it is setup right now: 25/25 fiber connection being fed into the basement, from there I ran cat5e to every room in the house. The problem I have is that...
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    ATI Radeon HD 5850 1GB OEM 229.49 after BCB

    Too slow, deals dead! TD/COMPUSA/CC has a OEM 5850 for $259.99 and BCB is currently at 12.5% at compusa. free shipping and no tax for us CA folks! It's a OEM so only 1 year warranty!
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    new rig

    hola, figure it's about time to put together a new pc, this old s939 3800+ is showing its age. 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc lots of photoshop, some gaming and video encoding. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included...
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    9800 pro problem

    I just built a new pc but my monitor would just flicker off and go into standby mode then a few seconds later it would come back on, it happens every few minutes. heres a pic of the error msg i keep getting: picture its a clean install of windows xp w/ service pack 1 and all the latest drivers...