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    ISPs To Start Policing Copyright By July 12

    A lot of points made by people up above mean nothing. It doesn't matter if what people are doing is legal, or illegal. What is important, is that the ISP's should bear no responsiblity for monitoring it. They sell bandwidth. Its none of their business what customers do with it. Their...
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    Hackers Hit Anonymous Social Network

    I don't suppose we could get so lucky that all these hackers, decide to meet Mano de Mano and off all of each other in a back alley street fight somehow? That would be optimal.
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    Scary Supreme Court Quote of the Day

    Making excuses is ridiculous. If a judge is going to rule on something, they need to take the time to educate themselves on it to do their job with responsiblity.
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    Apple Threatens Small Start-Up Over "App Store"

    This lawsuit would be similar to a store like Safeway suing Kroeger for selling their products as "food". What a bunch of bullcrap. Applications apply to more than just apple computers, and "Apps" isn't owned by apple it's owned by the english language. Maybe I should just copyright my...
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    Video Game Sales Lowest Since 2006

    It doesn't help a whole lot when the developers constantly release their games early and they have a ton of problems out of the gate. How many times do we have to endure a poorly released game because it was released too early and wasn't tested well? A vast majority of the developers follow...
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    Apple Gives Thief Replacement For Stolen iPhone

    Just use the phone location service to locate the phone and bust the criminal. It's not rocket science.
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    Anonymous Targeting Federal Reserve in Next Attack

    These guys may think they are good but there are folks out there who know how to find them, and track them effetively, because I have worked with some of them. They are far and few between but it is just a matter of time before the government and private groups start finding them and hiring...
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    Going Hi-Tech To Catch Loud Cars

    Good luck proving it for anybody that fights it. All the device provides is circumstantial evidence. They cannot prove somebody might not be off camera providing the source of the noise.
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    Best Car to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

    Not really. If you think about it during a Zombie Apocolypse there will not be any refineries running so it will be really hard to get fuel. So you actually want a vehicle that will use it efficiently, because you can't get away from the Zombies with no fuel in the tank.
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    Quad-GPU Performance Review NVIDIA vs. AMD @ [H]

    I am pretty surprised nobody has compared running 2 or 4 Nvidia 560's compared to these and see how it scales out. It is a much cheaper card, and some of them, you can find have 2GB of ram on board.
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    Brink Tweak Tool

    It sure would be nice to use that tool if only Brink worked to begin with. I know more than one person who hasn't got the game to work properly yet. What a fricking disaster of a game.
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    Kid Arrested For Facebook List that Ranks Girls

    All I have to say is WTF. Clearly once again authorities overstepping their bounds and enforcing a law that is subjective. Does anybody really want to have to pay for the public court costs for this "crime against humanity"? How about incarceration costs?
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    Brink, thoughts?

    Well so far my thoughts on Brink aren't a lot of good. There is some good, but not all good. The game looks great. But that isn't all to the tale. 1. Steep learning curve. They need more stuff in game to teach you more. 2. Fighting/Damage: THe game appears to have taken a step...
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    Seattle Could Be Killing Yellow Pages with Google’s Help

    I actually was considering something else. I wanted to start filing charges against the company that distributes those books for littering on my property. Every time they throw their books on my lawn/doorstep/driveway I have to take the time to pick them up and throw them into the recycler...
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    Feds Demand Mozilla Remove MafiaaFire Add-On

    Isn't this one of the tools that Chinese Dissidents use in order to skirt government censorship in China? The US government better be careful what it asks for.
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    Third Attack Against Sony Planned

    You know how many criminals are caught? By attempting the same crime more than once. Attempting to hack a site that has just been hacked and is on high alert is a great way to get yourself thrown in prison, which in fact, I hope happens to these people. The fact is, by stealing credit card...
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    GTX 580 DirectCu II high load temps

    Did you happen to upgrade your driver to 270.16 (I believe that is the latest version). When I upgraded my Galaxy 580 to this driver it immediately started over heating. I ended up reverting the driver to the old one and the problem went away. I have opened up an Nvidia Forum post on the...
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    NVIDIA GeForce 3-Way SLI and Radeon Tri-Fire Review @ [H]

    Exactly. Look at the last steam hadware survey. 9% of people were running multi monitor setups. If you drill into those results you will see that the number of people running 5760 x 1200 there aren't even enough of them to mention, so they get lumped into the 23% (of 9%) running "other"...
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    Alzheimer's: Breakthrough Vaccine on the Horizon

    I don't see this as big news. They have never been able to show that the buildup of plaques is what causes the problem. All this does is get rid of plaques. It isn't a cure until it actually cures a disease. Nobody has shown that the plaques are directly related to the disease, all they...
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    XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

    Throw me in for the drawing!
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    XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

    Throw me in for the cards!
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    Movies Studios vs. Cinemas = Shooting Each Other In the Foot

    When we pay to see a movie, that doesn't give the theater the right to waste our time with trailers beforehand. When are they going to pay me back for my time they burned watching trailers, which I really don't give a rip about.
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    AMD to nVidia: Put Up or Shut Up

    I have supported both companies over the years because I believe competition is a good thing. They can talk about performance all they want, but I have ran the cards side by side, and I keep finding games where there are graphics effects that show up when I use the Nvidia card and when I play...
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    Corsair Vengeance™ 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 Memory Kit Drawing

    I have this exact memory in the system I just built. Working great, would love another pair of these sticks of RAM to team up with my current 2. Working flawlessly, system overclocked to 4.36 ghz.
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    Crysis 2 Advanced Graphics Options Application

    The game compannies are going to continue to release P.O.S not ready products until the end users stop buying their crap. They have determined that hype sells more games than the actual product, so why bother to produce a good game. Deadlines are what counts not the quality of product. Then...
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    Battlefield 3 Trailer

    I know what you are saying about the voice and 12 year olds who do crap like play music into it or whatever. But in the past Voice was limited to your squad and commanders (Like in BF2) so if somebody in my squad is acting up, I just kick them out. Most games also include the option to...
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    Thermaltake V9 BlacX

    Like there can't be more than one Steve Jobs in the world? Hell my last name is really weird and I have found 2 people with the exact same name during my life, and that is just here in the USA. Apple does not hold a copyright on a name of a person.
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    Battlefield 3 Trailer

    Well since I have seen multiple footage of players going prone, I assume the game will have that in it this time unlike some pile of crap games (BFBC2). I could not even believe that game made it to production with no prone stance. Now to find out if they pulled their crap together and got...
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    Cop to Parents: Steal Facebook Passwords From Your Kids

    Let them live a little! There will be no fun once skynet arrives!
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    Duke Nukem "Balls of Steel" edition PC $20 off on Amazon, YMMV

    Probably because you will have to have balls of steel to order that game in the first place.
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    560 Memory vs OC

    It all depends on what you are doing. If I was building a system to maybe do SLI and 3 monitors, I would definitely go for the memory, because you won't be able to support high settings. But a single montior at 1080P you are probably fine. But it has been my experience whenever I buy a card...
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    BFBC2: Vietnam Expansion $4.48!! Limited quantities.

    What so I can buy a combat game that doesn't let me go prone? Ridiculous.
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    UFO Caught On Film by Multiple Cameras

    Well what do most people do these days when they see something cool? They pick up their phone and they start filming it. Been outside in the last decade? Seen any of those cool new phones with video capability?
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    Russian TV Links CoD: MW 2 To Russian Massacre

    There is no way anybody that played COD MW2 would do a suicide attack on an airport. That would put a huge crimp on their point collecting for in game rewards.
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    Galaxy GeForce GTX 560 Ti GC Video Card Review @ [H]

    Why is it every review of the lower end cards they always use the variant with less video RAM on them and then complain about the inability for the buffers to handle the graphics in high resolution or multi monitor setups? There are clearly solutions out there that have 2GB of RAM on them, but...
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    APB: Reloaded 'Closed Beta' Update

    If there was ever a cause for end users to sue a company, this is as good as it gets. I haven't seen anything yet though, so the lawyers must think that it is either unwinnable or there is no money in it.
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    AMD 6970/6950 CFX and NVIDIA 580/570 SLI Review @ [H]

    These results are interesting but here is what I would like to see. Nvidia GTX 460's with 2GB of RAM compared to these guys. In most of the situations, it appears RAM problems effected performance in certain games. So what happens if you take 2 460's with 2GB of ram each ($219 last time I...
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    mATX P67s? Can't find any.

    Hell that is the first time I have actually seen any P67 boards in stock. I went over to newegg and didn't see one, of any form factor.
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    APB Reloaded Beta May Launch Next Month

    Well if anybody is starting up a class action lawsuit against them, let me know. I'll sign on.
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    Newegg Shell Shocker - AVG AV and Antispyware 2011 - 3 users - $17.99 - FS

    Microsoft security essentials is free and is a solid antivirus app. Unless you need an application that is an enterprise maanged solution, why would you need anything more?