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    Large Hadron Collider May Have Detected A New Particle

    It's the secret Starbucks ingredient.
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    Redbox President Steps Down

    Meh, I liked RedBox. It was a good way to get a quality blu-ray recent release on a whim.
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    Broke Again, Dotcom Asks Hong Kong Court For Millions

    That "Dotcom" moniker really gets to me every time I read it...
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    Dead Or Alive Xtreme 3 Too Sexist For Europe And US

    buahahhahhaha. Another example of political correctness gone just plain wrong. Laughable.
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    Debunking Myths About Video Game Developers

    wow, there are ppl who think game dev is easy and game devs are lazy? Sheesh, there's an eye opener for me!
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    Why Sweden Is Shifting To A 6-Hour Workday

    Hell yeah! US is messed up, I just recently found out you guys only get 3 months of maternity leave?! sheesh!
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    California Governor Vetoes Bill Banning Drones Over Private Property

    oh yeah, lets expose the simple Joe in his backyard lest the billionaires be exposed instead...geez I'm surprised so many people support the veto.
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    Amazon Denies Accusations Of 'Brutal' Worker Treatment

    Ohhh, how true your post is! This is exactly what is happening. Thanks man, I am glad that there are still people with open eyes. To add to it, the laptop is actually being phased out in place of the remote login. Look! Now you can login from ANY device, ANYWHERE! Look!
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    President Pushes For More Diversity In Tech

    Actually, I didn't really understand your post either, lol...
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    President Pushes For More Diversity In Tech

    Exactly, that's why this whole thing just feels tacked on and forced.
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    President Pushes For More Diversity In Tech

    I know. This is so stupid. At least in the western world, girls have the same opportunity to go into tech as guys. Why push them? If they get interested, they'll go to these jobs. I don't see people crying for more diversity in taxi drivers, nurses or, as someone mentioned earlier, firefighting...
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    Amazing Pics of Abandoned Russian Spacecraft Factory

    Totally awesome. But not as awesome as Pripyat.
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    HoloLens Minecraft Demo

    I still don't really get minecraft...could they show something better than large pixels?
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    Batman: Arkham Knight NVIDIA GameWorks Batmobile Video

    Hey, at least it's not as bad as the new Tomb Raider game, releasing only on XBox at launch...
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    Video Games Are 'Better Source Of Physical Exercise Than Playing Outside'

    [Unless you're talking about English football, i.e. soccer]
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    Video Games Are 'Better Source Of Physical Exercise Than Playing Outside'

    lol, I've seen some fatty footballers ;)
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    Batman: Arkham Knight NVIDIA GameWorks Batmobile Video

    Hard to boycott this game :) The real question, though, is - will it support 3D Vision? Those games look so amazing in S3D.
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    Automatic Braking Acuras Recalled For Stopping When They Shouldn't

    Now, imagine that 1 becomes 0 and the car actually hits the gas pedal...:rolleyes:
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    The Crazy Training Schedule Of Pro Gamers

    Not sure why you're calling us clowns. You seem quite aggressive about this, I don't think there's point to further discussion. If you are in a position of hiring people, and you deem high-profile pro-gamers more worthy than college graduates for the position - it's your choice. As it is now...
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    The Crazy Training Schedule Of Pro Gamers

    You are talking solely about soft skills. The other side of the coin, usually the more important one (depending on the field, of course) are the hard skills. Yes, they can dedicate, work hard, focus...but what can they actually do? That's the important part. The skills you mention are absolutely...
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    The Crazy Training Schedule Of Pro Gamers

    Well, I wouldn't go that far as you could say the same thing about any "real" athlete, the difference being that they get many more dollars to wear Nike's "pro athlete" sneakers festooned with the latest and greatest in rubber-tech :) They also get upwards of millions in wages but why is that...
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    The Crazy Training Schedule Of Pro Gamers

    You can't, you can only maintain such state for a short period. Doing it this way you are slowly ruining yourself for the long term, especially at this age, Drugs are no solution, they just worsen your health. There are many studies about how much sleep a human being should get and most point at...
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    DIY Star Wars BB-8 Droid

    My initial impression of the robot was also mixed, it's a tad too cutesy but it's growing on me and we'll see what it can do in the movie. The movies so far are very promising though, they definitely give off the SW vibe in my eyes. Can't wait.
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    I Quit: What Really Goes on at Apple

    16hr days? In what universe is this legal? And we are complaining about conditions in China?!
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    World's Smallest Computer

    beat me to it ;)
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    More Than Half of All IE Users Face Patch Axe in 10 Months

    This is great, the less old crap I need to support due to slow corporate upgrade schedules, the better!
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    Amazon Workers Must Sign 18-Month Non-Compete Agreements

    That is applaudable what you did. Respect for courage to point out and stand up to something that is blatantly against the law. There need to be more people like this.
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    Are Smartphones Making Our Children Mentally Ill?

    Yes, you're right. That's what she advocates, that parents take more control of the net usage time of their kids, a frontier that is still new to many and that many do not handle properly.
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    Are Smartphones Making Our Children Mentally Ill?

    Very interesting article that I agree with. What worries me, though, are the kinds of responses on this comments's almost like she's talking about many of the responders here... Guys, she clearly stated that she's not against the internet, but warns about complete alienation and...
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    Canadians to Be Allowed to 'Pick and Pay' TV Channels

    well, dude, exactly, welcome to my world! Rogers charges me $10 just cause I wanted that one channel... Not only that, in order to get this package, I had to sign up for the highest cable plan! They did give me a nice discount though, otherwise I would probably bail a long time ago.
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    Canadians to Be Allowed to 'Pick and Pay' TV Channels

    oh, hell yes! I hope this works out, tired of paying extra for channels I got no interest in.
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    Tesla's Model S Getting 'Autopilot' Mode In Three Months

    Guys, relax, there's a huge catch when you read the article. "He's also careful to point out this isn't true self-driving, just very powerful automatic steering (it was announced alongside the dual-motor Model S in October). The downside? It's only available on highways, and it requires one...
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    Apple’s Trick for Using “As Little Gold As Possible” In Its $17k Watch

    Everything about this is so stupid that I don't even have words for it. Even the name is ridiculous. "Watch Edition"??? "Hey, what edition is your Watch?" "Uuuuummm, it's the..."Watch" edition..." ...
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    How The Islamic State Is Using Social Media

    man, big deal, anybody has access to social media now and cheap phones can take decent photos and videos, it's no wonder they're doing it. There have been videos from Bin Laden 13 years ago as well. Anyone with a brain realises that they're just cowards fighting guerilla warfare from their silly...
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    Experience Samsung’s Virtual Reality World at Best Buy

    As always, no availability in Canada.
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    3D Is Dead. Will 4k And 8k TV Make It?

    Heck, I hope they make it, but given the current situation, it's really hard to stay positive. Like the header said, today's stations still have trouble delivering true HD, heck, in Canada HD still feels like luxury in cable. It should be a frickin standard everywhere by now, seeing standard def...
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    Buy the Original 47-Year-Old Star Trek Phaser

    yuck. I dunno what's uglier, that or the cars from that era.
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    Google Chairman: "The Internet Will Disappear"

    Even if taken out of context, it's kinda obvious he cannot mean it in a literal sense, more like "the internet as we know it will disappear".