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    Looking for suggestions on my HTPC build

    I built a new HTPC to replace my old 775 system that I did have. I am looking to do more than just stream movies from my main box and replace the PS3. I still use it for Netflix, Hulu, and also stream movies from my media server. I have a nice HT setup with an Onkyo receiver, 5.1 surround...
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    Eset Smart Security 4 3-user $49.99 again

    Looking thru Newegg and noticed that this was $49.99 again for a 3-user pack. Not a bad deal, not sure how long it will be available.
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    Good Bluetooth mouse recommendations

    I am looking around for a bluetooth mouse for my laptop and would like some recommendations. I hate using the touchpad and the laptop has internal bluetooth. Thanks.
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    What's more likely to fail?

    What's more likely to fail?? Memory controller in an i7 or DIMM slots on a mobo...
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    Warm? Eset Smart Security 3 user for $49.99

    Just saw this at the egg. Good deal so I jumped on it. Saves $40 and gives you a 3-user copy for less then what it is for a single user copy.
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    Mobile C2Q9000 or C2D P8600??

    I recently acquired a mobile Core2Quad Q9000 for basically free. Just wondering what you would do with it... Thinking about putting it in my laptop for the hell of it though. I work a lot with virtual machines and CS5 on my laptop and it works pretty good right now.
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    WTB 9800GX2 or similar Nvidia card :)

    Hi all, I am looking for an Nvidia 9800GX2 for a good price. I'll buy 2 if the price is good and do have things to trade. Just PM me with what you're looking for. My heat is under jmurray. I have three rigs that I am looking for decent GPU folding cards for but can only get 2 for now...
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    Xigmatek s1283v DK or CM 212+??

    Well, I finally found some of those 1156 brackets for my dark knight cooler. Just wanted some opinions on whether it was worth swapping out the CM 212+ for the Xigmatek or leaving the CM in there. The s1283 cooled my Q9550 really good and I have been fairly impressed with the Cooler Master...
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    Lian Li PC61 or P180b?

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    Lian Li PC61 or P180b?

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    E8400 Core2Duo/ECS G31T-M $150 @ Frys thru 1/15

    Great deal if you have a Frys near you. The CPU alone is more then what they are asking and the mobo is $80 by itself. Buy the combo and sell the mobo :) Good thru the 15th of this month.
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    laptop problems, BIOS and Windows

    Hi, I have a Gateway laptop that has (or had :( ) Windows Vista Home Premium x86 installed. It was a dual core Turion with 2GB RAM. Anyway, here is my problem(s): When the computer first comes on, right after the Gateway screen it tells me: -System Config Data Read Error. That is right...
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    Intel DP35DP RAID, no floppy = no RAID drivers

    Hi, I have been trying to install Windows XP on this PC for a while now (about 2 hours now) and it will not read the USB drive at all. I have it set up to emulate a floppy in the BIOS. It keeps giving me an unexpected error. I have my drives setup in RAID 0 and that is all good. I cannot...
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    System powers and shuts off almost immediately...

    Hi, I recently acquired an Asus A7N8X (reg board rev 2) motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 3000 barton, 1GB crucial DDR400, and an ATI X800AGP graphics card from a friend. The thing about it is that it powered and booted up great for a week and now it will only power up and then power down about 10...
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    Hi, I have a wireless network set up at my house and shop. When I plug a cat5 wire into my notebook I can share and print things over the network perfectly. But when I go wireless I cannot access anything. I am still using the netbuei protocol so XP can see and access the other computers...
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    Random re-boots and ....

    Well, I have a few problems with this computer. It reboots itself randomly sometimes, like 3 times a week now. It gets into windows and tells me it recovered from a serious system error or some crap like that. It'll also tell me that a program has ran into a serious error and has to shut...
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    Anyone have a DigiDoc or something close?

    There anything out there like the DigiDoc 5 like I had in my old PC? I have everest running but would rather have something that is more accurate. The CPU runs at around 45~52c which I guess is normal. My P4 runs at ~40C so not that much of a change between CPUs. I found a few things on eBay...
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    Pentium D core temps

    I know this has been probably been discussed before but I cannot find anything here or on Intels website. I found info mainly on the Core Duo stuff. Anyone know the max temp in Celsius or Far for Pentium D 900 series CPUs? I have a Pentium D 925 that is hitting 45~52 degrees Celsius. I...