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    Xonar ST/STX Environment Effects Adjustments

    In typical Creative fashion, the only drivers they offer for Windows 7 for Audigy disables the control panel that allows you to specify the sound environment settings!! I like to add a bit of reverb and adjustments to the base sound, but presets just mess with it too much, and one thing I did...
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    Repairing CRT monitor

    One of my CRTs is 17" and getting on in years. The display has gotten pretty dark, and it's time for a refresh. I thought about just getting another one, but it's worth fixing this one since I like the roundness and aesthetics, and it's not just a beige box, which is pretty much all you'll be...
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    C Programming I/O question

    Say you have a .txt list of names, last name followed by first name, with the last names in alphabetical order, but not the first name. Suppose you then read in the first file line by line, make some minor formatting changes, and then fprintf each line out to a new file. How can you output...
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    Perl messing up .dbf headers?

    I've had a perl script that creates blank dBase III files which is given data in another program, but when I check the output, the header lists each field length correctly, but the field location is given for the field after it. For example, the first field starts at location 7, not at 1, as it...
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    Safe Mode Broken

    Anytime I try to boot one of my computers into safe mode in XP SP2, I get the BSOD message: "A problem has been detected and Windows needs to shut down". Further down, it says "ERROR: Stop 0x0000007B" followed by what looks to be 3 or 4 hex addresses in brackets. I tried searching to no avail on...
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    Bioshock Intro?

    Where is the Bioshock introduction movie that plays if you wait on the menu screen on the Xbox360 version? I can't seem to find it anywhere on the PC version. Also, aren't there supposed to be piano notes playing every time you select something on the menu screen? I couldn't find a list of any...
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    Company to gloss your LCD?

    I saw a reference to companies that will apply a glossy coating to your screen for you, but I haven't been able to find the thread through searching. Happy Hopping (since I saw you mention this), would you be able to post a link to the original thread, or remember more specific search terms that...
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    Configuring Spamassassin & Squirrelmail

    How do you configure Spamassassin and cpanel X so that messages marked as spam are moved into an inbox trash folder? I originally had Spambox enabled, but then I would have to delete the spam messages twice, first from the spam folder, and then from the trash folder. The other option I've seen...
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    Freezing after SATA drive install

    I added a 320g Barracuda recently, and for now it's just running as an extra drive. What I've noticed is that sometimes, Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer will suddenly stop responding, as if it's waiting for something. Thing is, I can open up a new instance of Windows Explorer, and those...
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    CD Writer Dead?

    An older Lite-On rebadged TDK CDRW52000B cd burner from around 2003.....Was working fine up until a few weeks ago. Doesn't burn in Windows, Nero, or ITunes, though it used to. Usually, the status bar will stay at "Idle" on Nero, and I will also get errors such as "Invalid Write State" and such...
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    CRT Monitor Squiggling?

    My 2141SB from 2004 has recently started to act up....What happens is that at random times, random areas of the screen will shake very rapidly, what looks like squiggling. It usually lasts only a few seconds, and during that time the squiggling increases, and then dissipates. Sometimes I'll go...
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    Nintendo DS Battery

    I have a question maybe some of you can help with concerning the battery on the original DS. The orange one on the left indicates it is charging, right? I like to play the DS even when I'm home, and i've noticed that if the battery dies and I then plug it in and start playing, the orange light...
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    Original Oblivion Graphics

    Some time ago, I remember a thread showing the before and after pictures comparing the preliminary screens of Oblivion, and the version actually released. I am still very impressed by the game as it is, and I realize it might have been damn near unplayable if it was released as originally...
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    Can't connect to home network share w/ pw

    I have an old Win 98SE comp that I am trying to connect with through my main comp. So they are both plugged into the router, part of the same workgroup, and I can see the Win98 comp from here through Network Places.....I have the C: set as shared on the Win 98 comp, and I can see that as...
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    Nintendo DS Backlight

    My DS, when playing in total darkness, I can see at the sides of the screen a small amount of bleed from the backlight, like a couple small amorphous blobs of different size and shape on each edge. Is this normal, for all you DS owners, and would you consider it grounds for exchange?
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    Nintendo DS quality differences?

    I've heard that quality varies depending on when and where a particular DS was manufactured, such as sturdiness of the plastic and construction....but I can't find anything substantial on that....Does this also apply to the D-pad? I ask because it seems unusually clicky, like if I am holding it...
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    Audigy 2 ZS EAX problems

    When I'm changing the individual sound settings in EAX console like Room Size, Delay, Late Reverb level, as soon as I click the slider and move it, instead of seeing a number changing, it says NaN.....I just reinstalled XP and all the software, and it does this for all the various...
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    Too Little LED Current?

    After upgrading to a DFI NF4 Ultra, there's not enough connectors to power an extra turbo LED in my case. I am able to splice the power LED connection to get them both to run, but they both run somewhat dimmer. Is this ok for their lifespan? I want to be sure because I know that certain bulbs...
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    ATI Overclocker

    This little program works perfectly....I can change the 2D/3D clocks through the driver without having to run anything else in the background...Is there a way such as a command line switch to save the overclock settings so they are restored during bootup?
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    Ventilating Expansion Slots

    Should I just remove the last few expansion slot covers above the video card for extra ventilation, or leave them in? I just wasn't sure if more ventilation=better, or if airflow through the case would be better served with a closed path for circulation....No one's going to be looking at the...
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    CCC vs. ATITool

    Can all the functions of the Control Center be accessed through ATITool? I did notice there doesn't seem to be a setting for "High Quality AF", or is that just the same as trilinear?
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    Big Typhoon in DFI boards

    I have looked into installing the Big Typhoon quite extensively, but I still have some questions. I am aware of the fact that due to DFI's non-standard backplate, conventional installation is not possible without longer screws, and I know that the alternative is to reverse the screws coming up...
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    Problem with Photoshop CS "Replace Color" Tool

    I am pulling my hair out over getting this tool to work. Specifically, I am printing out a .BMP file that has text in parts of it that I want to change the color of. Since the text is the only black part of the picture, I want to replace the black with something else, like red for instance. Yet...
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    XP Reinstall Tip

    After hearing another friend of mine complain about having to delete non-essential data on his hard drive that he didn't have to backup but would have rather left there for the convenience, all because of formatting the drive to reinstall XP, I would just like to post a reminder for those that...
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    Annoying Folders

    When I would first install Windows XP, all I had to do was open Explorer, change the view to "List", and then all subfolders would open as "List" also. Opening folders on the desktop or through My Computer would continue as "Tiles", which was how I liked it. Now after clean install of...
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    SP2 slowing down Internet

    I have noticed that since putting SP2 on, there is a noticeable delay in just about every web page that loads up....even Yahoo. I have tried tweaking obvious settings, but the lag in loading pages stays. The system appears to run the same otherwise....Also, if I roll back to SP1 the problem...
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    UDF and ISO Settings

    Is there any reliability or performance differences between the different versions of UDF available for selection in Nero 6.6? I noticed the bridge format is also an option, but would any UDF benefits in speed or robustness be negated by including ISO also?
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    Nero Updates

    I'm just curious if anyone's had experience with Nero 6.6.0.X.....I have installed and was thinking of updating but I have heard rumors that some of these newer versions introduce problems that weren't there before, especially with my burner, Benq 1620...Anyone know?
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    Xbox to USB Controller

    I know Radio Shack sells a PS2 to USB adapter, but I was wondering if there is any walk-in retail store that sells one for XBox.. I would make one, but it seems not cost effective with the overcharging for both types of cables I see everywhere.
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    Flight Simulator 2004 Sound

    How realistic are the engine sounds for this game? The last version I had was '98, and though it wasn't bad at all, it sounded like only 1 constant sound was looped and pitch shifted, which resulted in a very flat, unrealistic noise, instead of distinct sounds that change over the course of...
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    No Audigy MIDI Reverb

    Actually, I think the MIDI sounds worse than the AWE64's did. I've tried changing the default samples but nothing happens. Also, it would be nice to have some reverb on there, I can't imagine the card wouldn't support that. In the EAX console, underd Reverb in MIDI, it says 'Not Mappable' . Ideas?
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    Video Player scan bar

    All I need is basic movie playing capabilities, like MPG and AVI....but every player I use, it seems, has the annoying habit of making the bar skip at predetermined fractions of the movie's length. When I'm trying to find an exact point in a movie, the bar skips over a minute at a time, and then...
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    Unable to uninstall ATI drivers

    Right now, my 9800 np -> pro has been on the fritz...There are weird random patterns and screen corruption that occurs intermittently, which may be a hardware problem due to the OCing with the card 1 year old. However, the catalyst drivers are long outdated, and so I thought it would be time to...
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    CPU temp

    This is pretty strange. On my comp's included software temperature monitoring, it says the board temp is at 35c, and the CPU (P4 2.66) is at 45c, but Sandra reports the CPU temp as 75c! Since the monitoring software that came with my mobo was obviously custom for it, I would tend to believe...
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    Overclocking software

    Is there a program available like SoftFSB that allows you to overclock the system, but locks PCI cards at default speed?
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    Audigy 2 ZS sound

    I was used to using my old AWE64 Gold with constant reverb effect, which had basically one setting of either on or off, and a percentage value of the effect (I had it set to 75%). Now with the Audigy 2, it gives you control over 40 different settings for the reverb. I tried playing with the...
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    Ghosting Vs. Motion Blur

    In almost any post regarding LCDs, you'll frequently see ghosting brought up, but not motion blur. I myself am also guilty of this, but not because I didn't care to discuss it. You see, ghosting happens when the screen's response time causes it to lag behind what is being displayed. It lags...
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    Overclock without BIOS options

    G'day mates...I have a Soyo I845PE-ISA board with P4 2.66....Great board, except for the fact that it did NOT come with the Soyo combo features that allow you to adjust overclocking parameters. I'm pretty sure the PLL is adjustable, but there are no options for it, so I was wondering if a BIOS...
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    NEC FP2141SB - My Decision

    Welcome back the Forums!! After 9 years of solid use, my Gateway Vivitron 17-inch monitor from 1995 was due for a replacement. It was still remarkably bright due to my conservative settings, but too blurry, especially at 1280x1024. I've always pushed the design life of my components to their...