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    Gps recommendations

    My friend is looking to update his garmin nuvo. He is a private driver so he needs something with updated maps of the us. I am not sure how much car gps have evolved with traffic info and rerouting capabilities. He travels internationaly as well. Thanks guys
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    Motorola Startac

    Hey guys can I still activate one Of the digital versions on AT&T? Any for sale?
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    Need usb soundcard on low end system

    I was going to get an xfi usb but it does not seem to have onbord processing and will use the cpu on my weak Pos terminal. any recommendations?
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    Need to build 3 business machines

    How you guys doing. I was thought about buying a few cheap dells for a point of sale system, but realized i wasn't really thinking. I'm need an opinion on what chipset to go with. I have used AMD for all my builds, but intel core 2 duo seem to be a pretty good now a days. My requirements...
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    Front end

    I am getting an older computer (xp2500 ati 9600 with a tuner card(not sure)) I really want to use it as a htpc. My problem now is what front end i should use. I will be using a spare digital stb and connect it to my crt hdtv. I don't want mce or linux alternatives eventhogh they are quite...
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    X1900XTX Widescreen Resolution Missing

    How you guys doing. I have a 1900XtX driving my hp fw900. I installed the drivers for the monitor and tried power strip but I can't seem to run at 1680x 1050. I can use 1920x1200 for games and its great but for the desktop is too small. BTW IM using Cat 6.3, tried 6.4 with same problem...
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    How to Display 1680x1050

    Im running a X1900xtx on a sony fw900. I can't seem to get 1680x1050 to work. 1920x1200 is the onlt widescreen resolution that works fine. Powerstrip 3.63 doesn't let me select.( or im not sure how) It only shows resolutions in windows.
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    Windows activation

    How you guys doing. I bulit my new pc and i didn't realize that ms activation has taken affect. So I have to buy a code? How can i make it work. I only have 28 days left. Someone please pm me.
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    What Driver for X1900XTX

    Just got X1900XTX for a new build. Asus A8R32 opty 170.. and so on. I was wondering on a fresh install with no previous drivers should i use the cd driver, cat 6.2 or wait a few days for 6.3 (I doubt i can wait) ?