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    Xbone Pass Through?

    I gotta this a joke? The video looks like shit and you can see the artifacts coming in off the feed, and the sound is complete crap. And all this is in tv mode :/ Anybody got some suggestions? Along with why in gods name does it take 40+ mins to install a f'ing game?
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    Corsair HX750

    Here's my question, I'm running a Haswell Machine. I've got a Evga Titan....I'm thinking about adding another Evga Titan. Will the 750watt HX750 thats currently in the case be strong enough to support the dual titans?
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    New Gaming Small Frame Build

    Been out of the PC Gaming loop for a long while so here it goes: 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? 2000ish 3) Which country do you live in? If the U.S, please tell us the state and city if...
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    Main Gear F131 Case?

    What case is this? I like it but Maingear is just too overpriced for me.
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    Q6600 temps

    Those who have it what are your temps and what are you cooling it with?
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    EVGA 680i NB/SB Overclock

    I plan on overclocking the crap outta this with a q6600. I'm going to be using a Scythe Infinity cooler and can anyone recommend whether I need to replace the NB/SB setup with new coolers and whether they will fit with the Infinity or not?
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    Ballistix VS Dominator

    How do the PC2 8500's compare to each other if anyone knows?
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    PS3 PreOrders Tomorrow Gamestop

    Just got a email from Gamestop, they will be taking preorders in the stores tomorrow only. They expect to sell out in get to your gamestop early if you expect any type of chance.
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    DS3 Question

    So...I've got my e6300 running stock voltage stable at 400fsb. But as soon as I go over 400 I can't get into windows gets up to where the Windows XP logo should come up but stays black. Any ideas on what voltage to up?
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    P5W DH Deluxe question

    When you guys pulled your board out of the retail box...was the antistatic bag for the motherboard sealed in any type of way? Or was it just folded actual sticker to hold it tight? I'm curious because I'm having some really screwed up issues with this board and now it refuses to...
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    BF2 locks up from 5-10mins in

    So I just moved over to a Opty 165 from a X2 4200. About 5-10mins into the game every time it hardlocks my system. I've updated the Bios on my Expert board, I'm running the newest drivers for the board and my 7800gtx. I've prime tested both cores out to 26hours, and I've Memtested my ram...
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    Best overclocking 939 nf4 motherboard

    Do you guys have any suggestions on what the best board for this would be? I'm rma'ing/returning a DFI Ultra-D because the chipset fried itself for no reason while I was installing it. So I'm looking for a good replacement overclocking board up to 200 any suggestions?
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    Watercooling a A8N SLI Premium chipset

    Well guys I'm putting my system into a G5 case and that means I have to invert the board...I've been hearing all sorts of problems with the Heatpipe crap that cools the chipset because of this. So I'm considering just watercooling the punk to work out that what I need to know...
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    Any suggestions on a PS for this rig setup?

    I'm running the following: AMD64 X2 4200+ ASUS A8N SLI Premium MSI 7800GTX 2 Sata 120gig HD's Sony DVD Burner Audigy 2 ZS Gamer So can you guys recommend any GOOD PS's for that setup?
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    Time for a new powersupply?

    Heres what its reading for voltage: 11.712 +12V 4.972 +5V 3.312 +3.3V 1.296 Vcore I'm assuming I should chuck this into a wall and a get a new one.
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    X2's a Joke?

    Anyone else kinda feeling underwhelmed with the performance coming off the X2's? I've got a 4200+ and I honestly feel it doesn't nearly as well as my old winchester 3500+. For instance I've got them overclocked by 20mhz on the fsb(i.e. a fsb of 220) same board, and the same ram. And they both...
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    Convert Molex?

    Anyone know how I can(or even if I can) convert a molex connection to a standard wall plug type? I'm throwing my WC into a seperate box and I won't want my cooling fan to have to suck power out of my case.
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    Best Dremel Cutting Blade?

    What dremel cutting blade would you recommend for cutting aluminum(sp?). I have a old Lian-Li 60 case that is gonna get a face lift. And I was just wondering what the best bit would be that won't break and kill me :(