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    PC not shutting down correctly or restarting correctly. Fans and lights staying on with black screen.

    Merry Christmas. It has been two years since my last post and I've finally found the solution as to why my system wasn't shutting down or restarting correctly. To anyone experiencing the same issue, hopefully this will save some headache, time, stress and money. In Dec 2018, I upgraded my...
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    Black screen upon reboot (occasional and random)

    So I've sorted out the boot loop issue caused by the reset switch (as mentioned on the previous thread), but in the process, I've upgraded the CPU from Ryzen 1800X to 2700X and the motherboard from ASUS Strix X370-F to X470-F. But I kept the RAM (G.SKILL F4-3200C14D-16GVK) and GPU (XFX 1060 SC)...
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    Possible solution to random restarts, kernel power errors, boot loops etc.

    Short version: If you experience random restart, power loss, kernel power errors, system stuck in boot loop etc, check the case connectors (including power and reset) first. I was experiencing all of the above and even ended up replaced the PSU, CPU, motherboard and SSD with no avail. The cause...
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    EVGA GTX 1060 SC vs Sapphire RX 580 NITRO+ Special Edition

    Hi. Had to send in my MSI 1060 Gaming X due to hardware fault and since the card is not in stock, was offered refund. After some research, I've narrowed down the choice to these two. The EVGA is retailing for £255 and the Sapphire is retailing for £290. I had the 1060 before so I know what to...
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    Need help choosing AM4 motherboard

    Currently in the process of upgrading my ancient system with Ryzen 1800X. But every AM4 motherboard I've researched so far has some sort of issue, which is starting to get to me tbh. I'm not looking to overclock now. Maybe few years down the line. Right now I'm after a board with great...
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    PSUs that will work with stepped UPS (approx sinewave)?

    Time has come to upgrade my aging rig and to retire my faithful Corsair HX520, which worked perfectly with my APC 900 Pro UPS. Unfortunately, it's a stepped UPS that approximates sinewave. I've read stories that modern PSUs do not play well with stepped UPS. In some cases, PSU shutting down when...
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    Stepped UPS compatible PSU recommendation

    I am looking for a stepped UPS compatible PSU ranging between 500 to 600 watts. Does anyone have any recommendations? The UPS I'm using at the moment is APC Pro 900, which provides stepped output approx to Sinewave Been using Corsair 520HX for the past 10 years or so and when on battery, it...
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    Decent Wireless Mouse Recommendation

    I've tried to find one on my own, but just ended up losing money hence why I'm here First I tried the ET X-08. Couldn't detect any acceleration and was very comfortable, but it lagged (even on desktop). Then I tried the Anker Ergonomic 2.4G Wireless Mouse. Couldn't detect any acceleration...
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    Windows 10 CheckSum issue

    I've downloaded Windows 10 Pro (UK English x64) via the Media Creation Tool (twice) and ran both ISO via CheckSum calculator and oddly enough, I got two different readouts. Is this normal? 1st Download: MD5: 955AB0FA67F6EAAD61005660F686599F SHA-1: 1A52846E617EE2CA05816B073549FAF7E7AF3B00 2nd...
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    "Xiaomi's 49-inch Android TV boasts 4K for just $640"

    "The Mi Pad wasn't Xiaomi's only announcement today. Following the Chinese company's first smart TV from last September, today it has unveiled a slightly larger model with a nice surprise: 4K for just CN¥3,999 or about $640! Like its affordable predecessor, this 49-inch TV comes with built-in...
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    Does an APU becomes a standard CPU when it is combined with a discrete GPU?

    No one can deny the A10-7850K is heck of a processor as it is capable of 855.68 GFLOPS (faster than i7-4770K and retails at half the price). But what happens when a discreet GPU (e.g. R9 290) is added to the mix? Does the GPU core on the APU gets completely disabled? Or does it continues to...
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    How to check for damage caused by magnet

    The Rolson LED Magnetic Lamp fell on top my 3.5" HDD. The drive seem to work fine, but I'm not sure if all the files are intact. Is there any way to check? If so, what would you recommend?
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    Whether to buy a new PSU or not?

    I bought the Corsair HX520 (re-branded Seasonic) back in 2007 and was wondering if it is wise to keep using it for another year or so. During its lifetime, it never exceeded 200 watts and was connected to an UPS (APC BR800i). But now, I think it's providing around 300 watts (maximum 350). I've...
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    Looking for a budget case with excellent cooling performance

    I've spend an hour or so searching online and found Antec One, which costs around £40 and has excellent cooling capabilities. But would love to hear some alternatives (if there are any). Prefer not to exceed £50. PS: Prefer to get it from eBuyer or Scan
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    i5 3750k load temps

    I finally started playing games on my PC, but I'm a little worries about the temps. Under load, CPU temp shoots up to maximum of 72C. During idle, it's around 40-45C. Some say it's normal, but others seem to disagree. But personally I haven't experienced any form of instability. OS: Window 8...
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    Question regarding GTX 770 and Corsire HX520W PSU

    I am planning on buying the MSI GeForce GTX 770 Twin Frozr (Gaming Edition), which has 2x 8 pin connectors and comes with two 6 to 8 pin adapters. Unfortunately, I don't have the money to upgrade my aging PSU. So I would like know if the HX520W can handle the 770? Link to the PSU specs...
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    LG finally launches the first large-screen OLED TV But it won't be affordable for few more years. But on the bright side, its cheaper than the first 40"+ Plasma and LCD.
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    Headphones to In-Ear

    Has anyone switched from headphones to in-ear and never looked back? People have always stated that the only way to experience expansive soundstage with accurate audio positioning is via open-back headphones, which was why I ended-up getting the AD700 four years ago. Early last year I got hold...
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    Creative Sound Blaster Z Initial Impression

    I've been playing with it for an hour or so and so far I'm very impressed with the sound quality (better than the X-Fi XM I had before). I wasn't expecting such detail and clarity after the Recon3D fiasco. Built quality is also superb, but the card is filled with G-Luxon caps. I'm not sure how...
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    Stick with X-Fi SB0460 or upgrade?

    I've recently built a new rig and curreny surviving on the on board audio. I still have the original X-Fi XtremeMusic (SB0460) from the previous build, which I prefer to keep since the latest models don't seem to offer anything substantial (correct me if im wong) but...the PCI bus on ASUS...
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    Windows 8 Hardware Acceleration

    Can someone confirm whether Windows 8 supports the old audio hardware acceleration ?
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    P8Z77-V Keyboard and Mouse not detecting

    Received my Z77 mobo few hours ago but after few restarts I've noticed the keyboard and mouse failed to respond at times (simultaneously and separately) I have updated the UEFI to the latest release and running Win8 Pro. Also the keyboard and mouse are plugged into the USB 2.0 ports
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    Wait or buy now?

    I have my eyes set on the ASUS Sabertooth 990FX but I need some answers first before I click the buy button. 1. Does it support all the new features native to Windows 8 (e.g. quick boot and such)? I can't see why it wouldn't but worth double checking. 2. I've decided to opt for the...
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    Windows 8 Pro ISO Link

    Does anyone know where I can get the Windows 8 Pro ISO from? MSDN won't allow me download for some reason and I can't find any Digital River links either
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    Where to Download Win7 Pro X64

    Does anyone know where to download legitimate copy of Windows 7 ISO from? I found a link to DigitalRiver and as far as I'm aware it is legitimate but not 100% sure. Could you please verify if it is or not
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    0-255 Output via HDMI

    ATI still has addressed the lack of 0-255 output via HDMI when connected to a TV. Is there any way to bypass it? PS: The option is available on CCC's drop-down list, but it compress 0-255 to 16-235.
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    Toshiba ATI Drivers

    I've recently purchased the Toshiba Satellite L650D-11R with HD5650 GPU. Unfortunately I can't update the driver via the AMD's site and the drivers provided by Tosh is seriously outdated, Is there any way to overcome this issue?
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    Notebook for Maya and ZBrush

    Hi I need a balanced notebook for Maya and ZBrush and I can't afford to spend large sums of cash on an high-end models at the moment (being a student with limited funds and all). After carrying out much needed research, I have narrowed it down to a few models. Since reading horror stories...
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    ATI HD5XXX and Video Playback (Extended)

    Has anyone experienced any issues when playing videos on the extended secondary display? In my case, the AV sync seems to vary and the video either slows or speeds up to compensate. It is becoming extremely annoying as I can't watch any videos without witnessing highly visible frame-jumps. PS...
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    Video De-blocking and Mosquito Noise Removal

    Are the above features supported by the HD5450 cards? I've just installed Catalist10.6 for the second time and both options are not available in CCC:confused: On my second system with HD5770, both options are visible and functioning correctly.
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    Limiting Frame Rate of Games

    I need to limit the frame-rate of some games to 30/60 and so far, I've only found FPS Limiter, but having trouble getting it to work. I couldn't find any step by step guide and it seems to be limited to DX9. One of the titles I'm having issues with is HALO 2. I keep experiencing random frame...
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    Windows 7 Causing Boot Failure?

    It would seem when Win7 partitions the HDD upon install, it sometimes causes boot failure where the system freezes during POST. It seems to happen when a forth unallocated partition appears after creating the required partitions. You can find all the details on the link below...
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    Odd HDD Issue

    Today when I was re-installing Windows 7, the system restarted as usual but froze during POST with B2 on the bottom right. Most Intel boards have a letter accompanied by number that flashes during post (bottom-right), but on my system, it got stuck in B2. I've tried removing the Pioneer DVD...
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    HD5770 Reference Cooling Unit

    I'm in the market for a HD5770, but I'm not too keen on the reference cooler. I'm sure over-time, dust particles will gather on the heatsink fins , which may end-up blocking the entrance and reducing the airflow. My question is, is it possible to remove the plastic cover for maintenance...
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    Restricting/Configuring DL and UL Speeds on the DG834G

    I am trying to configure my ADSL router to impose DL and UL restriction on the individual connections, so that can download multiple files and play games on the X360 without any disruption. Problem is, on the Netgear DG834G v3, I can't find such option. I am missing something or does the...
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    Restricting/Configuring DL and UL Speeds on the DG834G

    I am trying to configure my ADSL router to impose DL and UL restriction on the individual connections, so that can download multiple files and play games on the X360 without any disruption. But on the Netgear DG834G v3, I can't find such option. I am missing something or does the DG834G lacks...
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    Windows 7 Missing Desktop Icons

    I have two systems with identical hardware and on both systems, the desktop icons randomly vanish:confused:. Both Reliability History and Problem Report failed to detect the error in question. Event viewer doesn't seem to detect the error either. I am aware of the scale of this issue and I...
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    Windows 7 ISO Burn Verification

    I've downloaded Win 7 from MSDN AAOSS and validated the download. As usual, I've used Class A media and burned it using 4X and verified the disk via Nero. Is that enough or is there an alternative application that can verify the data integrity better and has the ability to scan the...
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    Do the new ASUS cards support AVIVO/UVD or does ASUS use their own Splendid application instead? The HD4650 embedded on my second PC, (which I bought last February) has no option to select any of the video configurations. On all the updates thus far, the entire video options remained completely...
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    Is it worth getting the HD5600/5700 series?

    I'm in the market for a new GPU and I can't decide whether to transfer the HD4650 from my old PC or get the HD5670/5750. Apart from the full HDMI 1.3a support, does the HD5000 series offer anything more (e.g. better Win 7 support/performance, improved video etc.)? From the specs, the HD5000...