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    Upgrading from 1 gig to 2.

    Right now I am running a socket 939 FX-60 and 2 512mb sticks of budget Corsair pc3200. I want to upgrade to 2 gigs and got myself thinking; should I just add a 1 gig stick and add it to my current setup? Or should I get 2 dual channel 1 gig sticks. So here is what I'm comparing: 2...
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    7950 GX2 Overclocking problem.

    I enabled Coolbits in my NVIDIA Control Panel and used it to overclock my 7950 gx2. I read some reviews that did the same. I got it up to 1500 MHz on the ram and 605 MHz on the core. I recently ran Everest to see if it worked and here is my situation: It shows 2 "GeForce 7950 GX2" which...
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    7950GX2 SLI verification

    I just bought a EVGA 7950GX2 and a Biostar Tforce4 SLI board and I loaded up and installed all the newest drivers and can enable SLI in the nvidia software except when I run DxDiag or look at the nvidia adapter information it only shows 512MB of video memory...Making me think that the card is...