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    Crysis 3 Crashing - Help!

    Hi all, Loaded up Crysis 3 for a blast this afternoon, got to Welcome To The Jungle and the part not long after the the tower and bam..... Crash city. I played to this far the other day and didn't have a single issue. First I had a solid hard lock but could still alt-tab / task manager...
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    I Have Gone Red! 680 Owner

    Yup, AMD's marketing and persistant allegiance with game devs has drawn me to the dark side. I have just ordered a Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X. Sleeping Dogs Far Cry 3 Tomb Raider Crysis 3 Bioshock Infinite All gaming evolved titles, and that does carry some weight in my book. It means...
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    Win 8 - Event viewer ID 1530 help

    Would like to think most of what you get in event viewer is completely harmless but I remember many years ago seeing this particular issue and eventually my user profile ended up being corrupted. (Win 98 and even Vista had the issue many moons ago) Is anybody running Windows 8 pro...
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    Win 8 Event Viewer - You finding yours to be "busier"?

    With a clean install of Windows 8 I noticed a few strange issues. One being an empty folder appearing on the desktop for no reason, could delete it but then it would later come back. Right click on it and it has no options other than cut or delete. Been with Win 8 for just over a day now...
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    Strange SLI Problem / Bug

    My pair of 570 Twin Frozrs are back being a nuisance again. (Hate these cards) Basically, awhile back I was getting strange issues cropping up where I was seeing some artifacting in 3d Mark 11 and the flags at the end during the combined test would be flickering. I swapped out the SLI bridge...
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    i7 950 OC Oddity

    Hi folks, Recently switched to a pair of 570 GTXs SLI and started getting stability issues, first point of call was to blame the cards as the BSODs I was getting pointed towards video drivers and VIDEO_TDR errors. CPU was OC'ed to 3.7Ghz and had been stable for sometime. Dropped the OC down...
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    6870 Crossfire Owner Crying Into My Cereal.

    Was up in the night, and early this morning to see the 6950 prices. £219 for the 6950 vs £200 for the 6870. I only got this pair of 6870s a few weeks ago and have to say it burns. In all honesty, I never expected the 6950s to be so cheap and feel like i've seriously been stung here...
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    AMD Are Telling Porkies - 10.10e Hotfix

    Hey folks, Recently i've had a hard time getting Dead Rising 2 to work with Crossfire, infact the game runs better without Crossfire enabled at all. I get no splash logo in the top right corner when running the game neither, with or without the latest CAPs installed. On the download...
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    6870 Crossfire and Dragon Age prob

    Hi folks, Any other Crossfire users here had much luck with Dragon Age? Crossfire works fine, get the logo come up, but ingame I get a horrible wobbly jittery effect when the screen pans/scrolls in the zoomed out view. It's pretty distracting and annoying, seems a shame to have to...
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    10.10e Cursor went funny in Windows

    Hi guys, Just wondering, is it a common bug for the cursor to go all corrupted and weird in Windows after video playback? Running Catalyst 10.10e hotfix. It looked kinda garbled and weird, hard to explain exactly. Cheers
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    6870 Crossfire- Driver Horrorshow!

    Running a pair of 6870 in Crossfire. 10.10d hotfix no less. Booted PC up this morning, not longer after hard lock... freezing up in Chrome. Obviously, being a new PC build I began to shit ones pants. Memtest, prime95, LinX, Intel Burn Test. All came back clean. I suspected it was to...
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    First 6870 Crossfire Experience

    Today I got my shiny new PC built and all seemed well. Tried my first game that i've been itching to play, World In Conflict (been away for years) and low and behold...... it won't even launch. aticfx32.dll error. Well fuck you very much AMD. Cheers.
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    EVGA 460 FTW SLI or Crossfire - Other ?s

    Hi guys, I pretty much had decided on my PC build i'm about to begin. I've been away from all this for 4-5 years now but the urge got overwhelming, so I am coming back. Machine i've got in mind is an i7 950, 6GB Ram, beefy decent PSU 850w min. The hiccup point i'm at is that the 6870s...