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    Router/Firewall suggestions (commercial)

    I'm sure it's been asked lots, but here it is again. I currently have an ASA 5505 with the security bundle. This is not for my home, but for a rack I have at a local data center. I'm looking to possibly try something else. What else would you guys suggest to take a look at in the sub $600...
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    Web form question

    OK, so I have a web form I'm trying to "format". What I have is a web form that submits to a page that interacts with a database. I have it so they can insert, update, and delete through a stored procedure, and they can also query through a basic select statement. It works exactly as I want...
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    OpenVZ...VEs that need different gateways on the

    So I've setup my initial VE and everything worked great. I was given two static IPs from my server provider. (Server is Co-located) One for the HN and one for the VE. They are with the gateway Since everything was working how I wanted I ordered 5 more static IPs...
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    Where do you sell high(er) end networking eqipment???

    I've got a nice firewall that I would like to sell. Where do you guys sell your old equipment? This really isn't old, but I've upgraded my network to all Cisco gear so it's no longer needed. I tried ebay and didn't get much attention, any other thoughts?
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    RDC Connection problem

    This is a strange problem and I am open to any and all suggestions. I have a remote user that is unable to remote desktop (Microsoft) in once they are connected to our VPN. Their machine is a Power Mac G4 1GHz, etc. I can Apple Remote Desktop to their machines when they are connected to our...
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    Can't install OS X from a Retail Disc???

    I have a current mbp (15" 2.2Ghz 4GB memory, etc) and I lost my system discs. Not a big deal (or so I thought) I'll just pick up a retail copy of Tiger. For whatever reason it won't let me install form that disc. It says my system is not compatible with that version of OS X. What do I need...
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    images with transparent backgrounds

    how do you get a good looking image with a transparent background? I've been using PNGs but the support for them isn't there in IE and I can't get a good looking GIF. It always ends up with pixellated edges when I save them in Photoshop. Any suggestions woul dbe greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Simple CSS (I think) problem???

    Alright, I've been working on my site and trying to use CSS as much as possible (first time writing my own stylesheet from nothing). I want to add a menu for navigational reasons also I have the same info that loads at the top of each page. Short of putting the exact code at the top of each...
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    .Mac Alternatives

    Since someone couldn't post up a gripe about .Mac without trying to advertise their own site I thought I would start another thread because there are MANY .Mac alternatives out there and I would like to see how and what other people are using. From Apple's DotMac website the features include...
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    External Enclosure?!?!?!

    I'm looking for an external enclosure that holds 2 or more drives. The only ones I've been able to find are the one from Other World Computing which holds 2 drives and another from American Media Systems which holds up to 4 IDE drives. Both are similar in price but the AMS one is only USB 2.0...
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    C# Programmers (or anyone that might know)

    If I am wanting to develope C# apps (its the class I am taking right now) and all I have to use at home or work (digital print shop) is Macs (I also have a linux server at home but thats not what I want to be working on), what would be a good program? I keep reading old stuff referring to Mono...