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    Good B/W Laser Printer?

    Like the title says, looking for a solid B/W laser printer that communicates properly with a Mac. I have no personal experience with any and am hoping for the positive experiences of others! Thanks.
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    Samsung 840 EVO 120gb in mid-2011 iMac issues

    Hey all, I upgraded a mid-2011 iMac with the aforementioned SSD. I checked out some stats using Activity Monitor and Blackmagic Disk Speed Test. Of course, when initiating tests/data transfers, the read/write speeds knick the maximum throughput of SATA III, settling at ~450MB/sec with write...
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    Good sources for Mac clearance sales?

    Hey all, used to get catalogs like MacMall all the time, but haven't in years... can anyone think of similar places for clearance sales?
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    Where to buy DLP bulbs?

    Hey all, I recently tried to buy a new bulb for my older Toshiba DLP from, but it's been on back order for way too long. Does anyone have any retailers that they have had positive experience with?
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    What Airplay should be

    If I could just stream my iTunes library to my iPhone, then I could use any iPod docking boom box, or plug into any stereo I wanted. I don't need wifi in my freaking amplifier.
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    Quick question about Photoshop

    Had a thought today: Is it standard practice to upscale photos (i.e. double the resolution) when you are working on an image?
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    Problems with Mail (IMAP?)

    I don't really understand what's going on, but here are the facts: I have three email accounts. 2 Gmail (one being my school email), and one through frontiernet. My Gmail hasn't been able to connect properly for about a month. When I got to Colorado a few weeks ago, I noticed that my Mail...
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    iTunes music disappearing

    Just wondering how many people have watched music in their iTunes library disappear. I went to go listen to a Ravel recording I put on my computer back in January, but noticed that only 1 out of 7 songs in the album remained. They had vanished from all of my Time Machine backups as well. I've...
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    Software updates corrupting

    Nearly every software update I've tried to download for a fresh install of Snow Leopard is "corrupting". iTunes, the Combo updater to 10.6.3, my updates for Logic Studio... However, even when I tried the combo update from Apple's website, the DMG file failed to verify, and if I skip the...
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    High Resolution Live Recordings

    Just found this website, It is a website full of raw high resolution audio from live concerts, supposedly only with the approval of the artists. I haven't downloaded anything yet since I'm in class, but felt like passing it along to fellow [H]'ers.
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    Weird problems with file previews

    I just upgraded my hard drive to a 7200rpm WD (yipee!) and did a restore directly from my time machine backup. The only problem is I no longer see previews on any files, whether in a browsing window or using the quick view by pressing spacebar. I ran onyx to no avail.
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    Adobe Flash prerelease

    Someone posted this in GenMay a few days ago: It's the first version of flash to utilize your GPU, and it's pretty much the end of lackluster mac flash performance.
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    Safari/Firefox crashing consistently in Snow Leopard

    After my recent upgrade, my Safari and Firefox have been consistently crashing when accessing Gmail and Youtube. If I load my gmail account and open an email, I get the spinning beach ball. If I go to Youtube, I get the spinning beach ball. This happens in exactly the same manner in both...
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    Trackpad in Windows 7

    Anyway to make Windows understand how the trackpad works? It's impossible to scroll with two fingers.
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    Buy a Sonic T-Amp or something else? =<$100

    As the title says. I'm away from home for 2 months, but brought my X-LS pair with me. Didn't feel like bringing my receiver as well, so I'm looking to order something. Used is fine.
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    One iPhone speaker better than the other?

    I bought a refurbished 3g iPhone the other day, and I've been enjoying it thoroughly. I did notice though that the left stereo speaker is better than the right. Is this the case for anyone else?
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    Just got a Seagate 1.5tb hard drive, need enclosure

    Sorry if there are a million threads on this, but I couldn't find them. I just got a new seagate drive and am looking for an enclosure. I have a MBP, so I currently have USB 2.0, FW400 and FW800. Obviously FW800 is the fastest, but every enclosure I've seen seems overpriced. Buying an...
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    Upgrade RX-V659 to Denon 3805?

    Someone is locally selling a Denon 3805 receiver which 2 years ago retailed for 1200 dollars. I figure I could talk him down to sub-300 dollars. Would this be worth while?
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    How bad is it to generate a 2hz tone?

    Just that. It's hilarious to watch my speakers move so slowly
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    How to reset Spaces?

    I need to delete some sort of preference file for spaces because it doesn't like to switch the space for programs such as preview. I haven't been able to locate anything relevant, though
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    Xbox live update killed MTU settings?

    Ever since yesterday I can no longer pass the mtu test, but the updating is over- correct? halp
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    waking mbp display when using external

    They got rid of the button, so how do you revive your macbook pro display when it's switched to just the external? This is on the newest revision.
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    Cheap AV rack?

    I need to buy a cheap av rack. Any recommendations? It doesn't need to be taller than 3 feet or, or wider than the 18-20 inches of my stuff. Metal+adjustable would be great.
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    Issue with Spaces

    On my old mac mini, I had an issue where certain applications would open to their correct space, but clicking on the application in the dock or opening a relevant document did not cause the space to automatically switch. With my new computer, I transfered everything using the transfer assistant...
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    anyone who thinks the iPod touch sucks...

    ...obviously didn't get one with a student discounted MacBook pro :D The touch interface is so excellent. Definitely no gimmick. I understand the want for physical buttons, but I wanted this so I could listen to music while browsing the net without the battery life of a laptop.
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    MBP 2.4 vs. 2.5ghz?

    I am strongly assuming I won't need 512mb of video ram. I would add in the bigger hard drive if I bought the 2.4. Is there any other selling point, other than 100mhzx2?
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    Ubuntu, Alsa and SPDIF?

    I have searched the hell out of this and it probably doesn't help that Ubuntu is the only instance of open source linux I've ever used. I have a sound blaster live card that uses the supported emu chipset. However, I cannot get any media player in ubuntu to give me ac3 and dts passthrough...
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    Bandwidth inconsistencies amongst OS platforms

    If I run a speed test on my DSL line on Mac OS X, I get (consistently) 6mbps down and 384kbps up, which I am pretty sure is a specific DSL plan from my provider. If I run a speed test on my DSL line on the same computer running Windows XP, I get (consistently) 11mbps down and 1mbps up, which...
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    The best way to connect HTPC to SDTV?

    I'll eventually be working on setting up my freebie HTPC to my freebie 27" Sony trinitron. The computer has a geforce 4 (which I don't really having a problem replacing with something off of ebay or the like) with only VGA and S-Video outputs, while my TV has component inputs. I'm assuming...
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    Frets on Fire for Mac This is version 1.1.324 with the guitar hero+rf mod integrated in as much as possible. It will work with both ppc and intel macs as soon as you unzip it. I have no idea about the inner workings of the python code, but somehow I got this stuff to work by...
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    iTunes/OS X jumbling songs

    Today I noticed that a whole bunch of my songs in itunes have swapped themselves with others, meaning if I go to play an Elliott Smith song, it'll play Beck, as well as the other way around. What really scares me, though, is that if I preview the song in the finder or open it with a different...
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    Airport Express question

    I know that there is a way to use an airport express as a bridge to my wireless router for my wired computer, but does anyone know if it will recognize the express station in itunes as an audio device?
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    3.5mm to RCA adapter

    Does anyone know where I can get a good quality 3.5mm to RCA adapter? Monoprice has some good shielded RCA cables, but their adapters are very thin or clunky. An all in one cable works as well. Thanks.
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    Does B&W make good subwoofers?

    I just found an offer on a B&W ASW600 for 230 bucks. I was originally intending on picking up an X-Sub, but would this be a better bet?
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    What to expect from a power conditioner?

    I bought a power conditioner today, from monster, sadly, but I just wanted to try it out. Of course the thing is probably a complete rip, but I have the full intensions of returning it. I tried comparing having all my crap hooked up to their old power strips against isolating each item to the...
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    Internet browsing cutting out, Instant messaging maintained

    My friend is having a situation with his DSL modem/router where his internet browsing ability will fail over a certain amount of time, but instant messaging is not affected. This happens to all of the PCs on his network. Any possible causes? Using a separate router is an option that hasn't been...
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    HardOCP crashing safari?

    From the console: "[Fatal Error] :1:132: XML document structures must start and end within the same entity." Edit: I scrapped the hell out of everything that was once internet related on my computer, and that seems to have fixed it. I'm tired of these stupid internet issues I'm having, but I...
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    What on earth is my computer doing?

    Ever so slowly, all the text I read online no matter what the browser is being converted to alternate characters, like holding down the option key and typing (å&#730;¬&#8721;œ˜&#63743;ÒÚÅ&#305;ÔÅÍ). What the hell is going on? I would upload a picture but I really can't understand imageshack
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    Is the BIC H-100 a musical sub?

    What the title said :cool:
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    Coming from full-range speakers

    I have two pairs of insignias mated with my pair of 1980's floor standing Pioneer speakers, and I'm wanting to pick up those X-LS bookshelf speakers later this year. I've obviously had experience with bookshelves, but due to their size they naturally cannot produce the quantity of bass as 12"...