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    Surface Pro 128gb (First Gen) $599 Best Buy (Clearance YMMV)

    using mine right now, this thing is pretty fun. havent had a laptop or a tablet for a while now, damn its fast.
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    BF4 $20 or deluxe edition $25

    Snagged deluxe for 24.99, downloading right now, thanks!
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    39" 4k monitor/tv = $499

    I have been very happy with dual Dell U3011's, tried many many setups, this was the best.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    two dell u3011's
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    Ikea desk gallery

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    Ikea desk gallery

    Well, I got the ultimate Ikea desk, Jerker via craigslist. Ran me $70, and it is in terrible shape. But it came with a side shelf and I have some ideas. Well here's the start. Going flat black with the entire frame. Currently drying with 1 full coat, and a touch up coat. Will hit it 1...
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    XFX Pro 850W PSU Gold Modular $109.99 MIR

    I am currently using this in my setup, oc'd i7 2600k with 7950's in crossfire, works great, and I paid ~$35 more for it. Also:
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    The 2013 Post Pics Of Your Rig Thread!

    The LED case lighting, where are you guys getting these white led strips from? What do you use to power them as well? Thanks!
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    XFX 7950 $190 AR

    Gigabyte Windforce 7950 is still 224.99 on Amazon with a $25 rebate, I think that's a better card for $10 more.
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    Ikea desk gallery

    Quickfire Rapid, blue switch. Using the same keyboard with Red switches now.
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    Asus 7950 is $245 AR, and Gigabyte 7950 is $199 AR (Newegg)

    I grabbed a second Gigabyte card, love mine.
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Dual Dell u3011
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    Sandisk Extreme 120 $90, 240 $160

    I just grabbed one of these for $80.XX shipped to my front door. Might be worth checking out if you want something smaller. With a 25 off 75 coupon I thought it was a pretty nice deal, and it comes...
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    20in ips monitor 89.99 prime at amazon

    You need 1600x1200 for 20-30-20 PLP to work, that's how mine was anyway and it was damn near perfect, I moved on to dual 30"s after that though...
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    Finally, a decent deal for BF3 Premium. $9.99 GameFly

    Bought this, thanks!
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    Mouse showdown, Logitech vs Razer.

    G700, hands down. Just got one from the last sale, previously used g500, g9x, mX, now the g700. Their warranty and customer service if you ever do have a problem is unmatched. And the product is very well made.
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    Mechanical Keyboards

    Usually 40-50 bucks for a set of decent caps, I replaced the keycaps on both of my quickfire rapids with new pbt's they are just so much nice than abt keycaps.
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    World of Warcraft "Scroll of Resurrection"

    Can someone with an extra scroll shoot me a PM? Thanks!
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    How Many Use Tenkeyless & Why?

    Less than TKL ftw, its so just nice.
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    Cherry MX Red or Black better for gaming?

    After owning a blue switch board first, then buying a red switch one, and lastly just getting my new black switch keyboard... I have say I like the black switches the best. Blues are great for typing, and reds were just too light for me. Black switches seem to have the best feel for me for both...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Monoprice, and a Ergotron MX
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    Replacing Cherry switches

    you are everywhere!
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    Will there be deals for high end video cards on BF?

    I was pretty happy getting the gigabyte 7950 for 280 after rebate, came with 3 games as well. Didn't think there would be a much better deal than that, at least with how easy it was to get.
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    Ikea desk gallery

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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Got bored with the standard PLP setup and got my hands on another 30" for a really good price, this is how it ended up looking! Dell 3007wfp-hc on the left on an Ergotron MX mount, center Dell U3011 on a monoprice mount.
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    Where to buy DELL 30" U3011?

    Got a full PLP setup off of Craigslist yesterday, dell u3011 with two 2007fp for $700. Just goin to use the two 30" I have now and sell the four extra 2007fp's I have sitting here. Keep an eye on Craigslist always deals to be had there, this one along along with the other I got off Craigslist...
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    Question about 2 cards and multiple screen setup!

    I am trying to get a better / smoother framerate on my center screen. So I would run the center screen to the new 2gb 6950, and then the outer screens would be directly connected to my old 6870. Powering the center screen off of the 6950 wouldn't improve my fps in games? What would be my best...
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    Question about 2 cards and multiple screen setup!

    I currently use a non oc'd Radeon HD 6870 for my PLP setup, 20"+30"+20" (4960x1200 resolution). It runs games like BF on the center monitor (2560x1600) at reasonable settings while still using the other side screens for email, music, skype, etc. Would it be possible to add another card...
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    Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming & Typing

    Well the black keyboard is red switches, and the gray keyboard is blue switches. I think the blue switch one is just barely more fun to type on, but the red switch is a lot better for games in my opinion. You should at least try to get to a best buy and try out the black widow or whatever it is...
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    Not pictured is my Logitech g9x, my favorite mouse! (previously had a g500)
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    Best Mechanical Keyboard for Gaming & Typing

    Or just get two keyboards, one for gaming and one for typing like I did! -Patrick
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    That is actually an old Kitchen table top that is 60" wide and 35" deep that my parents had in their garage. I ripped off the old frame and legs and spent about 8 hours refinishing it in my garage. 3 coats of sealer and one last sanding session and that's what you see there. These are the...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Awesome, thank you. :D -Patrick
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    That looks great, any more shots of this? Whats the width and height of the whole setup? -Patrick
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    triple monitor set up.

    I always like how the triple portrait setups look. But after having a 30" monitor, I don't think I could ever go back to something smaller. Regardless of the fact that I can't span games across all screens (though some games you can), I really enjoy being able to check out other things while...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    Correct, 2007fp / 3007wfp-hc / 2007fp. All dell.
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    Any home made desks?

    Refinished an old kitchen table that was 60"x36" and got just the finish/smoothness I wanted out of it (took about 8 hours of work) then stuck some ikea legs underneath it and voila.
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    Ikea desk gallery