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    ASUS PRIME X299 DELUXE II Motherboard Review @ [H]

    So if I were to grab 2 M.2 SSD's and RAID0 them using this board, would both go in the M.2 slots that lay flat, or would I need to have one sticking out of the 3rd m.2 connector by the 24 pin power connector? For the prices on the Samsung 970 Evo's, I'm seeing it's only $10 more to get 2x 500GB...
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    voice low, action high

    Where is your source coming from? Netflix? Plex? I am having this issue with Plex right now. It is completely failing to correctly convert 5.1 source audio to stereo for my Chromecast.
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    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    I hope this means overclocking that headset. Somehow. Someway. This should be a thing. "I can walk all the way out to the mailbox and they stay connected!!" YEEESSSSSSSSS.
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    74% of Netflix Subscribers Would Rather Cancel Than See Ads

    As long as they continue to offer a No-Ad tier that isn't a huge price hike, I don't see the problem. It makes sense that a monthly subscription would go up at some points because of inflation etc. I'd be fine coughing up $2 more a month for a guarantee I wont see any Ads (excluding the...
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    State Department Temporarily Halting Parts Of Email System

    So Hillary's private server kept her emails out of the hands of Russia? Maybe all state department employees should use private email...
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    SilverStone Olympia 1000W Power Supply 7 Year Redux @ [H]

    This article is perfectly timed for me personally. My ~8 year old PSU crapped out on me this weekend and it took quite a bit of troubleshooting to narrow it down to the PSU. Fortunately I was able to poach my wife's old rig of it's power supply and my machine is back up and running, but it's...
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    343 Industries Explains 20GB Day One Patch

    I'm actually a little surprised at the amount of ignorant piling-on in this thread. Things around here are usually wrapped up in a lot more logic than this. The servers for this 20GB download on day 1 will be just fine. It's coming out of the Xbox Live servers, not some new games servers that...
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    Tt BlacX Urban Wi-Fi Edition HDD Docking Station

    Yup! That's definitely me. The name doesn't get used elsewhere very often since it's kinda stupid ;) Game Connection by chance?
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    Tt BlacX Urban Wi-Fi Edition HDD Docking Station

    Can someone explain any legitimate uses for such a device? I'd hate to try to use something like this in my typical work meetings or at home. We use laptops with projectors at work, and I have a NAS at home. Is this just for getting it done on the cheap or something? Maybe the video simply...
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    Google Buys Nest For $3.2B

    I looked into getting a Nest as a replacement for our existing thermostat, but after reading a large number of reviews slamming the things, I backed away.. far far away. They apparently do not have a whole lot of tolerance built into them for the kind of power lines used in typical houses and...
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    Apple Patents Facial Recognition As Your Password

    I'm curious if they'll ever add a sensor to smartphones that can correctly account for depth like one of the senors in the Kinect. That'd make these things a LOT harder to trick.
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    ASUS Maximus VI Extreme LGA 1150 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Read the review and decided I might start thinking about doing an upgrade soon. Decided to run that Bioshock Infinite benchmark (I'm assuming this is the one that comes with the game) on my PC, which is getting old. 150 average FPS [MachineInfo] OS: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 GraphicsVendor...
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    Twitter Is Hiding Two Years Of Financial Data

    It's amazing that so much money goes into a company that looks like it could have been coded by a few people in a kitchen. I understand it takes a lot of people hours to run servers and support and all that, but come on...
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    Teen Hacker Making $50k A Month Arrested

    "The arrest operation shut down the power to the entire neighbourhood to prevent the deletion of sensitive data." That's a pretty smart tactic to use. I got a good chuckle. Even if the kid had UPC's setup, it is at least worth taking a shot at it on the chance he didn't. I'm imagining a room...
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    The 12 Best Mods For PC Games

    The one Mod I I've spent the most time with. I'm a little shocked to see someone mention it! That oil rig map.... so fun.
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    Drone Takes Out Bride And Groom At Wedding

    This is the first time I've ever had the urge to use.... Lollercopter!
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    This is surreal: We are getting fibre to the home!!!

    So up/down is nice and all, but what is the ping like on fiber? That might be a stupid question. I don't know yet. Feel free to let me know.
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    Home File Server vs NAS

    Oddly, the Synology site has a forum that provides all this info in a Wiki style: Yay. Back to researching with this new found data...
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    Home File Server vs NAS

    Awesome info! Thanks for sharing that. I spent quite a bit of time looking at the different specs for items, and other areas of their site, and couldn't find a clear outline of what the model indicators meant. I'm having trouble finding out for sure what type of CPU is in each model. Their...
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    Home File Server vs NAS

    Apache! Ok cool. I know what that is, but have had a bitch of a time confirming which NAS's have it. I was previously leaning toward the DS413, but then I found a helpful review on Newegg that talks about the CPU in the DS413 being a PowerPC versus the DS412+ using an x86. That means Plex...
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    Home File Server vs NAS

    What Synology model are using for those tasks? I'm researching today and keep getting steered toward Synoloy at just about every turn, and the list you have there seems to match what I'm looking to do. I'd love to get a home DLNA server going (in-house and mobile access would be awesome), a...
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    Bought a router - RT-N66U - How should I use this thing?

    Stumbled across this thread today while searching for other stuff.... What you CAN'T do with it is easily attach a HDD over 2TB via an external enclosure. Hence the reason I am searching for info about NAS's today. I'm trying to get a home-cloud thing setup for music/photos and perhaps maybe...
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    MS May be Upgrading the Specs of the Xbox One

    Slap two more HDMI outputs on the darn thing, crank up the clocks, and call it a day.
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    Kinect Costs As Much As The Xbox One?

    They are selling the thing for $500, so I wouldn't be totally shocked if the Kinect2.0 cost $250 to build. I'd think they are insanely stupid for moving forward with it if that is true, but not totally shocked. The device is unique for what goes into it, unlike the relatively "off the shelf"...
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    Schools Giving Away Cars And iPads For Perfect Attendance?

    I find it curious the article doesn't actually call out if kids can still qualify if they miss a day due to being sick. It would be wildly absurd and totally fucking stupid to encourage kids to come to school when they are sick. "She emphasized the correlation between good attendance and...
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    Are You Being Stalked on Facebook?

    I can't be the only person that feels like being stalked on Facebook would be new and exciting?:D
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    FCC Eyes Tax on Internet Service

    Why friggin' bother? The folks this would extend internet to would just bitch about the tax despite the fact it would save them the money of having to pay for pricey satellite internet. I sure as shit don't want to pay for it on their behalf.
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    Facebook, Zuckerberg Sued Over IPO

    As I said... he could have stopped from going public if he wanted to. He chose to go public. He could have done plenty to reduce the shareholder count under the SEC limit, or at least keep it under the limit.
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    Are You A Cyberpunk?

    When I think of the 90's idea of what a hacker or cyber-whatever was, all I can picture are the horrendous costumes they clowned those fools up in the movies. "The pattern on this fabric is crazy. Get it in the movie!"
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    DotCom Case Sees Tears, FBI, Claims of Betrayal

    The US does have a ton of treaties signed with friendly countries that let them do this kind of thing. New Zealand isn't exactly putting up a fight against it.
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    Best Buy CEO: We're Not The Authority In Electronics Anymore

    The only stuff I ever buy from Best Buy are games and television shows on DVD. Lately, the selection in both of those areas has taken a dramatic downturn. I wander through there on my lunch breaks a few times a month and walk out with a purchase maybe 1 out of 10 trips. Thank god for...
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    EA Comments On The Layoffs At Bioware Austin

    No MMO will replace WoW as the big dog until they stop trying to make copies of WoW. Why would anyone bother playing a game that is 75% the same when they can just keep playing WoW and keep their long history they've built up with it? The MMO market has to do something that is a massive...
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    Please Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

    The last time I was impressed with a robot was the Roomba. I probably won't be impressed again until a robot can do my laundry and/or dishes for me.
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    Game Delays Signal An “Unwavering Commitment to Quality”

    It was worth more putting that game down than it was to allow the joke to continue. Take-Two took one for the team by putting an end to it.
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    Facebook, Zuckerberg Sued Over IPO

    Uh... no. He could have kept it from going public if he wanted to.
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    The $49 Android PC

    I don't really get excited seeing "Ultra low power" as a selling point. You mean.. it's slow.. right? Right?!?
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    Why Facebook's Stock is Tanking

    That's not even a little bit of a secret to anyone. Advertisers get plenty of data on where their customers are coming from and can decide for themselves if it's worth the purchase price for advertising on Facebook. The fact they continue to buy ads is telling.
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    Why Facebook's Stock is Tanking

    The point that you are missing, is that they know YOU are who they should be putting video card ads in front of. Other folks, who are a lot like you, are going to click on the ad while uploading pics of their pets.
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    Why Facebook's Stock is Tanking

    Facebook ads certainly have a low "click through" rate compared to Google and other search engines, but they still have a gazillion users that advertisers can get ads in front of. It's no different than buying ads on television. Get a TON of eyeballs on the ad.. that's it. Is this "worth" a...
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    Study: Piracy Boosts Music Sales

    Did I miss something here? Does the paper not actually prove a causal relationship between album sales and torrenting? There may be a correlation, but that is totally different than a causal relationship.