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    Purchasing a CubeStormer

    OK- so let's say... I was lazy... but Iw anted one of those super cool rubic's cube solving lego robots.... anyone know where I could buy one? Just... for messing around with. It looked cool...
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    Field of view/ number of displays efefinity question

    For surround gaming- as in, screens literally surrounding you, how many would you need to properly simulate field of view without stretching and visual artifacts? And how would you configure each display's field of view angle to properly display things in a 360 degree display? I am thinking...
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    Keeping part of a page from reloading if it is the same across multiple pages

    Hi- Please forgive me if my question is stupid, but I can't seem to wrap my head around a solution. I am not a coder or a programer, I am designing a software solution. My question is this- if I have, say 9 pages for a website application, and the top portion of every single page is exactly...
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    Logins that "transfer" from computer to computer

    Hi- I was wondering- what is it called where you login to a computer on a network, and say you download a paper to print, etc. Then later, after you logout previously, you login to another computer, and it transfers all your settings to the new computer you are now using? Is this hard to...
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    CostCo or electronics- warranties good? Second rate Quality issues?

    Hi- I am shopping for a camera for my wife, and was looking at a bundle CostCo has for the eos T1i- I heard bad things about buying high end electronics through Costco though. is there anything i should be worried about? Anyone know anything about buying electronics through Costco? Thank you.
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    Instant on motherboards

    I watched that video of the motherboard booting straight to windows in like a second or two from IDF 2009 at the Phoenix booth- anyone know when this will be available on motherboards generally?
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    What MB has the most pi-e 8x compatible slots?

    I was just thinking about WHS, MyMovies and those new upcoming SSD PCI-E drives from OCZ- wanted to see how many I could get on to a single MB for maximum storage capacity.
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    PS3 native 16:10 AR support

    Hi- does the PS3 support native 16:10 ar monitors? I don't mean by stretching- I mean the native way the xbox 360 does. Anyone know? Thanks.
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    Windows 7 One version petition I think everyone should sign it.
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    Am I missing something- 1tb hds for 130$??

    I gues sI ahve not checked the prices in a while- but am I compleely missing something? Are hard drives really that much cheaper now? I thought that a 1tb hd was 300-400 $s recently?
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    weird network slowdown- specific to one client's network when accessing my site. Ple

    I have a SAAS website that provides office management software for a company. The site, through their network, runs painfully slow. Whenever they report problems, I cna jump on the site and have ti work for me just fine. As in, it loads as fast as any other site. But on their network, it is...
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    Data loss

    Alright, I have a general problem happening on my site and I need some advice or suggestions. i can't seem to get my programmer to figure out what the issue is, and I suspect is is because we cannot duplicate the problem as we are not in the multi-user environment that my users are during the...
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    Need opinions and thoughts on necessary processor power for web server

    Hi- I have a web application that runs great on the current server I have, but there is the occasional page loading delay and there are delays when accessing certain functions, like drop down menus populated with database table data. Right now, I have the following server configuration...
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    auto import information from email

    does anyone have any suggestions on how to take an email with data in it and have the values imported in to the database, creating a record as the are imported? I want to take a constistently formatted email and have each one's information be automatically imported in to a database. Anyone know...
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    in browser document editing- possible? How?

    I want to setup a feature on my site to allow my users to select from various letter templates and edit them to make letters for individual clients. The letters will merge some aspects of the case file in to them, and then save and store online on the server. They will also need to be printed...
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    virus protection for uploaded files

    I want to start a trial of a program that will allow my clients to upload documents for posting to other users. But I am concerned about viruses being uploaded to my server. Does anyone have a strategy for dealing with this? I assume its virus protection that scans each uploaded file, but I...
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    specifying a certain type of database entry to be handled by a different database ser

    I have an issue with server growth- as my clients use their software subscriptions, they will accumulate more and more closed files. For example, if they are adding 100 records a month, and the life of each record is 12 months, then there will always be a standing active record count of 1200...
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    Current state of HDMI Dolby True HD and DTS Master audio unaltered digital output

    Alright, with various motherboards out or on the horizon that have hdmi output, the auzentech hdmi extension board almost here, and Power DVD 8 released, do we have the true unaltered, digital output of uncompressed audio yet? Where is technology with relation to this "holy grail" we all want?
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    Alternative to Verisign

    Hi- i have had a verisign cert for my site,a nd it is expiring soon. All I care about is my connection being encrypted, does anyone here have a recommendation of a cheaper alternative to Verisign? Thank you.
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    Old Unreal engine 3 concept video- hint to Locust motivation in Gears of War

    Does anyone remember seeing the unreal engine 3 concept video that was taken by hand held camera and leaked out from E3 a few years ago? It was way before Gears of War came out. I just remember the Locust standing in a hallway with colored lights on him, and the giant walker thing walking over...
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    Need opinions on how to speed up a site

    OK, I need some help here. I am running the following server on Rackspace: Athlon 3200 2ghz, 2gb of ram. I hae my OS and my program on separate partitions. I have a website running on it, and I want to know what the best wayt o speed things up is- a new faster server, splittign the sql...
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    Javascript to add numbers on webform in real time

    Does anyone have any examples or sources for javascript that will add nubers on a webform in realtime? the page is a settlement sheet of sorts, and i need the numbers to recalculate as they are added, with the user hitting "save" only if the numbers are what they need. any thoughts or...
  23. I control for scanning in documents

    Does anyone know of a good product for putting an ocr paperless office document scanning solution in to a webapp? i would like my clients to be able to upload a document to a webcontrol and have the document be ocr'd and automatically associated with a file. Is this possible? i guess the...
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    Import Excel file in to a single microsoft SQL table

    I have what is inevitably a stupid noob question, but don't know, so here goes... How do a I take an excel spreadsheet and import it to fill the data of a sql table? I ahve the entire spreadsheet setup with column headers matching the names of the table column headers, and i just want to...
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    KVM with bluetooth keyboard

    I am wondering if anyone knows of a kvm switch that can switch a bluetooth apple keyboard between multiple computers. i have a mac, love the mini wireless keyboard, and I want to switch between a pc and a mac and keep the same keyboard and mouse. Does anyone here have enough knowledge to know...
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    Force Balls? LAME!

    I just read this over at Kotaku or whatever about Force unleashed: "Then something really bothered us. We noticed that when the troopers died, green orbs popped out like we've seen in God of War. While we're sure these orbs are intended to fill the force meter, their fantasy-based nature...
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    windows server, already has .net, asp, all that stuff- dotnetnuke or vbulletin/WP?

    OK, I am puting together a site plan and I am trying to figure out whether to use vbulletin with some custom integration with WP, or t completely use dotnetnuke. I want to have a community buletin board with each user having a blog page. this is asmall niche community, but I will be...
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    keeping logins from being remembered

    OK- my bank website does this, but I cannot figure out how to get mine to. I don;t want it to remember- ever my login. You know when you type in a login and the login preiously typed starts to show, then you hit enter, and the password shows up too? I don;t want it to do that- like...
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    1024 gb SSDs- can you imagine? Any thoughts on when?

    So I hae been looking at some of these monster setups- like Ockie's nuclear powered storage rig, and I was thinking about how cool it would be to have SSD drives that were 1 TB in size instead of platter based drives. Does anyone have any idea when we might see these? The speed and lower...
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    azuentech x-FI HDMI 1.3 addon pics forgive me if this has already been posted.
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    Here's a wild idea- macbook Air- floats above its dock

    OK- this was just an idea i had, no "I talked to this guy in an elevator" BS here... But here si my idea- Macbook Air has no aires- it uses induction charging, and the charging base has magnets to elevate the notebook slightly above a docking station. so it hovers, like 1/4" above, and still...
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    So I made a torrent and I want to host it somewhere other than my computer.

    Anyone have any ideas? I am a complete noob to this and I want to put up a band's new music as a torrent. If someone could tell me a good place to upload it I would appreciate it.
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    autmatic resizing to display size dependng on what monitor is connected

    I have a mbp 15" and a 24" dell 1920 by 1200 display- is there a way to enable something in leopard that ill resize th windows according to the monitor that is connect? I hate resizing everything as soon as the bigger monitor is connected or disconnected.
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    sick of my programmer having to pay paypal's fees

    I work wiht a really good guy in Poland,a nd I am trying to figure out a way to send him money without a huge fee being taken out o it. IS there anything other than paypal? It's just chapping my ass that they take sucha big cut. I was looking at ikobo, but it still looks like that will be a...
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    Best plae to look for programmers to hire

    I hope I am not breaking a rule by posting this here... Does anyone have a recommendation on where to post jobs for programmers or where to look for programmers to build single components for websites? thank you.
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    VBlog vs Wordpress vs Moveable Type

    i am looking for a blogging software that can be integrated with vbulletin and is customizable to the point of almost having each blog be an individual web page. Also, I want to give each blog site the ability to have personal skins, each unique. Which blogging program would suite my needs...
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    Postfix vs qmail- which is better?

    Does anyone her have experience with either of these mass mail solutions, or can suggestion a better alternative to the two? Thank you.
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    Looking for best USB hub- any recommendations?

    Just got my first mac, a mac book pro- i am looking for a usb hub that can plugin just one cable to my mbp and have all my peripherals atattched to it- my mouse (logitech super mouse with the dongle) my two ipods, my iphone, etc. Is there anything out there that is just a USB hub that is...
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    Program to check email inboxes to see if a message has been recieved from an address

    Hi- I would appreciate any thoughts or opinions here- I would like to have a web component that checks my client's email addresses to see if they have received an email from a particular email address. I do not want to download the email, and the subject and content could be completely...