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    ASUS Celebrates 500M Motherboard Sales With Global Giveaway

    Very true. I remember frying a few of them as well :D
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    Windows 8.2 Will Make Start Menu An Option?

    Meh, still rockin Win 7.
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    Clean Your Damn Computer!

    Seen worse... Smokers who never dust anything can do some damage to everything
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    NewEgg: Zotac GeForce GTX 780 Ti for $669.99

    "Only $669.99"...............
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    Replacement for Winamp?

    This is what I have been using. My MP3 library is pretty big and it handles it just fine. Not perfect but works very well. This was my Musicmatch replacement a while back because it converts and tags stuff nicely.
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    HDD Prices Finally Back to Pre-Flood Levels

    Yep, hard drives start to drop but RAM starts to go up.........
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    Your CPU progression

    Main boxes in order. Started when I was 12... Worked in a PC shop during high school which is why there are so many Pentium II's, III's, and Athlons... Didn't even bother listing the laptops. Intel 80386 DX 25MHz Intel 80486 DX2 50MHz 1996-1997 I bought this myself after saving up for...
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    Looking for suggestions on my HTPC build

    I built a new HTPC to replace my old 775 system that I did have. I am looking to do more than just stream movies from my main box and replace the PS3. I still use it for Netflix, Hulu, and also stream movies from my media server. I have a nice HT setup with an Onkyo receiver, 5.1 surround...
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    New FCC Chairman Tells Wireless Carriers to Unlock Cell Phones

    I'm down for this. If I buy a $600 device, I should be able to do whatever I want with it. Maybe cell phone bills will start to come out of the sky too....
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    omg what happened to the memory prices ?

    Heh. I guess I bought memory at the right time then. I guess my other computers are sticking with 8 and 4GB kits... I'm glad hard drives finally came down because I was running out of space quick.
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    Apple Sued Over iPhone iOS7 Upgrade

    Heh... I upgraded my iPhone 4S to IOS7 and ended up selling it a few weeks later. It turned a perfectly good phone into a slow pile of crap. I left my iPad 3 with IOS6 and have no desire to upgrade (ruin) it.
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    Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie Ready by Late October

    <Looks at my HTC One X+ and thinks...not getting KLP 5 until Android 6 is out...>
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    Tech Time Warp of the Week: America Online, 1995

    By 1999, I probably had close to one million free hours because of all the CD they kept sending me...
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    Intel Starts The Countdown To Haswell

    Same reason here. I'll probably run my system for another 2 years before I upgrade....
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    One in Three Americans Still Text and Drive

    Illegal in GA... I see prople text and drive all the time. People text me and I usually call them back.
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    Japan's 'Amazon’ Coming to America

    I hope so also. So much stuff we miss out on..
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    Belkin To Buy Linksys Router Maker

    I had a Belkin and hated it. It never really worked right. I have a Linksys now and when it fails (it's already on its way out) I'll be looking at an Asus...
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    Google Discontinues More Services, Including Sync

    Meh, I only use Gmail and the Contacts thing for work so...
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    Apple Drastically Cut Its iPhone Orders For Next Quarter

    Same here. Up until a few weeks ago, I was still using an Inspire 4g that I gave hell and it still worked great until I dropped it in the lake. I got the new One X+ because of the amount of storage on it and because the camera took some pretty amazing pictures. There are phones with better...
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    i386 Finally Gone the Way of the Dodo

    First computer I had was a 486sx that my dad bought for me. It had 8MB RAM and a 1GB hard drive (what was consumed with bad sectors unlike anything I have yet to see to this day). It ran Doom perfectly. We bought it used and it crashed within a year. I started out using 386's and old Macs...
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    Ten Years Ago Today

    Yep. When everything started to get color-coded, it was the beginning of the end. :)
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    After 35-year trip, NASA’s Voyager is Entering Deep Space

    Yep, I'm still waiting on my hover board and flying car damnit...
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    Microsoft Prices Pro Version Of Surface At $899

    Yep, I won't be buying one of these...not really because of price but because I probably will never use the thing.
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    Average Wireless Bill Increased 7% in 2012

    After having Sprint for 11 years and having nothing but problems with their service coverage for the last 2, I decided to go to AT&T. I pay $10-15 (Sprint was $130 per month) more per month and have 6GB shared between two phones and could not be happier. My wife and I do not use more than...
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    AT&T Yet Again The Worst-Rated Carrier In U.S.

    I switched from Sprint (had the worst service and continually got worse and worse) to AT&T and am happy that I NOW have cell service at the house.
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    New MySpace Losing More Money Than Old MySpace

    Did not know Myspace was still around... Never cared for it and still do not care for it.
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    Anyone own multiple smartphones?

    I have an HTC Vivid for my personal phone and an iPhone 4 for work. Can't stand Apple but when my customers all have Apple products, it doubles as a tool when I need to test something out.
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    Samsung Refuses To Negotiate with Apple

    Screw Apple. Glad to see Samsung sticking to their word.
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    Steve Jobs’ High-Tech Yacht Makes Its Debut

    Pretty sure the inside is nice but the exterior is ugly.
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    AT&T Cutting Returns and Service Cancellation Period

    Sprint did the same thing a couple years back. I can honestly say I am not surprised tat AT&T followed suit but I am surprised it took AT&T this long to change it to 14 days. I normally know within a week if I do not like something and I'll return it anyway. Side note: Sprint can...
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    Watchdog Calls eBay's User Policy 'Underhanded'

    Or you can stop using eBay altogether... After being ripped off from buying and selling, I no longer use eBay or Paypal. There are plenty of alternatives that offer better service/sales without the bullshit associated with eBay.
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    iPhone And Apple Jumped The Shark

    That's because a lot of people expect nothing but the best from Apple. Apple also put themselves in that position as well with a lot of their ads, key notes, law suits, and the products themselves. Not to mention the amount of people that buy their devices simply because it's an Apple device...
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    Apple Looking to Create a Pandora Rival

    Another app that gets me music. I could care less where it comes from as long as it works.
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    Iptorrent Invites

    In for one also.
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    Best Buy's New CEO Signing Bonus: $20M

    Too bad they are not pushing the platinum service plans anymore... :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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    Microsoft Unveils A New Look

    A step in a more modern direction but I think it's boring and bland.
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    Court Affirms $675K Penalty In Music-Downloading Case

    +1 This guy is forever in debt because of those retards. Approx 22k per song is fucken stupid. They can be bought for $0.99c on Amazon or iTunes. Much like shoplifting, make the guy pay a $50 fine and pay $0.99c per song and call it a day but that would be to easy I guess. I am not saying...