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    Dashcat2 Build

    The end of an era. So long and thanks for all the fish.
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    Captain Marvel Will Lead the MCU, Kevin Feige Says

    More money I can save by not going to the movies? Thanks Disney!
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    Facebook and Instagram Are down

    Nothing of Value was lost. Please take down twitter next.
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    Gearbox Teases a March Borderlands Announcement

    Call me when GOTY edition is out with all the addons and DLC. I have enough content to hold me over till then.
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    AdoredTV Reveals New AMD Leaks and Social Media Woes

    I skipped through this video. I heard whining and poopoo'n mean people on the internet. Forwarded to actual news, didn't hear any. Closed video. I want my 2 minutes of my life back jimbo.
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    This Is Probably the Movie Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

    He looks like a goddamn furry rapist.
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    Doom: Annihilation Gets a Trailer

    This movie looks fucking awful. Did the scyfy network do the filming for this? Are going to get sharks with lasers next time?
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    Ubisoft Will Prevent Third-Party Digital Stores from Selling "The Division 2" after Release

    Bought it on XBOX, doesn't matter to me about patches and what not. Physical medium cant' die soon enough. This game is jam packed with enough content to make Anthem look like a Demo and Destiny2+DLC"s look like a beta version. Those of you craving a true looter shooter are going to be...
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    "Captain Marvel" Trolled the Trolls with a $455M Global Launch

    Not going to give marvel any money for this movie, no desire to see it, praying that it does not dovetail into End Game with Capt SJW saving everyone with MUHWOMANPOWAH! Please let gamora and Nebula kill Thanos, that would be the best ending ever.
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    Microsoft to Announce Xbox One S "All Digital Edition" in April [Rumor]

    XBOX ONE S.A.D version come on marketing people do your fucking homework...
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    Activision Blizzard Layoffs May Cause Key Talent to Leave

    Nothing of value was lost. Sooner Bioware and blizzard crash and burn the sooner those bright minds can get together and make something wonderful again.
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    Old BioWare Has Become "A Distant Memory"

    There's a WarShooter (Battlefield/front/Something) where you have to hit a button on the keyboard to pay respects to a fallen/dead comrade's casket. that button is F. F=pay respect to the dead.
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    THQ Nordic Apologizes for Hosting AMA on 8chan

    Never Fucking Apologize.
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    Samsung Loads McAfee Antivirus Onto Smart TVs

    Nope Nope Nope Nope. Never buy a Samsung anything again.
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    Ubisoft Announces Year One Content for Tom Clancy's The Division 2

    No you won't see folks doing that as they did for Anthem, I was one of those folks who did. Instead we will be seeing people ONLINE and IN THE GAME playing for weeks and months to come. NOt like the flash in the pan anthem which should've been a $30 game to begin with as there is very little...
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    USB-IF Changes Branding Again With USB 3.2

    What is the speed of USB C at now? Will it finally be at 20Gbps?
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    Energizer Smartphone has a 18,000 mAh Battery

    Well there you have it, life...uh...finds a way.
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    "Forgettable, Repetitive": Early Reviews Aren't Kind on Anthem

    Hahahha! I was actually watching A_seagull's and AdmiralBuru's stream when that happened. It was hilarious watching this new fish flounder around and die left and right on the last mission. Fucking comedy.
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    Netflix Cancels The Punisher And Jessica Jones

    Chef's Table and Planet Earth are rewatched quarterly in my house. Those shows are what 4k High Def shows should be.
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    The Division 2 Will Get an Open Beta

    Good. Looking forward to playing it again as I hit 20 hours in and didn't finish everything.
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    PlayStation 5 Could Emulate All Previous Generations of PS Consoles

    We've already seen the specs of the PS5: x86 AMD chip. The emulation that is possible on these chips we all know would allow for backwards emulation of everything from a PSP:go to a PS3. Sony just has to allow it....
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    Here Is the AMD EPYC "Rome" C-Ray Demo

    I want one of those shirts.
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    Most Customers Would Stop Watching Netflix if it had Commercials

    It will force me to finish setting up my Radarr/SickBeard setup for automated downloading of shows.
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    Screenshot Shows 256GB of RAM in a Threadripper System

    You are correct. I meant to say : SATA vs. NVME.
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    Screenshot Shows 256GB of RAM in a Threadripper System

    You are talking about Oranges and Volkswagons. Threadripper, main topic, is a server grade chip (EPYC) in a consumer based package, meant for power users on desktops, not meant for servers but can perform pretty well in a 'server' type role if needbe. All the motherboards that threadripper...
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    Screenshot Shows 256GB of RAM in a Threadripper System

    People use SSD's still? How cute. NVME4LFE.
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    BioWare: Anthem Won't Run at 1080p/60 FPS on PS4 Pro, Xbox One X

    4k/30FPS? I'm fine with that. That's some GORGEOUS textures going across my screen at a frame rate my eyes can handle vs some nebulous number that doesn't mean jack shit to my gameplay.
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    EA Allegedly Cancels Open World Star Wars Game

    Check the SEC filings, Disney has not broke even on the deal as of this year, nor has Disney made the money put out for the cost of their movies and merchandise for last year. Disney , for some odd reason, does not want to give their customers what they want.
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    Resin Solidification Speeds Up 3D Printing

    Sinter printing is the way to go. Print everything in metal, it'll last forever
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    He got everything down except the price which has not been confirmed.
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    gotta wait till the middle of the year...oh well.
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    Oh anandtech, get your bag of crow ready as you are gonna eat it.
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    minus raytracing... 10% faster missing a key feature for $100 less. whipdedo.
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    Where did you hear that? I must've missed it.
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    No that's not beautiful, it's in 720p...
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    Watch AMD's CES Keynote Here

    People play BFV?