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    New NVIDIA GeForce 332.21 WHQL Drivers

    Yeah, until I power back up and then start using it again for awhile. Soon as I do something, clocks get stuck full load.
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    New NVIDIA GeForce 332.21 WHQL Drivers

    The clocks on my Titan are stuck full speed. WTF Regardless of what I am doing, even idling on the desktop. Any ideas?
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    I'm conflicted... Xbox One instead of PS4?

    No, no chance. Loved the 360 for years, always favoured it. As time went by, Microsoft shut down more first party studios and you could see the switch towards media rather than games. The XB1 was the nail in the coffin far as i'm concerned. No chance i'm paying more for weaker hardware just...
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    The Last of Us - PS4

    Wouldn't be surprised if they bundled a Gaikai code with Last of Us 2 or something.
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    EA Games Raises Prices for Next Gen Games

    The prices will come down pretty sharpish when sales suffer. It's what happens every gen, people will just wait for price drops and sales.
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    Xbox One blocks used games - goodbye MS!

    I was a bit of a 360 fanboy for some years due to the fact it had the edge on multiplatforms. Then avatars crept in, and it seemed to spiral so I got back into PC gaming and just a PS3 for it's original and different IPs. I was hoping I could enjoy the Xbox again, but not like this. I am so...
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    How many Titan Owners here go SLI?

    You might want to try Far Cry 3 again, it runs great nowadays. Since newer drivers and patches. Pretty good fun.
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    Unreal Engine 4 PS4 vs PC

    This is where the problem is. Like Watch Dogs that is coming out, if that was done properly that would never make it to a console.
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    Dell U2312HM

    Got mine today to run as a second screen and it's "ok". I prefer the warmer tones of my glossy Asus VG236. The matte finish on the Dell is quite distracting and feels a bit "dirty" or greasy to me.
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    Glossy or Matte

    Glossy every single time. I've got my Asus VG236 next to my Dell U2412HM and so much for "IPS". The Asus blows it away everytime. Yes it is a ballache having to clean it constantly and purists would argue about colour reproduction, but you get a wow factor off it in comparison is...
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    Crysis 3 Crashing - Help!

    It could be that. I did have Precision running. Thing is, I got it working ok last night again. Reinstalled then I deleted the last meta and csf save file data for the checkpoint and the game then worked when I loaded it back up. Not sure which was the fix of the two. Just relieved. No...
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    Crysis 3 Crashing - Help!

    Afraid so. Not cheap neither this game.
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    Crysis 3 Crashing - Help!

    Hi all, Loaded up Crysis 3 for a blast this afternoon, got to Welcome To The Jungle and the part not long after the the tower and bam..... Crash city. I played to this far the other day and didn't have a single issue. First I had a solid hard lock but could still alt-tab / task manager...
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    Road Redemption

    I'm all over this. I absolutely loved Road Rash as a kid, played them all for hours on end.
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    Official NVIDIA GeForce 314.22 WHQL Drivers

    That sounds like a power issue to me. Experienced similar things in the past, horrible to narrow down but I am sure that's your lead suspect. (That could be card related or otherwise) Noticed it in anything else? Have you tried increasing the voltage by the lame .38mv in Precision?
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    GTX Titan Owners Thread

    Thats a great score considering what its paired with.
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    How fast does your stock TITAN run?

    Mine only boosts to 1006mhz stock with the auto fan profile. Seen others less, which is odd. ASIC is 75%. I think there is an 80C upper limit and the custom fan curve is helping people work around it to get higher stock boosts. Gets damn noisy though.
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    Titan overclocks like garbage (throttle issue)

    nVidia claims that the power is being reported incorrectly, but it still doesn't explain why cards hit the 80C ceiling and won't ever go over it, even when the target temp has been raised to 90C. Can someone explain to me how that works?
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    Titan overclocks like garbage (throttle issue)

    Are manufacturers likely to release bios updates to address this or is this something that can be resolved with drivers? This is what my concern is.
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    Titan overclocks like garbage (throttle issue)

    I'm pretty old school when it comes to overclocking GPUs. Could someone please tell me if this is the issue that you are talking about? In precision I set Power to 106% , Target temp 90C and a GPU offset of just +100. Running 3D Mark 11, I checked the log files afterwards. It goes 1097...
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    NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN Video Card Review @ [H]

    I switched from a 680 OC to a Titan today and now my games run as I imagined they would when I bought the 680. Absolutely superb gaming experience on this thing. Smitten with it. I'll be living off corn and rice for months but it's worth it. Not as high in 3D Mark 11 as expected...
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    I Have Gone Red! 680 Owner

    The 7950 is a better card though, so don't feel too hard done by. I'm sure he appreciates it.
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    I Have Gone Red! 680 Owner

    I like to get a new game on launch, play it at reasonable levels at this time and finish. Over the past six months, most new games ive had to wait a month or more to play games at a decent level on the 680. (Waiting for new drivers) With the rise of all these AMD GE titles, I feel more...
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    I Have Gone Red! 680 Owner

    Yup, AMD's marketing and persistant allegiance with game devs has drawn me to the dark side. I have just ordered a Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X. Sleeping Dogs Far Cry 3 Tomb Raider Crysis 3 Bioshock Infinite All gaming evolved titles, and that does carry some weight in my book. It means...
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    PS4 vs PC.

    God of War 3 and Uncharted games were stunning technical achievements. If you cannot see the possibilities for PS4 as a PC gamer then you have become to blinded by the benchmarks and pen & paper numbers to appreciate the magic they will create for this cheap little box. The majority are...
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    I Finally Did It

    Your not wrong. OSX is a pleasure to use for daily stuff. If you need a PC to do everything though (including gaming), not so much.
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    iOS Google Maps Released Dec 13th ?

    Wrong! It runs far slower on my iPhone 5 than it did on my GS3. Also no offline caching neither, which is important. It's not very good at all tbh. It's like Google Maps on Android from two years ago.
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    iPhone 5 Battery Life

    If your connected to just WIFI, it lasts for an eternity. 8-10 hours of actual usage for general stuff (not gaming). The battery starts to get sucked away by 3G though, but even with a poor 2G signal all day at work (like 1 or 2 bars) I can still get around 5 hrs. To me, that is...
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    iPhone not top dog in 2013 ? Android + Windows gaining.

    I've recently gone back to an iPhone having been on an Android for years (I am an android fanboy at heart) and I have to say, it's been an absolute joy to use. I don't have to worry about background apps / processes sucking precious battery life, multitasking isn't "pure" but it works equally...
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    Official ASUS P8P67 Series Overclocking Guide and Information

    Question for others who have made the jump to Win 8 on the P8P67 Pro. I am currently running bios ver. 2103 and everything has been stable for my 4.5 OC. Getting a considerable number of logs in event viewer in Windows 8 and im wondering if I will need to update the bios. I keep...
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    Win 8 - Event viewer ID 1530 help

    Would like to think most of what you get in event viewer is completely harmless but I remember many years ago seeing this particular issue and eventually my user profile ended up being corrupted. (Win 98 and even Vista had the issue many moons ago) Is anybody running Windows 8 pro...
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    Win 8 Event Viewer - You finding yours to be "busier"?

    With a clean install of Windows 8 I noticed a few strange issues. One being an empty folder appearing on the desktop for no reason, could delete it but then it would later come back. Right click on it and it has no options other than cut or delete. Been with Win 8 for just over a day now...
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    Will games stress a single 680 GTX at 1080p anytime soon?

    Games aren't being made with SLI in mind. Very few are. In fact, they never are are they. I swapped out my 570 SLI for a single 680 to avoid the multi GPU ballache and don't regret it. Only time multi GPU is worth entertaining is if your going multi screen, and I use a 120 hz screen...
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    If Windows 8 fails...

    I've been wanting a less fuss Windows for quite sometime. I just do not have the time to mess around with things these days. I want everything laid out infront of me, integrated social networking and a more closed structure. It frees up more time to concentrate on my flying pigs...
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    NVIDIA GeForce 306.63 Driver

    That's good to know. Means a general release driver isn't too far off, probably a .70 beta set or something.
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    Who's gone back to single card setups

    I am selling my pair of 570s and have a 680 GTX arriving tomorrow. I am done with SLI. Over the years I keep getting involved with it, but it occured to me the other day that my best gaming was done whilst one of the cards has been off on RMA. :D Before I did this, there was even a strong...
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    Nexus 7 Shipping. Got yours?

    Yeah, got mine. Glad I didn't root though, it's being swapped out tomorrow. Screen raising on the left. Shame because it is a great little device.
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    Informative video about Cyanogenmod

    With you on that one. Recently got a Nexus and it was easily the best decision. The camera isn't as bad as most make out, and vanilla android remains the best interface out of them all. Gone HTC Sensation > HTC One X > HTC Titan > Nexus in the past year or so, and sticking.
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    Informative video about Cyanogenmod

    Is there actually anyone else out there like these guys? I don't think there is, which is surprising. Imagine if they got to the stage of creating a Cyanogen phone, sure it would sell bucketloads.
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    Judge grants pre-trial injunction against sale of Galaxy Nexus!

    Google are just being too nice about this. It's about time they unleashed their Motorola patent catalogue onto Apple and turn their devices into a Tonka toy. Not like it would make much difference.