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    5750 and hdmi issue

    Computer crashes whenever HDMI is unplugged or input is changed on reciever. i noticed this when changing between inputs that my pc would be in mid reboot by the time i saw anything on my tv. when w7 got back to the desktop it had recovered from a crash and when i expand the message before...
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    New 780g board: GA-MA78GPM-DS2H

    does anyone have any info on when this board will be available to purchase? i scoured google and found articles on the featues but (unless i missed it) nothing on a purchase date.
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    gta on ps3 gimped? true or not? i ran across this and was wondering in anyone here has news on this. please dont start throwing tomatoes or anything i just want to know.
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    hmmm looks like nothings perfect in case you got ratchet and clank and cant play it this is your solution.
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    size matter?

    ok quality vs size? you have a HUGE game that takes months to beat. does it matter on quality if it is on two disks or one? like what i want to know (not flamee bait so retards stay away this is a technical thing) is does the game have to always load from disk one then switch or can you...
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    what did you get for xmas

    simple 360, ps3, or wii
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    stacks of ps3s

    in the orlando area best buy and toys r us for those who care there were stacks of ps3s there and no lines or anything so go grab your goods. i still cant find a freaken wiimote but thought i would spread the info.
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    1080p vs 1080i informative read. very good read. this is not ment to spark some war but just a intresting read.
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    its gonna be a good xmas i was shocked to see nwn2 on that list! This xmas is going to put a huge dent in my wallet. the wii and all the games for that and i want about 10 or so games on this list as well. i know i wont buy them all before...
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    hd dvd on 360 video

    i cant freaken wait!! please its sad enough i have to type this but please done flame this is ment for people who are looking forward to this.
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    ps3 japan preorders

    for those that want to pre order a ps3 see if you can from japan if you are having a hard time in the usa please dont flame in this post.....
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    stuck in enchanted arms - warning - possible spoilers

    ok i am back at the london castle after beating down the giggling man and i am doing the one vs one vs Ooka with raigar. how in the hell can you beat this guy?? i can get him down to about 400 hp left then he does that EX move and kills my ass everytime. ive tried so many times... please...
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    ps3 production

    maybe one of you guys that read this will know the answer i have here. how many ps3's can they actually produce if they started like tommorow? i saw that news post on the front page of H and was just curious.
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    speakers for a 360

    i am getting a lcd for the bedroom and going to move my 360 away from the family tv. but i dont want to just use the speakers on the lcd i am getting. can anyone vouch for some nice 2.1 setups that i can run with. i dont really care about 5.1 right now but if you have a set you love point it...
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    anyone pumped about n3?

    i preordered this game and i cannot wait! just wanted to see what other people are expecting out of it?
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    kb support on the 360!!!!

    Total USB keyboard support under- Miscellaneous System Improvements about a page down you will see it. this didnt get any press WTF!!!! i am so happy!!!! sorry i thought i put it on there :)
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    wma files

    well a long time ago i ripped some cds that i did BUY so no flames please. well i finnaly got a mp3 player and i want one in my car as well now. i noticed some of my older cds i never unchecked the licence protection(i used wmp to rip them when i first got xp...). i have the licences but...
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    Dual monitor question.

    i got my 360 and i am very happy with it and i am going to purchase a second system either the rev or ps3. my question is this if i get the ps3 to do the dual monitor thing and i play a fps were is my crosshair going to be? i read up a little bit on it but i am a little confused on this...
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    gamestop has 360's

    i just ordered the steel package and they are still listing stock. gl all EDIT: GAMESTOP sorry not gamespot.....
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    Socket 478 and PCI-e mobo?

    will there be one? i looked around and it seems there was only lga-775. i have northwood pci-e vc. is there any hope for me without getting a new cpu?
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    A8N cooling

    What is the best option to cool the chipset? it seems like the 800xt heatsink is so close to the edge of the chipset that i am not sure if i could use the swiftech mcx159 or a northpole cooler. i was just wondering what you guys have used and loved or hated. even any recomendations would be...
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    Product cycle

    when do the next line of video cards come out from either ati or nv? im thinking of upgrading but if its near i will wait. Thanks to those who respond.
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    Dumb Workstation

    i was wondering if there is a product you could buy that is a monitor\mouse\keyboard in one system that connects to a server via RJ45, wireless or wired. where users are all on one or a couple servers and just a data input station. the work they are doing doesnt require a pc just a remote KVM...
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    group policy

    ok i am a admin of a network and we have one user who is taking advantage of there internet, pretty much just sitting there surfing the web and stuff. how can i just make her account on the domain controller look for a proxy because on her pc she figure out how to change that, or just kill...
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    lubic case??

    ok i was watching the screen savers tonight (04/20/04) and i was wondering where you can get those lubic case kits?? i did some searching with no gas... man i was thinking about getting a shuttle but with that thing i can make a case to fit in a corner or something. thanks, justin
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    ok i got it

    ok i got the a80 and i love it when i am taking still shots its freaken awsome! but i need help taking high quality pics of my son. it seems when he moves or even me moving a tad makes the pics blurry! how can i fix this?? thanks, justin
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    ok help me

    ok i have been giving myself a headache for weeks now and i have 350 bucks to get a camera. i was looking at the a80 but i was turned off about the non rechargable batteries or battery pack and i dont wanna buy those recharable ones. so i looked at the FUJI FinePix F700 and it looks super...
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    best shuttle mobo maker?

    i need something small i am sick of having a huge case. after i got my lcd i love all this room. but i dont know what shuttle thing to get i see alot of diff ones they all look the same just diff companies make them but i want to oc? is there any hope... can i have a tiny case and still get a...