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    I've had it with Windows 10 updates, decided to disable them

    This OS thinks it's more important than the user, whenever it self updates it changes the default picture viewer and moves other settings and I have to keep configuring everything back. Also super annoying that it will decide when and how many working hours I have. OMG now I'm "vulnerable" to...
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    Non Gaming Video card to run 4 displays (preferably HDMI)

    Is there an option out there to run multiple monitors without paying $500 for a gaming video card? I need to build a rig to run 4 monitors, this will be used for work so it will probably use a 4+ cores Ryzen, I'm out of the loop on hardware, so can you recommend me a video card that will do...
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    Where did all the normal motherboards and components go?

    Back in my day (Athlon days) you could pickup a normal motherboard and ram for a low price with all the functions that you needed. Now everything is gamer this gamer that, enthusiast bs all around. Where can I get decent RAM with a green PCB with only memory chips? seems that to get some...
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    Long term Android TV Box?

    I have had smart tvs for a few years now, some top of the line when they came out, some mid-high range and some shit-tier range, most of them Samsung and one Hisense. But there's a big problem with all of them, after a few years the manufacturer stops supporting them and in turn the apps stop...
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    Recommend me a cheap Android TV Box

    I have a couple of last gen Samsung TVs but the pieces of crap love to corrupt data on youtube or Netflix App and it's impossible to clear the cache or simply restart the apps because Samsung is more invasive everyday, you can't even reset/restart the goddamn TV the only way to...
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    Building to Building Internet with Antenna (120ft)

    Hello, I'm sorry if this comes out spoonfeedish, but I have been out of the tech advances for the last 5 years and I'm turning back into a noob. Here's the thing, my wife's father has two apartment buildings in the same street and are within direct line of sight with no obstacles in between...
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    free 32MB Secure Digital (SD) Card after MIR

    Hope you enjoy it! :)