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    AMD Catalyst™ 13.8 Windows® Beta Driver (8/1/2013)

    [/LIST] Installing now. Lets get some user feedback!
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    ATTN GTX 690 and HD 7990 owners some questions

    Just a quick question. Can you disable Crossfire/SLI now with these new dual GPU cards now. I couldn't disable crossfire with my HD 5970 back then. I am just wondering if you can now, with updated drivers and new power saving features. Thanks
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    AMD Catalyst™ 13.6 Beta2 Driver (06/07/2013) Installing these now :)
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    Got a strange problem X-FI Titanium HD

    I recently got a Creative labs ZXR sound card. But because I had some minor driver issue with 2.1 speaker setup and I lost the +12dp boost for bass and treble balance in the tone tab in the windows audio control panel, I decided to bench the ZXR and put my old X-FI Titanium HD back. I...
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    AMD Catalyst 12.6 beta 5/31/2012 AMD 12.6 Beta CAP 1
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    AMD Catalyst Application Profile 12.2 Cap 2 2/29/2012 Made an error in the title it's 12.2 Cap 1 not 2.
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    AMD Catalyst 12.2 Pre-Certified Driver 2/16/2012 Application profile 12.1 CAP 3 2/15/2012
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    Catalyst application profile 11.11 CAP 3 12/9/2011 Enjoy
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    AMD Catalyst 11.5b hotfix 5/25/2011 Enjoy!
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    Catalyst hotfix 11.4c hot fix 4/29/11 Just so you won't be confused. The drivers are called " amd_catalyst_11.4a_hotfix_8.84.9rc2_win7_vista_apr27 " Yes with an A not a C. I assume someone at AMD made a typo? But anyways enjoy :)
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    Dragon Age II High Texture Pack download This is the patch for the high texture package for Dragon Age II for the PC. Apply this after you installed the game.
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    Dragon Age 2 demo: Download 1 million times = free stuff "Help Dragon Age reach one million downloads of the dragon age 2 demo and we will unlock two new in-game item" Item 1: Lothering's Lament - Written by a Fereldan refugee as she fled the Blight, this book of poems contains touching reminiscences of...
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    ATTN HP ZR30w owners

    I just have a quick favor to ask of you ZR30w owners. Could you please disable VSYNC in the videocard card control panel and in game to see if there is any tearing you exhbit while you're gaming (Some FPS game)? I have a HP LP2475w and I can play fine with VSYNC disabled with no tearing, just...
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    Intel INF (09/28/10) update By updating my chipset I have resolved my stuttering issue with crossfire I was having with Darksiders. Now I can play the game stutter free thanks to this chipset update for the X58. To properly update your chipset...
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    Windows7 hotfix "This update provides new functionality and performance improvements" Installed it no problem. Going to test some games :) Windows 7 SP1 beta users already have this update.
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    AMD Catalyst Profile update June 23rd

    BF:BC2 Crossfire Fixes "Thanks to Rage3D and its members we were notified that some maps were not being optimized for best performance in our previous CAP. As such we are updating it today. We will monitor your feedback for any further areas of improvement” - Terry Makedon...
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    DirectX June 2010 redist. (ver 9.29.1962)

    For those people who must have the latest DirectX runtime.
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    New ATI Catalyst Profile (April 7th) Battlefield Bad Company 2 Fix - horizontal lines are no longer observed when running an ATI CrossFireX configuration Battlefield Bad Company 2 Fix - flickering and black square corruption is no longer observed when running on single card...
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    Catalyst 10.3b Preview March 25th drivers Latest updates available in the ATI Catalyst 10.3b preview driver ATI Catalyst(TM) support for ATI Radeon(TM) HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition This release of ATI Catalyst(TM) introduces support for the production version...
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    10.2 Hotfix for Alien vs Predator (8.702.2_Feb_22) So far so good :)
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    Catalyst 10.1 hotfix (8.69.3RC2_Jan_27) for Mass Effect 2 Anti-Aliasing support

    Just letting you guys know there is an Anti-Aliasing hotfix that was released for Mass Effect 2.
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    Nvidia Nforce 15.23 is out (09/12/2008) AMD/INTEL All flavors (XP32/64 & VISTA32/64) Sorry, no direct links :(
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    DirectX End-User Runtime update 08/08/2008 (Web Installer only ATM of posting) DirectX update for the people who like to keep their DirectX runtime updated :)
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    Nvidia Geforce Graphic Driver 177.83 (08/12/2008) "The Force Within" Enjoy :)
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    Nvidia ForceWare 177.73 (INF 07/17/2008)
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    Multicore Hotfix for Windows Vista/Server 2008 for graphic intensive application.

    SYMPTOMS Consider the following scenario. You are running Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 on a computer that has multi-core processors. A driver on the computer calls the MmProbeAndLockPages routine asynchronously. In this scenario, data corruption may occur. This problem occurs...
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    NEC 20WMGX2 and LCD monitor questions

    Hello fellow [H]ardOCP brothers, I have recently purchased the NEC 20WMGX2. I previously had the Sony GDM F500R CRT monitor, but it died :( So I read some reviews and I thought NEC 20WMGX2 would be a great addition for a few years. But I have encountered something which I thought I wouldn't...
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    Need some help on how to install a chipset fan

    Today I got my new chipset fan to replace it on my dying chipset on my Asus A8N-SLI Delux motherboard. The problem is, I never replaced a chipsetfan :P I've looked around at the the chipset (on the motherboard) there is no screws for me to unscrew on the corners of the old chipset. So do I...
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    Windows XP 64 and Nvtweak

    Does the latest version of NvTweak (1.71) work with Windows XP 64 bit edition? If not is there any Windows XP 64 utilities that can edit refresh settings?
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    Odd videocard issue, need some input.

    I have this weird issue with World of Warcraft and Battlefield 2 (these are the only two games I am currently playing). When I in Battlefield 2 sometimes the game would pause for about 10 seconds then resume, at this time what happens is I am either dead or my chopper decided to nose dive into...
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    Need some diagnostic help with my MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum

    I am having this issue with my K8N Neo 2 which fails to post on a cold boot. I have to manually reset the BIOS and do it again. I have no idea why my system cannot boot after a cold boot. Can someone here give an idea what the problem might be? Sometimes the system has a delayed boot and...
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    Attention Nforce 3 Ultra users with Nvidia GeForce 6 series video cards

    I had to recently constructed another system for my backup PC. So I purchased another Socket 939 motherboard the MSI K8N Neo 2 motherboard. I previously had a Asus A8NVDelux, with my old A8V (VIA chipset) motheboard I had the occasional shimmering issue with some games and not all of them. Now...
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    Minor problem with MSI K8N Neo 2

    Hello [H]ardmembers, I am having this minor problem with my K8N Neo 2 motherboard. I have a raid setup for Serial ATA 1 and 2 and a backup drive for Serial ATA 3. In Windows XP I have icon that appears with the title "Safely Remove Hardware", now this icon contains all my Serial ATA drives...
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    Nvidia Forceware 67.66 Beta drivers are released. Enjoy! [font=Tahoma]
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    Attention NFORCE 3 ULTRA USERS

    Hello [H]ardOCP members, I need an Nforce 3 Ultra motherboard (socket 939) that can survive high amounts of stress (overclocking) and be operational 24/7. Is there anybody here who is a high overclocker that can recommend me a good motherboard? Thanks in advance.
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    Need help understanding Nvidias control panel options.

    What is primary function of Conformation texture clamp, Extension Limit, and Negative LOD base? What is the best way to to configure this ? Clamped or not clamped? I don't have any data on what these extensions do and don't do. Does anybody know? edit: wrong forum :P I can't delete this.
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    Screen flickering issue

    Hello [H]ardOCP members, I am having this minor issue with my EVGA 6800 Ultra. Everytime I click on the nvidia control panel icon, my screen flickers for a second. It does this everytime I access this nvidia control panel. But with driver 68.02 beta I get it much less than the official...
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    Does the 6800 series have geometry instancing?

    Hello [H]ardmembers, Does Nvidia 6800 Ultra have geometry instancing? Or is there a way to enable it? I am kinda new to Nvidias 6800 series so please understand I have returned home from playing with the red for awhile.
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    Question on how to use the 6800 ultra properly

    Hello fellow Nvidia 6800 Ultra users, I recently made the switch from an ATI 9800 XT to a Nvidia 6800 Ultra. My question is what is the difference between image setting at high quality than quality? On high quality, I am taking a minor hit in performance on a 6800 ultra when I enable high...
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    I need someone to explain me the Half-Life 2 story

    Can someone give me an explanation of the Half-Life II story? I am at a complete daze from start to finish on what my objectives are from the ending of Half-Life I to Half-Life II beginning. I am confused :( Need someone to PM me the story or something :(