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    Warm ~ Microsoft Store Games and Hardware Sale

    Apologize if this has already been posted, didn't see it in the first couple of pages. MS Store is having a sale on PC and Xbox 360 games, accessories and hardware. I game on PCs only, so only PC stuff is mentioned, but here's some of the stuff that caught my eye: PC Games (all discs)...
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    Xbox One Games At E3 Were Running On Windows 7 With Nvidia GTX Cards

    Funniest highlight of E3. Microsoft was running their Xbox One demos on Windows 7 with NVIDIA GTX Video Cards... So much for Windows 8 and AMD... HA! Check out the link:
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    Windows 8 Task Manager CPU Speed?

    No screenshots as I'm at work, but... I've noticed that the Win 8 Task Manager Performance Tab lists the CPU as running way UNDER speed compared to CPU-Z. I was running Fallout 3 with CPU-Z and Task Manager open on my second monitor. CPU-Z says the CPU is running at 3.6 Ghz, like I have...