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    Lenovo Outlet

    I've been looking for a new laptop for months. Work is going to reimburse me for it but I still have to be mindful of the company budget. We're for all intents and purposes a Lenovo shop, but it's not a written rule or anything. It's my 1st laptop upgrade since working here over 8 years now and...
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    I can't make up my mind

    As my inevitable purchase draws ever closer, I really, truly, cannot make up my mind. Choosing our last car was easier than this. I'm considering going as low as a 1060 6GB, or an AMD 580. But not really... because what if I decide to get VR later on and I need the horsepower? And no, this is...
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    FCoE/FC Brocade Question

    I figured this fit better in storage than network... I've got EMC VNX 5200 laying around collecting dust. And a Cisco C3850 and 3x HP DL 380p G8 hosts. I want to work on FC, FCoE, SAN, VMWare, and HyperV skills so I'm making a sandbox. My shopping list is: 3x Brocade 1020 CNA cards, 1 for...
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    Half-Height options

    I'm considering a SFF desktop and I'm looking for half height as a full size card obviously won't fit. In terms of new it seems that the 1050 and 1050 Ti are really my only decent options for 1080P gaming. No 1060 option? Nothing new from AMD or around that same performance as the 1050 Ti?
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    Budget MOBO for 2011 socket

    If you were looking to build a rig on a budget, what would you pair with a E5-2665? Can be single or dual socket, as long as it'll fit in some kind of E-ATX case or similar. I'm looking to build one as an ESX host and ditch the very loud and much older 1366 based quad core IBM server I've got.
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    HP P410 question about RAID-50

    The HP documentation says that RAID-50 (5+0) in their documentation is possible, but no where do they state any specifics or limitations. I'm looking at a 16-disk server with a P410 as the RAID controller. I would like to do 50 in a setup like this: 4 arrays of 4 disks each - 75% usable space...
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    Small scale server storage on a budget

    So here's the setup. I've got an old (1366 socket) 1U 2-proc IBM server fitted out with a single 2.9ghz quad core and 64GB of RAM. I've got a pair of 74GB SAS drives (don't remember if 10k or 15k) set up in RAID0. RAID0 because 74GB isn't enough for me to have (as it is now) a 2008R2 install...
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    Write Speeds capped?! What the....

    Check this out. image hosting over 10mb What on earth is going on? The Lenovo's disk diagnostic available in DOS came back fine. TRIM's enabled. It's a PNY, this one exactly.
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    Motherboard recommendation for ZFS build

    Here's the thing, my friend was awesome enough to donate a server he was able to lay his hands on - an IBM x3550 M2. It's got a single quad-core xeon X5570 and 8x 8GB 10600 ECC DDR3. It also comes with the ServeRAID card which I think I can flash to work as a JBOD. What I'm looking for is a...
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    SuperMicro Storage Build - some questions

    So this is the plan... getting a used supermicro server, 12, 24, or 36 bay, and then using it for archival storage, media streaming, and potentially host a few VM's. The host will be running Server 2012. The question I've got is about the SAS connectivity that the backplanes provide...
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    New standard when testing Mantle games?

    Will results show enough of a difference, and will testers change their test-bed (or at least make a secondary) when Kaveri and Mantle are here? What's going to be the fastest Mantle rig? Kaveri + 290x Piledriver + 290x Intel + 290x With Kaveri bringing another 512 cng SP's to the...
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    6950 HSF Problem

    So I've recently gotten some new 6950's, and as part of the detailing process of getting the new arrivals I've been taking them apart and putting them back together after cleaning and re-applying the TIM. Well, take the cover off my current problem to see that the TIM's real thick- much...
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    6950 1GB problems

    I recently got a 6950 1GB, and much to my surprise, it came with these settings. Yup! It's actually labeled as an Engineering Sample. I haven't taken the heatsink off yet to see if there's something up with the hardware, and I haven't put it into my other rig to test, but I haven't been...