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    CPU Multipliers - Even or Odd

    Trying to dial-in a stable O/C for my Phenom II 940 Black Edition. I believe I've found a sweat spot around the 3.6 GHZ mark. Question is, does it matter whether I select an even number or odd number CPU multiplier. Seem to recall reading something about odd number multiplier being less...
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    New laptop w/Vista

    So my laptop died last week (I recovered data) and I purchased a new laptop that came with Vista Home Premium. I boot up and I'm presented with the pretty colors of Vista. I patiently played the "who moved my cheese" game and located everything without too much hassle but I hated the look...
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    Video BIOS FLASH

    I’m trying…and failing to flash the BIOS of my 9800SE to a 9800PRO. I keep getting a “file open error”. Currently, I’m using the Omega drivers to run the card as a PRO and it’s working beautifully. Problem is, I can’t install the latest beta drivers because they won’t softmod the card. I...