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    Can't really get into Bioshock 1, anyone care to explain?

    Hehe this is cool, I am playing the game at the moment too. Can't say I've been hooked during the first couple hours but I am now immersed into this sick world and the story around it. And I actually had fun trying to get past some places without doing it the usual FPS style (killing...
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    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    Sounds a lot like me too :O I am currently building a hell of a backlog since I've had my first kid. The second one isn't helping either :P I have yet to play to a lot of past great games, I just can't imagine how to find the time to play to new games. Star Citizen certainly is at the top of...
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    Ubi: Assassin's Creed now an annual IP

    I only completed AC1, at the beginning of AC2 right now. I find the games fun so far, have heard of Revelations and Brotherhood as fair games. I am, however, an opponent of "yearly" releases, forcing developers to actually come up with a game every year. I understand Ubisoft has multiple...
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    HD capture card with set-top box

    Thanks a lot for the info!
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    HD capture card with set-top box

    Hello everyone, I would like to get a confirmation from someone before actually going out and buy the HD PVR 2 from Hauppauge. I am in Canada so cablecard is out. To record, on my PC, a TV show that has been recorded on my cable company PVR, I have to connect the Component Out from my...
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    Going to Android from a me out?

    Well, I can't see really why you seem to find Android slow as it is not so slow, in my personal experience. I have a Galaxy Nexus (which is arguably less powerful than both the tablets you bought) and Android is almost as smooth as butter. As for the speakers, I am not sure I would consider...
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    Is kickstarter good for gaming?

    Kickstarter looks definitely good, but real efficiency to fund Indie projects or otherwise unfunded projects (through conventional means, e.g. publishers or loans) can only be assessed in the future. So far, a lot of promising projects (not just video games, but technology, music and others)...
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    Firefox Metro Preview for Windows 8

    IMHO, Windows 8 is just a logical evolution of Windows 7. The main reason businesses aren't really picking up on tablets and touchscreens (they don't "need" it, right, but some could use it for added value and services) is because no OS is really fit for it (Android and iOS). Windows 8 can...
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    i7 920 enough for Mist of Pandaria?

    Well, unless I'm mistaken, WoW is one game where CPU makes "kind of" a difference. But you are right, Mists of Pandaria is, even with updated graphics, still mostly the same WoW core so a i7-920 (which I am running too) is plenty enough.
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    Thinking of buying Diablo 3, or should I not? Need help!

    This. I've played WoW for 5 years and, despite apocalyptic class balance changes and constant patches, the WoW fanbase has started to go down in numbers "only" after Cataclysm, which is the 3rd expansion after Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. And it actually took a pretty bad...
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    Diablo III is getting killed on Metacritic

    I understand you would have liked to play during your flight. But then again: 1) There are other offline games available for play (unless your backlog is empty, which I doubt ;) 2) Sorry for that, but I don't think you are a part of the majority. I believe the always-online feature, as...
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    Cheapest (decent) Case with top mounted 120.2 rad mount?

    Have you checked the Antec P280? Not sure if it is the right case for any rad, but sure has two top fan mounting spots and lots of interior space. As for the cost, I bought mine recently for 110$ CDN (roughly the same 110$ in US).
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    Diablo III is getting killed on Metacritic

    This. +1 I know people will kick D3's ass over some basic graphics, voice acting and so on, but it's Diablo. Diablo II wasn't a 180 degrees turn from Diablo I. Also, I believe the game industry (Blizzard in this case) actually chose to do things like this because it works. Countless Call...
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    Putting SDD on a ICH10R vs Marvell 9128 - Which is best??

    Well, RAID0 isn't technically four times the failure rate since you write 2x less on each SSD. You are, however exposed to the RAID array failure (I'm pretty sure you know about it :). I had the same dilemma a couple of months ago and read about Marvell controller's problems and general...
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    IBM's Holey Optochip

    Lol that made my day :)
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    IGN: This is a Bad Time to be an FPS Fan

    I agree with the rant against inexistent single-player. I have played a lot of FPS in the last years and single-player stuff is my main interest. I don’t do multiplayer, for reasons already exposed (cheaters, servers and whatnot). I know a lot of people (casual gamers in massive numbers)...
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    Gaming Mousepad?

    +1 for the QcK. On a side note, I tried ordering from the new address of the Artisan pad series and they only ship to Japan :( So don't bother until further notice.
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    Skyrim Will Have Infinite Quests, Director Says

    Well, I find the purpose of this (explore new areas or develop new skills maybe) to be justified. Ok, WoW and numerous other RPGs and MMOs have multiple grinding quests but my guess is, this is a step towards having a real auto-generated questing system where fetching stuff or killing stuff...
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    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Announced for release on 11/11/11.

    I personnally liked Oblivion, although as most people would agree, the auto-leveling system was a PITA. I sincerely believe Skyrim will be different. As fas as the graphics goes, the main strength of Oblivion (on PC at least) was the modding community. Better textures, grass, faces and whatnot...
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    Looking for a good keyboard MMORPG/FPS gaming

    I don't know about mechanical keyboards that much, but I doubt you'll be able to find one below 80$ (thinking of 100$ at least). My guess is that the new Corsair keyboards will be a nice choice (MX Red, backlighted for one of the models, macro keys). The Razer Blackwidow is an MX Blue keyboard...
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    Asus VH242H vs Asus VE248H

    As far as gaming goes, these monitors seem fine. You can't expect to have perfect color accuracy or viewing angles, although both specs aren't so important for gaming and work. What do you do for work? If you are using Photoshop or doing photography work, I suggest you look at other choices...
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    Dell 2009wt

    Hello guys, I am looking for a pair of inexpensive monitors, most likely 1680x1050, to supplement my Dell 2007wfp in an Eyefinity setup. I found, on Dell Financial Services, used Dell monitors: used Dell 2009wt. I have never heard of this monitor before and would like your input on it...
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    Do you have these mice: Razer Imperator 4G and Steelseries Ikari

    I have the Ikari. If it wasn't for the annoying laser tracking problem, the mouse would be perfect. Customizable DPI, right size and shape, good construction. But the laser sometimes mistracks (this is a known issue with the sensor in the Ikari). I can't say anything on the Imperator though.
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    I'm a high sens claw gripper. Currently using G5 & Func Archetype but need advice.

    About the mouse, I am a claw gripper too and I love the CM Storm Spawn mouse. Perfect grip as far as claw grip goes, light mouse and precise. I have yet to find any problem with the sensor too (coming from a Ikari Laser with faulty sensor).
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    Official [H] Star Wars:The Old Republic Thread

    I am in beta now, and I played WoW for a long time. I can say I love the way the game is right now; haven't seen most of it (only on the first starting world), but the gameplay is cool. Voice acting is great (adds a lot to the storytelling and feel of the game), combat is pretty simple so far...
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    Oblivion GOTY + Steam = no-go?

    Ok. Well, thanks for the answers so far guys. I'll try some more maneuvers and check the forums, then I'll do a Win 7 reinstall.
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    Oblivion GOTY + Steam = no-go?

    Reinstallation didn't work (either from Steam backup or complete redownload). I don't have any mods installed. I also tried with Oblivion.esm alone, still no-go.
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    Oblivion GOTY + Steam = no-go?

    Hello guys, I am experiencing a problem with the GOTY edition of Oblivion. Every time I try to start it with Steam, I get past the first screen the begin my game in the prison cell and boom! the game crashes. It also crashed for a time during the Bethesda logo at start but I somehow...
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    Need fastest SSD for raid 0 on sata ii

    Well, RAID0 on ICH10R yields better numbers than RAID0 on SATA III ports powered by the Marvell 9128 ports (on the ASUS P6T for example). You can check results here: ICH10R gets...
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    Question on Intel Rapid Storage Tech (formerly Intel Matrix RAID)

    Ok. that's what I thought. Thanks for the answer :)
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    Question on Intel Rapid Storage Tech (formerly Intel Matrix RAID)

    Hi guys, I was thinking of trying a new setup lately. I would like to get some comments on the feasability/usefulness on this :) Mobo: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R (Intel ICH10R northbridge) SSDs: Crucial m4 64 gb x2 HDD: WD Caviar Black 640gb I would actually put the m4s in RAID0, and create a...
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    OCZ Vertex 3 users: How's things going (RAID0, RMA's, ETC)?

    Small question for a future upgrade: is the AMD chipset (890fx or 990fx) on par with the Intel P67 or Z68, for SATA III performance?
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    What is the basis for WoW?

    I do understand some people are not interested in paying monthly bills to Blizzard. IMHO though, add up that monthly bill for 2 months (for example), you still don't have enough money for most new games (15$/month = 30$, which is still lower than 50-60$ for new games). In strictly financial...
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    smartphones in canada

    Numan is right; cellphones plans here are pretty crap. High cost, low download, not much options (caller id or voicemail aren't always included). We also get good phones usually but a couple of months later than the US, keeping in mind we're a 30 million people country compared to 300 million :)...
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    Visual Studio 2010 size on C:

    Yeah, I followed your guidelines and gained some 5-6 gb to install VS 2010. Thanks a lot!
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    Visual Studio 2010 size on C:

    Well, my C: is on a SSD so space is a bit of a premium :P.
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    Visual Studio 2010 size on C:

    Well, thanks a lot! One of the most helpful post I've seen in a while :). I'll try that.
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    Visual Studio 2010 size on C:

    Ok, I guess I'll have to actually free up some space on the C:. As a side note, is there a tool used to reduce Windows 7 footprint? A bit like nLite used to be for XP (I believe vLite for Vista too). Does this tool work well?
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    Visual Studio 2010 size on C:

    Hi folks, Not sure if this is the right place to post this (mods, feel free to move it). I want to install Visual Studio 2010 on my computer, on a dedicated partition E: . For some reason, when I choose E: as the destination directory (in VS setup), I end up having to free like 5gb of...