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    no Utube sound

    I help an elderly friend with her computer and I’ve hit a problem that stumps me. She is running Windows 10 (latest updates etc.) and uses Firefox (latest version and have disable addons). She likes and has used Utube for various art info for years. Suddenly no sound on Utube. Her sound...
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    HomeGroup not working and can't access other computers

    I can't access any of the computers on my home network. I've tried a number of things suggested across the internet but nothing up to this point has worked. I realize that HomeGroup so forget that so I'm not using that. I have defined new working group and have done that a couple times...
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    X399 Designare EX-CF with 1920X

    System specs are in the signature below. Haven't pushed it hard but based on Kyle's experience there may not be a lot of room left. Attached image shows a snap while running Prime95 on 24 threads.
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    Threadripper 1900X

    Originally started overclocking the AMD decades ago before having to turn to Intel. Am thinking seriously about trying out the 1900x (max $s I want to spend). Your thoughts regarding it versus other options. NOTE: I do far more computing than gaming.
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    Win10 Start menu disappears after a few seconds

    If I left click on the Window icon (lower left) of taskbar, I see the typical image (apps - Life at a glance - etc). Leave the cursor on the icon but the window disappears after ~4 sec or so. How can I change its behavior to stay open till I move the cursor?
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    UEFI (Z97X) does not see DRW?

    This happens to be a Gigabyte Z97X-U5DH running Win7-64bit but I think it can be a general problem associated with UEFI bios. In the bios or boot options, it can not see my optical drives. Suggestions to fix this?
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    SSD deteration over time, results

    Since there has been discussion of SSD performance over time I had a little time and thought I would take a look at my particular results. I'm running Win7 so TRIM is active on one SSD with my OS; it is an Inter 510 120G (using SATAIII) that has < 48G used. I also have two older Vertex2 60G...
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    Buyer Beware: OCZ Agility2 and Vertex2 issues

    FYI folks -- source: NOTE: The OCZ forum thread discussing this issue has been closed for now.
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    WinXP Start menu very slow to respond

    WinXP - Over the last month, the response of the Start menu has been extrememly slow. I'll point and click and it'll take 30-45 seconds before it'll pop the menu up. Don't know that I've changed any settings that might cause it. Suggestions? :confused: Thanks.
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    eVGA P29 BIOS release

    NF68_P29.exe Apologizes if I missed an earlier post. The following was updated in release P29: * Additional 1333 FSB Support for future CPUs * Fixes intermittent S3 Resume bug Also includes these updates from bios P20, P21, P23, P24, P25, P26, P27 and P28: * Improve S3 resume...
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    Commando LED display CHIPINIT?

    Looks like my Commando has a problem. LED display shows CHIPINIT. I tried to check the ASUS site but it is down. Anyone know what it means? Doesn't sound good! :mad:
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    I've been trying to get a system up and running with the eVGA 680i motherboard. 4th DOA motherboard was just delivered (this one stops with a boot code error of 16). Other components of my system are as follows: OS is XP two E6600 cpus that I've interchanged Corsair 2*1Gb-6400 or Mushkin...
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    a newbie can't fold

    Problem solved, thanks! _______ OK, downloaded and installed per the instructions here. But it seems unable to connect to the server. I get the log messages like " + Could not get ID from server. Retrying... [23:17:04] + Could not connect to Primary Assignment Server for ID [23:17:04] +...
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    XP, 754 and 939 CPU Benchmark Comparisons

    Have been accumulating testing results for my rigs over the last few years and put together a comparison just for the fun of it. Plus I was curious. For those that are curious too, here is a link to a html page. :)
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    A graphical picture of A64 overclocking

    After having read a zillion A64 overclocking guide ---- many with conflicting directions and terminology (even within their own writings), I decided to try and draw a picture of what was being said in the majority of them. As the old saying goes "a picture is worth a thousand words," assuming it...
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    Overclocking & Cooling Guide - Newbie & Advanced

    Post a link here from time to time since a number of hits come from [H]ardForun. The guide exists as 2 incarnations. One for newbies and the other being more advanced. The default is the newbie version but the more advanced version (table of content shown below) is easily accessed when the...
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    Motherboard, Memory, & CPU Overclocking Guide

    Hope it is of use to a few of you. Suggestions for improvement and corrections are very welcome. Particularly improvements related to Intel systems are needed. :D Motherboard, Memory, and CPU Overclocking Guide. If you find broken links please let me know. Table of Content...
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    Memory, Motherboard, and CPU Overclocking Guide

    Links added to cpu sections that help determine which AMD chips are unlocked.