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    Gamer Installs Crysis 3 On GeForce RTX 3090's VRAM - And It Runs

    pictures + videos otherwise it did not happen
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    WD 12TB Elements $175 @ Newegg Starts at 12pm PT

    Oh now I get it you guys are discussing about an internal HDD other than the one posted by OP but it takes hurdles to be used normally in a desktop eh?; Oh I have not seen this internal HDD yet, I was talking about the external HDD provided by OP, its an external WD HDD; Oh the dilemma and...
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    WD 12TB Elements $175 @ Newegg Starts at 12pm PT

    excuse my persistence but proceeding further would cause damage to this high capacity external HDD? can I just yank this open and put in on my PC?
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    WD 12TB Elements $175 @ Newegg Starts at 12pm PT

    is this drive a good investment for JUST a gaming drive? IE COD Warzone? or this is just for pictures/movies best use case scenario? an advice would be greatly appreciated.
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    Asus G14 with 4900HS and RTX 2060 max-q

    whoah what a beauty, no pun intended buddy, just wanted to see how it looks like, looking great! looking to purchase this, but it seems to be rare in my place maybe due to the corona craze
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    Moderna Coronavirus vaccine sees positive results in phase one trial

    what are the major milestones that Folding At Home project in terms of that never ending simulation for COVID-19 proteins? Any updates? haven't been running it, only like 4 weeks back. My Peasant i5 4690K is bleeding whenever I run FAH at the background.
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    Zen 2 goes budget: R3 3100 and R3 3300x

    About to go this route just waiting for that beauty NZXT H1 case and perhaps a mini itx B550 motherboard, my i5 4690K and 1070 is crying when playing COD Warzone. I guess upgrade cycle for PC parts is at 5 years flat it seems IMHO 1600AF vs 3300X? which one is better? I don't have much...
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    Asus G14 with 4900HS and RTX 2060 max-q

    Pics and Vids or it did not happen!
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    Google claims its AI can design computer chips in under 6 hours

    they rather solved and make a COVID vaccine ASAP! or perhaps Quantum COmputing can beat their behinds when it comes to this.. keep folding guys
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    INTEL BLACKOPS 6 CORE 4.60GHz 2011 Socket Engineering Sample CPU

    PCs from AREA 51 Labs! ding ding ding ding
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    INTEL BLACKOPS 6 CORE 4.60GHz 2011 Socket Engineering Sample CPU

    looks like these CPUs were used on AREA 51 PCs
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    NRA Honors FCC Chair with Rifle for Repealing “Net Neutrality”

    this guy and that comrade of his on Ford who has been recently fired can go back to their places to spam all female with... opan bobs and vagene
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    you're in the UAE dude? sell me even just one please! I am in Abu Dhabi by the way PM me for the details
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    over here in the middle east yes
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    how coincidential it is that is been 10 years since 2008, my gut feelings telling me the same scenario is going to happen again, otherwise im a conspiracy theorist.
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    Prices of Radeon RX Vega 56/64 are about to go back up!

    well bitcoin crashed from 11k to 7k today so these cards will then be existent and affordable at SRP...
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    ha I bet this couple aren't so happy that BTC is at 7K today - HODL is the miners battlecry for now, how sad
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    astronomical GPU prices?

    ding ding just in! bitcoin down to $7K! checked ebay, new listings; two listing of bulk hoarded RX 580s that were selling like hotcakes @ $100 a pop, poof deal done for just about 10-15 minutes, got dang good luck on those buyers though!
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    Your Favorite Game Soundtracks?

    NFS Underground Never gets old to me
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    Your GPU progression?

    AMD E350 APU Radeon HD 8750M Radeon HD 7950 Boost GTX 970 RX480 now I'm BROKE ASF
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    All Your Bases Belong to Your DNA

    *requires RYZEN 1800X with Liquid Nitrogen Cooling
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    So i got two Titan X Pascals. What to play?

    minesweeper pinball solitaire backgammon bonus: PacMan
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    empirical evidence AMD drivers are really bad

    16.8.3 was stable I guess so try it, DDU clean install restart then install 16.8.3
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    empirical evidence AMD drivers are really bad

    don't return it, instead try to get the RX 480 devil or the MSI or the sapphire nitro version of the RX 480.
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    GTA 5: PC poll - KB & mouse or gamepad?

    for games like this, gamepad would be the best I use XBOX 360 controller
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    empirical evidence AMD drivers are really bad

    I think its only limited to BF4 since I have upgraded to 16.9.1 I experienced a lot of crashes during load times of MP games and in between.
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    Which 4K TV is best overall?

    the newest SONY ones with 4K and HDR
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    easy counter sniping snipers who are flashing their scopes when the sandstorms kicks in, also the stationary MIGs, marksman scope is the key. just love how sniping is on BF1. Its so satisfying and addictive, except for those CANCER tanks
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    ADMIN help needed

    please delete the thread I have created; Urgent Help needed! Merging XML data Thanks!
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    No Man’s Sky Has Already Lost 78% Of Its Playerbase

    the Hype train derailed so fast its a world record!
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    RX 480 with AIO water cooler added. 1470 MHz all day. [Video]

    I did a little research on this cooler and found that the GPU cooling block is only held by four screws that helds the shroud and that cooler together hence a lil bit of DIY mod could have the orientation of the fan reversed to the left side.
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    DAN A4-SFX: The smallest gaming case in the world

    in that case Dan should patent this design in the long run... I wouldn't want just any manufacturer to copy and paste my hard work in theirs...
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    Official Overwatch Discussion Thread

    I have tried out TF2 (heck its free on steam!) and I definitely don't like the gameplay of it, is Overwatch the same? I play a lot of BF games since 4 years and I don't want to be disappointed if I will buy Overwatch Not trying to FlameBait here, just wanted facts and opinions.
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    i love it so much that I am going to pre order this thing, it loves my RX 480! visuals and gameplay is top notch, especially sniping. got damn 2 more months of long wait!
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    No Man's Sky - a procedurally generated sand box space exploration game

    saw a gameplay by my favorite FPS player JackFrags this morning over his channel and I gotta say IMHO its like fallout 4, hate collecting parts and bits! looking forward to PC graphics
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    Kaby Lake finalized, shipping to OEMs

    intel could be the new "Lakers"
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    Kaby Lake finalized, shipping to OEMs

    me too, I instead cheaped out and got the 4690K instead of the 4790K or the 6700K
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    rx 480 Asus strix review @ Techpowerup and bad rx 480 overclocking and power usage

    Reference card is good for keeping the insides of my case cooler as hot air is being blown out from the rear part of the case, considering I am in the middle east lately yes this does matter (reference card GPUs) I need it to be manually set to 2500-3500rpm fan speed in order for temps to stay...
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    rx 480 Asus strix review @ Techpowerup and bad rx 480 overclocking and power usage

    hmm thats a bit odd, I was expecting it to reach 1400 upwards so my reference RX 480 xfx black edition performs the same with this? minus 5-7 degrees lower perhaps.. oh well I'm glad I didn't wait for the AIB versions then