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    A8N-SLI - Switched cases, now a false Video Error?

    I attempted to move my Home Server to a new case (P182 from Antec Sonata) for more hard drive slots. I got everything reconnected and setup, but now when I try to boot the machine I get a long-short-short beep code (Award BIOS, so this should be a display issue). On the off chance I fried my...
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    14" Workstation Options - e6400 vs T410 vs ???

    My current laptop is a Lenovo X200 Tablet (first generation). It's not bad - the keyboard is almost full-sized, it's got great battery life (6-7hrs real usage), but when travelling I occasionally wish for something with a bit more kick for gaming/photo editing/coding. I've owned a variety of...
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    Power Consumption of Newer Cards

    I did a quick Bing/Google and Forum search and didn't notice anything obvious, so I figured I'd ask. I've been out of the Video Card loop since roughly the NVIDIA 8800 series. I currently have a 512MB XFX 8800GT in my system which provides more than enough graphical power for the games I...
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    Pointer randomly dying?

    I was using my Latitude D620 earlier tonight and everything was working fine. Put it in my laptop bag, took it home, got it out, and suddenly the eraser mouse and its buttons don't work. They're enabled in the drivers and I booted into Knoppix and got identical systems so I know it's not...
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    CVS Question

    Here's a quick question: I have a directory for a project (specifically a website) that I would like to CVS, along with a few of its subdirectories. Unfortunately, other subdirectories of this project are CVS projects of their own. Is there a way, either with a CVS command, a config file...