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    WTB: Any LGA1366 55xx or 56xx CPU

    I am looking for LGA1366 CPU for my SR-2 board. My budget is dreadfully low - $80-$100(CANADIAN) shipping included. I'm in Canada. I'm only looking for one CPU(just want to get the system running), but because its an SR2 it needs to be a dual QPI chip(that means xeon 55xx or 56xx). I don't...
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    VCP410 - Passed!

    Well, I took the "VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting [V4.x]" class two weeks ago. After having completed the class, I booked the test and took the remaining time until the test date to study in-depth for the VCP using the blueprint and documentation. I sat the VCP410 exam at my local Pearson...
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    VMWare Training

    I'm looking into getting my VCP4 certification in the very near future and will be paying for the required training class out of my own pocket. Because I'll be paying for it myself, and have no one to reimburse me but myself :p, I'm always on the look out for ways to save some money. Anyways...
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    Intel 82579LM and 82579V

    Hey Guys, just realized that I never did post this here. I see a lot of people here using the SuperMicro X9SCM and X9SCL board on this forum. As many of you know this board contains one supported Intel 82574L NIC, as well as one Intel 82579LM NIC, which is NOT officially supported. Because...
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    xbox 360 Elite shortage?

    Hey Guys, I've been saving some cash up so that I may get a 360, well I finally have enough to get one, and lo and behold, there are none? I mean I see plenty cores and premiums, but no elites, at least none in the big elctronics stores. I haven't checked Costco or Walmart, but a couple EB's...
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    PS3's INSTOCK in Canada

    Hey, I work at a CompuSmart store in canada, We got 10 60GB PS3's in, I'm posting it here just in case theres any canadian shopers looking for them, there going for $699. If this is not allowed, feel free to delete and close(please don't hurt me I'm just trying to help), just felt like...
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    Setting up a new speaker system, need advice

    I'm looking to set up a high quality/low budget :p audio system. So far the only thing I've decided on is the record player, so I'm still looking everything else :P I'm a great computer geek, but know little of audio. I'm looking for audiophile/great quality stuff on a budget. I want to have...
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    Canadian Lans?

    I'm looking for anyone that wants to lan in Ontario, I'm wondering if theres any decent lan partys going on in the next few months? Anywhere in the GTA/Horseshoe area would be great. If anyone knows about any events, please throw up a flag :) Cheers,
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    Hey Guys, need your advice, I have been planing this watercooling sytem for a while, its for my currently running system which is a decent sytem (AMD S939, ATi Radeon, etc ntkb) but the parts have to allow for upgradeablity on the hardware level in future (ie I don't want to buy a new block...
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    4400+ or 4600+, which is better for ocing

    I am able to get both of them for the same price ($300 CND) which would be better to get for overclocking? I need to know quick as I need to order it soon or lose the deal on the 4400+
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    Looking for Gaming Laptop

    Okay Guys, I am looking to buy a laptop for school and gaming use, basicly I want to get a laptop that has a screen size of 15" widescreen, highest resolution possible, it also has to have a good GPU (Graphics Card) in it, I'm looking for a 7600/x1600 bare minimum, I will be using Windows XP...
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    Hey, I want to create and keep a list of all the "SuperBoards" for all the sockets that have been around. A SuperBoard would be a board that was a must have, a performance king in its day, had amazing feature set, and etc. For example how the A8R32-MVP(For CrossFire) and the A8N32-SLI(For SLi)...
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    SATA and DVD Drive not Co-Operating

    Now I've reinstalled about 2 times, heres a history of whats happend, my dvd drive has a convertoer on it that converts ide signals into sata signals as well as changes the cable also :P now I got this to help me with the cableing in my system, now I have never had a problem with it untill now...
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    Ram Timings - Oh My!

    I just ordered a pair of ocz platinums, yes eclipse I I know, I should of gotten ballistic, but I was able to get these at an unbeatable price, $264CND for the dual channel 2GB kit (2x1GB) of PC3200 2-3-2-5 ram, now thats at stock voltage and stock speed, which of course I won't be keeping, I'm...
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    Motherboards that can do T1 Timings

    So I'm wondering what motherboards can do 4 slots of dual channel ram at T1 Timings on the A64, I know that the DFi CrossFire board can, I heard that the DFi nF4 Extreme with a bios update can also, I'm wondering as my friend is building a system and wants to max it out with 4GB. Thanks in...
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    New Build

    okay, my friend will have about $5000CND spend in Feb 2006, so since were also gonna be roommates when we go to uni, I wanna make sure his PC is all top off the line for me to steal computer time off of :p, anyways AMD only, and I do realise the M2 socket will be out but due to personal...
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    R580 Info?

    Theres some possible new R580 info here, seems most of the infos old but there does seem to be some new tidbits :D Chilly
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    Best 1GB Stick Ram??

    Whats the best 1GB Sticks for running in a 4 stick conig for DDR1 not 2, and to make up to T2 timings they need to have ultra low lantency and they also need to be able to overclock well, (at least into 280MHz FSB with good timings still) Cost really isn't that big of an Issue, Thanks in advance
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    X2 Overclocking power?

    I was wondering if there are any X2's out there that can reach 2.8GHz on air? like XP-90, XP-120 type thing? and if not what is a resnable Air OC with X2's, thanks in advance Chilly
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    Planning water cooling system, need help

    Ok, heres what I got so far, I'm gonna have a 2 loop system in my system, by 2 loop I mean one loop dedicated to cpu and misc and 1 dedicated to GPU/GPU's (depending on weither I can afford 2 cards CF or SLi haven't decided witch to go with) what I need to know whats the point of resoviours and...
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    The Mini-Fridge PC

    That also keeps your pop cold, the basic Idea is I'm gonna build a PC into a mini fridge, I relaize the problem od condonsation and well, that problem is already solved but I will not revile it just yet, on top of that the space left over will be used to cool pop :D so this is what I'm...