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    [UPlay] For Honor Starter Free for limited time

    Ubisoft is giving away For Honor Starter free for a limited time on Uplay.
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    UNICEF recruiting gamers to mine cryptocurrency for Syrian kids

    If you're interested in allowing UNICEF to use a part of your computer's processing power to mine ethereum to aid kids in war-torn Syria go to and click start mining to configure the mining software to your rig then download and install the software to...
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    Rising Storm GOTY Humblebundle

    Humblebundle is giving away Rising Storm GOTY edition for free. You can get it here...
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    Mass Effect 2 Standard Edition Free on Origin

    Origin is giving away the standard edition of Mass Effect 2. I'm not sure when the promotion ends but grab it while it's hot!
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    Heroes of the storm

    I have 1 key left so if anyone wants it let me know! Thanks Prince110 for letting me know of the misunderstanding!
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    Nosgoth Beta Key

    I'm giving away a nosgoth beta key so the first person who pms me and has been here a year or more will get the key. Good luck all!
  7. R Free Apps

    Amazon is giving away about $80 in free apps...
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    Outpost Security Suite Pro 8 Free for 72 hrs

    I'm not sure if this is allowed here but I found this on tipradar. If it's not allowed here feel free to delete it. How to claim your license key. 1. Go to the giveaway page and fill in your name and email address. 2. Input Promotion Code...
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    Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar
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    Need new monitor

    Hi all, I'm currently looking for a new monitor as my current monitor's resolution (1024x768) just isn't cutting it anymore. I'm looking for a 22"-24" monitor with a resolution of 1920x1080 that has good picture quality and colors as I'll be mostly playing games as well as watching movies and tv...
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    Looking for new power supply.

    My power supply went out on me recently and luckily I had a spare one which isn't as powerful but it's getting the job done atm so I am looking for a new power supply. The psu I am currently leaning towards is the one below but if anyone has any other suggestions let me know. Also, my current...
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    Raiderz Online Beta Keys

    I've got 2 raiderz online beta keys so the first 2 people to pm me will get them.
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    Looking for a pair of headphones

    Hey all, I'm looking for a pair of headphones that'll be used for movies, music, and gaming as well. I am budget is about $100 but if I can get a cheap pair of headphones that sound just as or almost as good as a pair of headphones in that price range I'd definitely consider it. I'm also...
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    The Secret World Beta 2

    All keys are gone!
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    Need help with problem

    Hi all, I recently upgraded my computer and everything was going good till I flashed the motherboard with a new bios and now the monitor randomly goes black anywhere from boot up, a few minutes after getting into windows 7, to several hours even though it's still getting a video signal using the...
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    Bad pci-e slot?

    I was wondering if a bad pci-e slot would cause a video card not to be detected? I just recently got a geforce 8800 gt superclocked as a replacement video card for what I thought was a dead 9600 gt but after having trouble getting the 8800 gt to be recognized I might've been wrong about the 9600...
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    Memory going bad?

    I'm just curious but would memory that is going bad cause a pc to run really slowly at times such as when surfing the web the whole system would pause for about a minute or so at a time, or when playing games the games would stutter like crazy or could it be a problem with my motherboard? I'm...
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    Need a case suggestion.

    I'm currently looking for a case for a sandy-bridge build I'll be doing although it'll be piece by piece. I need a case that has nice looks, good cable management, good air flow, enough space for a gtx 560 ti, and if possible usb 3.0 ports. My budget for a case is $50-100 at most and I've been...
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    Suggest a new card

    Since my video card just recently died, I need a suggestion for a temporary card within the 50-100 price range preferably with directx 11 support. I'll be gaming quite a bit so it doesn't matter if it's a raedon or nvidia based card.
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    In Win Dragon Slayer Case

    Hey all, I was wondering what everyone thought of the In Win Dragon Slayer case? I saw a review of it and it seems like it's a really good case and one of the few SFF cases that I actually do like. Btw if you head over to hitechlegion, you'll have a chance to win one by registering in the...
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    Head phones

    Hi all, I'm looking for a good pair of headphones for playing games and watching movies mostly. If someone could suggest a pair around $30-$75 that sounds good in games and movies I'd greatly appreciate it.
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    Looking for new htpc case.

    Hi all, I'm looking for a new pc case for my htpc. I've been looking around and so far the only case I'm interested in is the antec p180 mini/micro. I was wondering if there were any other cases that might be just as good or better within the $100-$150 price range? Thanks in advance.
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    Tv tuner card

    Could someone suggest a good tv tuner card that can also receive digital channels as well as analog ones? Thanks in advance.
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    New Monitor

    Could someone suggest a good lcd monitor that can display 1080p between the sizes of 22-24 inches and costs between $150-$300? I'll mostly be using it for gaming, and some occasional movie watching as well.
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    Gaming laptop.

    Could someone suggest a decent gaming laptop in the price range of $900-$1200? I'll mostly be gaming on it while I'm away from home and use it for light web surfing.
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    Gaming laptop.

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    Sound Card

    Which would be a better sound card the Asus Xonar D2 or a creative sound blaster x-fi sound card?
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    Ipod Touch Screen Protector

    Could someone recommend a good screen protector for my ipod touch?
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    New motherboard

    Hi all, I am thinking about upgrading my current htpc and was looking at either the asus rampage II gene (or whatever the micro motherboard is called) and the evga x58 sli micro and was wondering which one would be a better buy?
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    New PSU

    Hi all, I was wondering if either of these PSUs would be powerful enough to power my rig. The link for the power supply is My rig is a htpc that is also used for...
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    9800 GTX

    Does anyone know if the 9800 gtx will fit in the ultra microfly case?
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    Dead PSU on Microfly?

    Please delete this post as the problem has been solved!
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    New Case

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this case from thermaltake: ... normally i wouldn't even think about spending that much for a case but it seems like a really nice case and the looks of it i wouldn't have much trouble...