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    Xeon owners, I need your help!

    I have SR2 with retail (NOT EXTRA SPICY) chips (2x X5680), as well as access to dually E5-2670v1 systems at work - how can I help? How can I help?
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    Server 2012 Storage Issue

    1. What kind of drives did you use? WD Greens for example are notorious for falling out of RAID arrays and storage pools due to the way they handle time outs. (FYI there are PLENTY working solutions{FlexRAID, DriveBender, ZFS Pools, etc} if you intend on using WD Green, but regular RAID arrays...
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    What are you guys using to Image Windows 7 x64?

    What you wrote/corrected is exactly what I orginally meant, thank you! :p
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    Missing Disk Capacity, and Misallocated Reserved Partitions. Oh My!

    The reason Windows wouldn't boot after re-plugging in the other hard drives most likely has to do with the boot order in the bios. After installing Windows on the SSD, ensure that boot order settings in BIOS are correct(SSD first) Second, I can tell from your screenshot that your 3TB drives...
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    University Edition of Office 365 Offered Via Subscription

    You reading the same Eula's I am? :confused: Most academically licensed software (at least from microsoft anyways) enables students to keep using said software without limits after they graduate with few exceptions(can't be used in commerical enviroment for example).
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    EQNext" will be the world's largest sandbox-style MMO ever made"

    Bigger sandbox world than the single shard world of EVE Online? That'll be tough... :D
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    What are you guys using to Image Windows 7 x64?

    MDT is not a standalone tool, it integrates extremely well with both WDS and SCCM (or both at the same time!) I recommend MDT with WDS.
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    2 new Ubiquiti UniFi's - keep showing disconnected

    The following ports must be open for the AP's and the controller software to properly communicate. TCP 8080 TCP 8443 TCP 8880 TCP 8843 TCP 22 UDP 3478 The manual isn't very clear about this, neither is the FAQ on the wiki, but those are the ports needed. :)...
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    Intel's program for Cheap OS - what is it called?

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    Took the VCAP5-DCA today

    Haven't gotten around to doing the VCAP5-DCA (going to go for the VCAP5-DCD first), but I remember when I got my VCAP4-DCA. Managing your time, I found was definitely the hardest part about the exam. The questions themselves weren't too difficult, but the remote session itself I found was...
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    Boot from ISO on Datastore?

    It should work without issue. The only "trick" that might help is after you've mounted the ISO, press esc at the network boot attempt and it should re-attempt boot off the virtual CD\DVD drive.
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    Hyper V Issues

    Is the SQL process running inside the VM or on the HyperV host? Also are you using Dynamic Memory on the VM? If so, how is it currently set? Do you have any reservations or limits set on the VM? It's also possible its bad ram or some other hardware on the host. I've encountered similar issues...
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    VM Documentation?

    Everyone will have their own "style" of doing things. Some are easier to read and understand than others, but there isn't any real "right" or "wrong" method. Take a look around online and get a feel for how others plot out their designs. Here's a few links to get ideas and inspiration from...
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    Passed VCAP5-DCD

    Congrats! I obtained my VCAP4-DCA this past April, will be looking into getting my VCAP5-DCD by the end of the year. I hear you on the question style tests, never liked them, doubt I ever will. The DCA on the other hand being lab-based, while challenging, was the most fun I've ever had doing...
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    Supermicro X9SCM-F and VMWare thread info

    I had some issues with the 2.0 BIOS, and later reverted to the 1.1a BIOS firmware. The on-board NICs ROM got corrupted, lost the ability to disable the on-board SATA ports, and certain settings wouldn't stick no matter how many times I tried to change them(AES-NI refused to enable, same with...
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    Has hyper threading improved?

    Depends on the workload. It's extremely rare to see it harm performance, more often than not it helps. I agree with NetJunkie - no reason not to enable it.
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    Odd question vmware. Esx on a laptop, wifi?

    WiFi won`t work, not only are there no drivers bundled with ESXi for any WiFi adapters, but even if there was, there is no support for wireless networking(connecting to a SSID, etc) built into ESXi. Essentially without a whole lot of custom module and driver creation work, it isn`t possible...
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    Intel 82579LM and 82579V

    FYI that is NOT my driver. It is a driver created by ichi. I am working on an update to my driver, but life has a way of becoming busy at times. ;) I'll get in contact with ichi and see if there's anything I can do to help him or vice versa. :)
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    ESXi + PFSense + Untangle + PFSense + vlans?

    You don't need to give each VLAN a separate vSwitch, you can use one vSwitch and create multiple port-groups instead ;)
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    ESXi + PFSense + Untangle + PFSense + vlans?

    Heh :D In any case, NetJunkie already mentioned it - If you want to play with VLAN's, you can still do it using port-groups. I think you misunderstood his and others point about using port-groups though. Instead having an over complicated set up of trunking the VLANs to the router...
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    ESXi + PFSense + Untangle + PFSense + vlans?

    Or do it the lazy way, create a script to do it at boot and drop it into rc.d directory! :p OR even lazier(if it still works in FreeBSD), create a rc.local file, then append the command to disable it to it(rc.local) :p
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    Intel 82579LM and 82579V

    Thanks for the dumps! Poring through them... Bought two HP Branded Intel Dual Port PT cards. I'll be doing tests of my own to try and reproduce and track this down. :) I wanted more ports anyways, plus they were cheap. :p
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    Intel 82579LM and 82579V

    I've said this before, I need log files! :) Thus far no one has sent me any log files. I'll be running through the code and cleaning it up, hopefully post an update by the end of the month or early April. In the meanwhile the only suggestion I can make is avoid jumbo frames, and send me logs! :D
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    VCP410 - Passed!

    Normally I wouldn't bump my own topic, but since someone else did it first :p I passed my VCP510 exam this past Sunday! Squeaked in at the last minute before the VCP4-VCP5 deadline!
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    Interesting experience with boot from san

    Might this work? Cheap dual port broadcom (BNX2) based gigabit card with iSCSI suppport.
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    Intel 82579LM and 82579V

    Busy as hell, I haven't had time to look at and update the driver. The first driver for ESXi 5.0 itself was a quick and dirty(and I do mean dirty) rush job. Post and send me log files, I have not been able to re-create any of these issues with my limited hardware. I'll try and take a look into...
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    VM zombie issue on ESXi 4.1

    I just wanted to throw in, that I have seen this has happened to me on my home lab once or twice. I never thought anything of it, assumed at the time it was disk related. Haven't seen this in a while. ESXi 4.1 I'll be curious to hear what the issue in this particular case ultimately was.
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    WTB: Any LGA1366 55xx or 56xx CPU

    I would even take a dual core chip, but only if it will POST without issues. I have the ability to flash the BIOS chip if that is what is needed, but Id rather not. I only want chips that are known to work. Feel free to post some eBay links, because I am not finding any that will ship to...
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    Your home ESX server lab hardware specs?

    Having a IPMI that's supported/works in ESXi is best(more reliable, among other things), however all you really need to play with DPM is a LAN controller/BIOS that supports WOL. Read these links; and...
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    WTB: Any LGA1366 55xx or 56xx CPU

    I am looking for LGA1366 CPU for my SR-2 board. My budget is dreadfully low - $80-$100(CANADIAN) shipping included. I'm in Canada. I'm only looking for one CPU(just want to get the system running), but because its an SR2 it needs to be a dual QPI chip(that means xeon 55xx or 56xx). I don't...
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    How do you deal with multi server environments and custom apps?

    This. As NetJunkie said, ensure the UID and GID are the same across systems, and you shouldn't have any issues. LDAP would solve this issue rather nicely as well. How do you share the folder now?
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    VM problems with secondary datastore

    iSCSI is not(or rather should not be, but I doubt SBS is any different) treated as a network drive in Windows, but again I don't know if your NAS supports it. Once set up, Windows should see it as a block level device.
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    Trillion-Frame-Per-Second Video

    The shutter can takes a picture in a trillionth of a second, it’s not a trillion fps. The processing of the picture(each frame) actually ends up taking a long time. I think the MIT guys call it "the slowest, fastest camera". The way they got the ultimate series of pictures was by redoing the...
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    Help me buy a solid wireless repeater... trying to network across the street

    As djbon2112 said, the issue isn't with the devices, its with the antennas, and how they are currently set up. There's some cheap but unsightly methods you can use to build/modify antennas to get good directional range, that would be your best bet. Otherwise I recommend getting two...
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    Intel NIC slow download on 1.0Gbps, but ok on 100 Mbps

    Okay, that happens, just ask a mod to move it. However you didn't answer any of my questions beyond the OS. We can't help you if we don't know anything. :) I'll add a few more questions. Are you setting the speed manually to 100Mb or 1Gb, or letting it auto-negotiated? If so, did you set it on...
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    Intel NIC slow download on 1.0Gbps, but ok on 100 Mbps

    Why is this in virtualized computing? Just want to make sure I'm not missing something. Are you having an issue on a VM on a host with a Intel NIC, or? Lets get the basics down, what kind of router is it? What OS is this? Is there anything between the router and the host(switches, etc)? Is...
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    Intel Loves Windows 8

    Not only that, but Microsoft's got some pretty large successes and growth areas going for them right now, Lync for example. It's still a young platform, but making great strides in the UC world. Microsoft Entertainment and Devices Division is also doing great things, and I'm not referring to the...
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    HA Userworld Swap Disk

    As I thought, I've never used or bothered with extents myself. The idea of spanning a filesystem over multiple luns just has never sat well with me. I mentioned it before, and lopoetve stresses it as well, if you can grow the lun, then do that.
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    HA Userworld Swap Disk

    ESXi 4.x does not use the scratch location to store the config for HA, it is used for temporary logs, dump data, and system swap. Not only that, but a persistent scratch isn't required(though its not a bad idea if you have the space to spare). Unless I'm misunderstanding you, I just want to make...