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    HD capture card with set-top box

    Hello everyone, I would like to get a confirmation from someone before actually going out and buy the HD PVR 2 from Hauppauge. I am in Canada so cablecard is out. To record, on my PC, a TV show that has been recorded on my cable company PVR, I have to connect the Component Out from my...
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    Dell 2009wt

    Hello guys, I am looking for a pair of inexpensive monitors, most likely 1680x1050, to supplement my Dell 2007wfp in an Eyefinity setup. I found, on Dell Financial Services, used Dell monitors: used Dell 2009wt. I have never heard of this monitor before and would like your input on it...
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    Oblivion GOTY + Steam = no-go?

    Hello guys, I am experiencing a problem with the GOTY edition of Oblivion. Every time I try to start it with Steam, I get past the first screen the begin my game in the prison cell and boom! the game crashes. It also crashed for a time during the Bethesda logo at start but I somehow...
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    Question on Intel Rapid Storage Tech (formerly Intel Matrix RAID)

    Hi guys, I was thinking of trying a new setup lately. I would like to get some comments on the feasability/usefulness on this :) Mobo: Gigabyte X58A-UD3R (Intel ICH10R northbridge) SSDs: Crucial m4 64 gb x2 HDD: WD Caviar Black 640gb I would actually put the m4s in RAID0, and create a...
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    Visual Studio 2010 size on C:

    Hi folks, Not sure if this is the right place to post this (mods, feel free to move it). I want to install Visual Studio 2010 on my computer, on a dedicated partition E: . For some reason, when I choose E: as the destination directory (in VS setup), I end up having to free like 5gb of...
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    Enermax Liberty 500W able to run Crossfire?

    Hi guys, I am in the process of upgrading my rig with a second Radeon 4850 card. My PSU is a Enermax Liberty 500W. Will I run out of power (or worse)? Lmk. Thanks!
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    X1950XT vs X1950pro

    Hi guys! I have at the moment a Radeon X800XT PE. I was thinking of upgrading my video card and came across two ATI cards (dont know much about Nvidia; can you still have HDR+AA on the new Geforce? or am I still too slow and this has been adressed in the past?). My choice would be between a...