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    Detailed Pin out for Skylake-X 2066?

    Need some help with a problem I have. Im looking for the pin out for 2066. The system in question is below My current theory and why Im looking for a pinout is because the CPU had damage on one of the gold pads. It basically flaked off! First time anything like this ever occurred. I have...
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    Weird Win 10 Pro driver issues for X370

    My weekend build turned into a mini nightmare but I think I may know why and hopefully my story can help anyone else dealing with this. So after the intial clean install everything works fine. I even did a bit of overclocking testing on a raw system. However as soon as I installed the included...
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    LG G3 - Verizon with Extras

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    SSD Intermittently becomes unreadable

    Okay so Im getting into a bit of a debate with Tech support about a OCZ Vertex drive that keeps becoming unreadable. The system specs are in my sig and I use the OCZ drive as a steam drive. For a couple weeks all seems well and there doesn't seem to be any problems. However after I reboot...
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    Mionix 8200 Naos?

    boo I totally shouldn't have come to this subforum.. now I feel I need to retire my G5. Works fine except the dpi switching button in the middle that has gotten a bit sticky. What do you guys think of the Mionix 8200 Naos? there is a massdrop for $54.99 which is tempting. Im a claw grip btw.
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    Win7 - Recycle bin issue on a shared drive

    So... Ive tried searching and no1 seems to have this issue or put in another was dumb enough to do this and get stuck with this issue! So first off setup.. The system in my sig is hooked to a LAN with a FreeNas box serving my media files. While messing around I added the Network location with...
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    Noob question: FreeNas Samba performance, really is this as fast as it gets?

    Hey everyone so Im a complete noob to FreeNas and networking in general so please dont kill me if this is a really dumb question. Well anyways I needed a fileserver so I set up a FreeNas 8 box. After wrestling with NFS Share and failing I just set up a CIFS share. Im getting about 100 mbps...
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    HTPC and NAS combo - is this a dumb idea?

    Hey guys, been doing a lot of research on here about creating a mini-server when the brilliant idea came to me about using it as both a NAS and a HTPC. Im limited on space and currently Im running an HDMI cable from my main PC to my receiver to play blurays and handle streaming. This is...
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    HX520W - Cable modding issue

    So Im trying to build a file server with some of my castaway parts. Anyways I wanted to also trick it out by taking a stab at cable modding (sleeving and custom lengths). Well the genius that I am cut the modular SATA power cables without marking which one lines up with which.. yea dont ask me...
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    Thermalright x120 cleaning tips?? Oxidized Aluminum

    Sorry if its a dumb question but I have some oxidation on the fins any product out there that can clean this up?? I live beach adjacent so it seems the sea air is getting into my system! :mad:
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    5770 Crossfire on a hx520?

    Im getting conflicting info from various PSU Calculators. Some say I need to upgrade to a 600w PSU others say my current PSU (Corsair hx520) is good enough. What do you all think?? Also does Corsair provide PCI-E cables? They only included one in my package, which is slightly lame since this...