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    Darksiders - Deathinitive Edition - Or how to screw your most loyal customers over.

    It is one of the rare occasions that I feel genuinely irritated and find myself posting and reposting on the Steam forums. Nordic released that -frankly- minor upgrade and decided that everybody who own the franchise pack will get it for free. The franchise pack of course was something that...
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    Survival game, heavy on building, that is not on Early Access.

    I was looking at Planet Explorers but most say the game is incomplete and will probably stay like that. So, my question to my fellow [H] gamers is this: Is there any survival game that is heavy on building and not on early access? Any of them at all that is actually a finished product...
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    2x 7950 plus 1x 280x, what to do?

    Hello hello! :D Please enlighten me regarding my choice here. I have currently an i5 3570k paired with one 7950 and one 280x in crossfire. I have another 7950 sitting de-armed because the fans gave up on me. It was a dual-x something something edition, one that was notoriously known for bad...
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    The making of an arcade basketball game.

    Hello fellow [H]. I am a huge fan of arcade basketball video games and of real life basketball. For a few months I have been actively planning and putting together the pieces of what I want to believe will be a modern day game in the spirit of Street Hoops and Run & Gun. I decided to launch...
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    How do you sort out your various HW leftovers?

    Possibly off-topic, but I deemed this section the best one in terms of relevance, so here it goes. I recently decided to tidy up some of my stuff from previous pc builds (and other electronic/gaming thingies). The fight was from the start a doomed one and sure enough I ended up putting most...
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    How Steam killed piracy for me.

    I am posting this to tell you about my strange relationship with game piracy. There was a time when people wrote "hey, I download it to see if I like it, then I will buy it". Not even once did I believe anyone who said that. It seemed like an excuse to me and I bet to practically everybody...
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    NBA 2K15 - How many do we play in [H]?

    I absolutely fckn love this year's 2K. So, naturally, I thought it would be great to make a small (or big) team of fellow [H] who will play. That way we can set up 5 vs 5 or even a [H] league. My steam nickname id is Chrisbasket Let's play :D
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    NBA 2K15 for PC will be the PS4/XBONE version.

    The best gaming news that I've heard in months, this got me really excited. 2K15 would have been the main reason to consider buying a PS4 for (along with Bloodborne). After the complete train wreck 2K14 was on PC, we finally get to play the real deal. :D...
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    5650M and modern games.

    How much workload could this one handle? You think it would be able to play crysis 3 at low/medium? Also, how is the performance in other not so state of the art titles? Anybody who knows -preferably first hand- how it performs?
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    Free Enclave key for steam

    Go register here, confirm, and get the key in your mail. Still active.
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    NBA 2K14 - Driving the lane down customer frustration.

    I honestly can't believe I have been scammed by 2K into buying this god awful version of this great basketball game. Not only playing with friends is not available for the PC (!!), but even playing with randoms is an exercise for my very stretched nerves. It is searching for about two hours...
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    Turning an old PC to a NAS.

    Hello hello :) I recently made a total upgrade to my gfs pc (actually I don't know if it qualifies as an upgrade, since we only kept the PSU) and have a pentium D a gigabyte motherboard and 4gb of ram as leftovers. Now, I use large amounts of hdd space, mainly due to my hobbies...
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    Help, for a little kid, fast responses please!

    Hi my fellow [H] forumers :) I am building an old pc for charity donation. It will go to a poor family with two kids, a 10y old girl and a 5y old boy. The pc is really old, a K6 450mhz amd 128mb ram and god knows what gcard (though, the box is really small and really beautiful, I would date...
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    How to turn on/shut down a pc from distance (and wirelessly) ?

    I need to be able to power on three different pcs remotely, without any cables getting in the way. Is there any way I could do that? I tried to use my nokia N97 and wake-over-lan features, but my pcs use wireless connections and it can't really work that way. Isn't there any wireless...
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    The rebirth of the second dimension.

    In general I am a person who disagrees largely to the new digital distribution model that all game companies lately seem to try and sell or sometimes even force upon us. But, even I, can not fail to notice how much this new way of distribution (and of course the internet era we live in)...
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    ZALMAN ZM-M220W - Is it worth it, vs 3d vision + 120hz monitor ?

    Hi fellow forumers. I got a nice deal today to get a ZALMAN ZM-M220W 3D monitor, for about half the price it normally would cost me. I wonder, after reading about advantages and disadvantages compared to 120hz monitors + 3d vision glasses, would it be worth it to take it, or should I go all...
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    Gaming laptop 1920x1200 17'' 9800GTS

    Hello fellow forumers. I am about to buy a new laptop, and since I want to also be able to game on it, but also not spend a fortune, after searching a bit I looked upon this one... What do you...
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    Able to trade my 4870x2 for a 5870, no cost. What to do?

    I was presented with a nice oppurtunity to trade my 4870x2 for enough money (265 euros), a deal that lets me get a new 5870 for just +30 euros. Now... at first I said yes, and waiting to seal the deal coming monday... But today I started searching and googling benchmarks and reviews... and...
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    Are you upgrading to 5870 from 4870x2 or GTX295 ?

    How many of you are upgrading to 5870 from currently owning a 4870x2 or GTX295 ? Also, please if you will post the resolution you are gaming at and your current cpu.
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    Unlocking Phenom II x2 550 and temps.

    I got my PII 550 yesterday, and today I unlocked successfully the 3rd and 4th core, booted fine as PII X4 B50, and primed for hours without any errors. But, how can I tell about my temps? I mean, the cpu sensors are disabled, so what do I do now? I want to start overclocking it too, but...
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    4870x2 for 200$ - Grab it?

    I had an offer to buy a 4870x2 for 200$, should I consider it and grab it? I am constantly itching to upgrade (have been for some weeks now) but decided to wait, then this offer comes up...
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    2x4850 512mbs enough to game at 1920?

    Are two 4850 512 enough to game fully at 1920 resolution or will the memory hold them back? PS : Everything except crysis :P
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    I'm trying to decide between the two of them. Also have in mind that if I pick the 24 one, I will probably have to downscale my gaming to 1680 since I won't have enough power to support it's native resolution. But, the monitor will be also used part time as a tv. So, what should I do? Is...
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    9600GSO 512 vs 4670 512 vs 9600GT 512

    Fellow forum-ers. I decided to upgrade my third (in chain of command :P) rig to aid in some light gaming. It is a PentiumD 820 @ 3.0GHz, 2GBs ram, and currently one 7600gt 256. What should I pick for to replace the graphics card? I am trying to decide between the 9600GSO 512mbs version...
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    No external power connector on my 4850 ? (Connect3D)

    I recently decided to build a secondary gaming rig, and ordered a Connect3d 4850 512mb for it. I received the pieces today, and the card. But... I noticed that there is no external power connector on it! Is that even possible ? For a 4850 card to operate without external power supply ? Or was...
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    What's your backup card ?

    Just wondering, for those who like to feel safe keeping a backup card just in case or to get them through upgrading periods. I have for several years now a gigabyte 6600gt 128mbs (pci-e). The old friend saved me a few times, and served me well. EDIT : Thanx crotan for correcting my mistake ;)
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    What game to impress a friend, graphics-wise.

    Hello fellow [H]s. Recently a friend of mine, who's been a console gamer since I know him, decided to build a pc. So, he placed the order, I dropped by, and we put the little beast together, it's specs being: Q6600 4870 512mbs 4gb ddr2 I won't go into further details, since I only...
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    DDR2 prices - are they going to rise again?

    I was wondering, considering the ddr2 prices are extremely low atm, should I pick up 4gb more (2x2gb), just because of that? Also, since I currently run my Q6600 on my P5K vanilla @ 3.3GHZ, and already have 2 slots takes, if I fill up the rest of them with two more modules, that could cause...
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    A little bit of Fast help pls, regarding a 260.

    I am about to buy a gtx 260. It is an MSI one, it's product code is MSI N260GTX-T2D896. Since the e-store does not say if it is 216 model or not, is there any way I can know that from the product number ? If anyone could answer fast enough so that I can make my order and get it shipped in...
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    PC only gives signal to the monitor every second time I switch it on! :S

    My build is the one in my sig. Lately, I faced a strange problem. When I switch it on, there is no image showing, and the monitor led stays orange. I switch it off, switch it on again, and fixed. That happens always, and always on the second power up it shows image, on the first not. Plus...
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    GTX280 Guru3d review...

    Just show this one : quite frankly, unimpressive... It seems more and more that this card really is inferior when compared to the beast it was believed it would be. I mean... pay that kind of money to admire very high crysis...
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    The patch trend, or the unfinished game's journey.

    I am a game collector. Right after basketball, it is my favorite hobby. I am not so much of a gamer, since I do not play games often, and even if I do play sometimes, I rarely finish them. But, I enjoy collecting them more than movies. Holding the box putting it in it's place up there on my...
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    2x 3870 vs 8800gtx

    Are the two atis faster than ? On a P35 motherboard that is.
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    Worth selling my 8800gtx to get 8800gt SLI ?

    I have never ever had an SLI system. After the coming of 8800gt though, I started to think if it would be a smart move to get rid of my gtx and go the sli way, buying two gt instead. Will I notice enough of a performance gain, and equally important, am I in for a world of trouble bugs and...
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    Colin mcRae Dirt problem : Bug or defective gpu ?

    Everytime I play dirt, and I mean EVERY time, after a while, the game starts to freeze, frame rate drops in a second, and everything stops, then the game fast forwards then it freezes again etc etc. My gpu is 2 days old, anyone else had the same problem with dirt and 8800gtx ? EDIT : with...
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    xfx 8800gts320mbs to evga 8800gtx... is this normal ?

    After my upgrade I noticed two things (all other parts remain the same). First, in colin dirt I saw little, if any, performance gains. Then, I fired up 3dmark06, and noticed a score drop from 14300 to 12000. Even though my 8800gts was overclocked to 650/920, it shouldnt be faster than my new...
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    LG GSA-H62N SATA Burner - Buffer ups and downs with Nero.

    I previously owned a PATA LG dvd burner. I was perfecty satsfied, the burner was great both in reading and in recording. But with my new rig came the need for a new burner, since jmicron IDE controller of my p5k simply sucks, and causes major problems. So, I got myself an LG SATA burner, the...
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    DVD/CD aluminium hard case smells like chemical...

    I recently bought a 600 cds/dvds aluminium case... but it smells really like something strange or chemical smell inside. It is rather intense. I tried to put it out on the fresh air, even had fans blowing at it for several days, while it was open, still the smell remains. I personally don't...
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    Installing Vista with XP pre-installed.

    I decided to give Vista a go, so I bought the evil os, the seed of the very devil himself, but... since I already have XP installed, and no matter if I like vista or not, do not intend to stop using XP, I want to make a safe installation and be able to dual boot. If I take out the XP hard...
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    Sennheiser HD280pro or HD555

    I recently decided to enchance my audio experience, mainly focused to listening to music. Even though I have been playing the guitar since i was 8 (that would be for 18 years now) I never, ever, ever owned a good pair of speakers or even headphones. Now, since I can't spend more than 150euros...